Harris County Police: Child Rape

Former Harris County Police officer Arrested; Charged with Raping Girl for Years from Kindergarten

Protecting and serving seems to be misunderstood by a few of the officers that have served for the Harris County Police.

Harris County, Texas Precinct 3 captain Jack Hagee is one of these. Hagee, 74, on 01/30/2020 was charged with felony indecency with a child as well as aggravated sexual assault of a child under 14 in connection with the sexual assault of a young girl dating back in 1989 when he was a Harris County Officer.

Hagee apparently began touching this child inappropriately and exposing himself to her in 1989 when she was about 4 or 5 years old. The victim claimed Hagee touched her inappropriately, made her perform oral sex on him and, by the time she was in kindergarten, the two engaged in sexual intercourse multiple times a week until she began menstruating at the age of 13, court documents show.

Hagee’s brother is the Pastor of mega church in San Antonio, Texas.

Pastor John Hagee & "Earth's Last Empire" - Brother Craig
San Antonio megachurch pastor John Hagee

According to police records, police interviewed two witnesses, one was Hagee’s brother Pastor John Hagee. The pastor told authorities that Hagee had previously confessed the assault. When Hagee was arrested a judge signed an emergency protection order barring Hagee from leaving Texas, going near schools or having contact with the victim and her family. The judge set his bond at a total of $65,000 — $40,000 for aggravated assault charge and $25,000 for the indecency charge.

This it would seem is a low bond when compared to others arrested and charged with crimes in the Harris County area. The condition as to not leave Texas is also questionable when compared to other cases. The charges could be viewed by many as serious, this former, (RETIRED), officer has been charged with raping a little girl, forever traumatizing this victim while he served in a position where he was to protect civilians from assaults just like this.

It does not mention if he will have alcohol and drug screening, which is common in cases which have absolutely no connection to the use of drugs or alcohol, the reason this action is taken by the courts is to increase revenue for the city from financial charges the accused pays monthly until criminal cases reach trial. Furthermore, I believe the majority of civilians accused of crimes in the Harris County area are required to stay in the Harris County and surrounding counties area. So this to many also might be viewed as lenient.

Next, the bail set in this case seems extremely low for a man retired from a well paying profession, we commonly see civilians bonds set much higher then this for crimes that in no way compare to the horrific brutal assault of a child we see in this case, these bonds set, do not compare in amount of bond, and in no way compare to the ability of the defendants to make bond.

The common action taken in the Harris County Court System is to arrest low income segments of the population, once jailed with a bond they have little hope of ever raising they are processed through a system set up to break the dependent. Unlike ex Harris County Police officer Hagee who almost certainly will hire his own defence lawyer and await trial as a free man.

Most defendants are indigent, forced to reside in the Harris County Jail, they are appointed a Court appointed lawyer who has no desire to prove their innocence, these lawyers meet with the defendants about every two months, they are then funnelled down the cave like tunnels under Harris County with thousands of others every day. They are then locked into a 15×20 room equipped with toilets and called one by one to their court appointed attorneys window in this oversized bathroom. To say you have been appointed a Sh!tty lawyer at this time takes on a whole new meaning.

Your “DEFENCE”? lawyer then offers you a deal from the state, the judge you have never seen, you take the deal and you get to see the judge to pass sentence, if you don’t take the deal the state offers you and you will find your case reset, you will return to your cell, and you will then wait about two months for another trip to the Harris County Outhouse that is actually a basement room that pretends to serve some form of Justice. Most defendants of course will never have a trial, a jury of their peers, etc, after being locked away innocent or guilty for many years, they will eventually sub-comb and take whatever deal is offered in this barbaric system.

This is one of countless stories that will be covered on this website, we will compare also the sentences, as well as the corruption at every level we find in a system designed to protect public servants, no matter the brutality of their crime, as it also is designed to make money off of the poor, whether guilty or innocent. This is not a system of Justice, and the corruption that fills the Harris County Police department is so large it flows upwards throughout the Justice system in this Texas den of inequity.

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