Harris County Police Corruption

Welcome to Harris County. Home of one of the most corrupt police departments in the United States of America.

With the nationwide terrorism taking place in the BLM movement, and the call to defund the police, it should be noted, that it only takes a minority of criminals working as public servants to make the majority serving their communities look bad. A lawful society needs agencies which oversee the safety of the community, police departments do not need to be defunded, they need to be held accountable for their actions when they do not serve the public’s interest.

Needless to say, those serving in law enforcement should have no problem with the screening of their employees for illegal drugs and regular alcohol abuse. With the police in the USA leading all professions in domestic abuse as well as suicide, they should without question be offered regular mental exams to ensure the safety of the men and woman that serve and protect the communities we live in.

Let us remember that there are many good men and women that serve in law enforcement across our nation. These individuals do have a hard job, as do many working in professions from mining, to commercial fishing. Most miners are not hero’s, even if a mine collapses on them. A fishermen swept off the side of the boat is rarely referred to as a hero, this is often what happens when choosing to work at a dangerous job, whether providing food for the population, or precious metals to manufacture the weapons that supposedly protect us all.

The thing that separates the law enforcement community from others is the fact they hold in their hands the power to destroy lives, harm others, falsely imprison others without the same oversight as many working in private professions.

These are not hero’s, unless they do something heroic, these are public servants. When they are no longer serving the public’s needs their actions need to be reviewed. When the criminal records of members of a police department are equal to the criminal records of a organized crime syndicate, there needs to be an independent investigation of this corruption from the top to the bottom.

Even before Homeland Security’s penetration of Americas police departments we had seen much corruption in many departments. We have seen much more after this agency took a leading role in the activities and financing of the police departments across the nation. Money breeds corruption, and the hundreds of billions of dollars funnelled into our nations law enforcement communities has seemed to do just that.

Yet we can not lay all the blame on this agency that was said to be created to fight terrorism. It often appears that the formation of this federal agency after 9/11 had the exact opposite effect on crime in our country, we saw the immediate rise in what we now call “active shootings”, a term that I never heard used before the passing of the patriot act, the forming of our nations Fusion Center’s and Homeland Security. Well before this we saw the start of the militarization of our nations police forces during the Clinton administration.

We can see in the below report by Senator Coburn the massive waste in taxpayer dollars that he noted many years ago, this has only grown year by year, the result of these expenditures is corruption, wasted money, and Law Enforcement agencies that are unwilling or just choose not to use their wide array of weapons and technology to protect our cities, civilians and our nations resources. We see this in the rioting across America that have seemingly been allowed to happen, for the usual response is no longer a action that is taken in this new era of our history.

We have gave away our freedoms and liberties for safety, unfortunately we now see that we have been deprived of all three. Americans no longer have the right to privacy in their own homes, all smart devices are monitored, all data tracked, all privacy lost. We have entrusted our law enforcement agencies with the ability to monitor us and our children, with this knowledge one must question the caliber of the people that might be viewing our children on smart devices in what used to be the privacy of their homes, in compromising environments such as showering or getting dressed or simply being children.

When I decided to take a look at the corruption taking place in Harris County, it was obvious that a simple article or book would not suffice. So I thought a website was the best format to document the criminal record of the many officers that have been convicted of crimes such as child rape, child pornography, stalking, rape murder, etc.

A Police Officer’s Word Convicted Them. Now He’s Charged With Murder.

Houston’s top prosecutor says at least 69 people, and perhaps many more, could see their convictions overturned in the wake of a botched drug raid that relied on made-up information.

The Stalking Assault and Rape of Sarah Degeyter with possible HPD involvement.


Rape and the Badge in Harris County


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