Harris County Police: Officer charged Attempted Sexual Assault of Teen

HOUSTON – Another Harris County Precinct 4 deputy has been fired, this time, Aaron Mayes, 33, was charged with online solicitation of a minor, witness tampering and attempted sexual assault of a child.

Court documents stated the girl’s mother contacted Pct. 4 saying she had concerns about the relationship between Mayes and her daughter. It started when the mother reported her daughter as a runaway in March. The girl returned but said Mayes and another deputy still went to their home. The other deputies involvement and knowledge of this crime has not been addressed.

One must wonder the reasoning for two Harris County Police officers visiting a under aged teen while on duty, and what exact reason is to be found to justify this action.

Obviously Homeland Security training might have come into play and been misunderstood by these officers.

SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING, is actually meant to be more of a community policing, Stasi like slogan to bring community members into the Homeland Security, NSA, FBI, domestic spying program. It was never intended to be misunderstood to mean that if you see a underage teen girl why not say, “I’ll give you $80.00 to have sex with my 33 year old child molesting Harris County Police Department officer self while on duty.”

The mother says Mayes seemed to take an interest in her daughter but it was “welcomed” and she thought it was “healthy.”

In late May, court documents said a family member told the mother about the relationship.

The 16-year-old showed her mother of a Instagram conversation from an account believed to be Mayes in which he sent the girl sexually explicit photos. In one of the alleged messages, Mayes is accused of offering the girl $80 cash for a sex act.

When she was interviewed, the girl told detectives he would hold her hand, touch her shoulder and arm. She said she felt he was unprofessional when confronted by him for any reason.

When asked about this Mayes initially denied knowing the mother and daughter but then said he was mentoring the girl.

Court documents said after investigators interviewed Mayes and told him to stay away from the girl, the mother claimed he went to their apartment to try to get the girl’s phone.

I have not been able to review the actual interview, I would think that all interactions between the investigators and a officer charged would be recorded and available to the public to verify that officers working for the same corrupt police force would not warn are advise a co-employee to take illegal actions, such as to try to recover evidence of a crime they had committed.

This is another reason that a agency that has shown years of corruption at every level would have a completely independent investigating agency that has much public oversight and accountability. All documentation of these investigations should be readily available for public review as well.

Investigators went on to say they also found other conversations indicating Mayes was willing to pay other women for sexual favors. Investigators said they also found pictures and videos of Mayes having sex with multiple women while wearing his uniform.

This is relativity common in many departments, as I said of the Anchorage Police Department when they investigated a officer prior to his conviction of handcuffing many woman at the police substation before turning off the camera and raping them, they found him to be performing up to APD standards when having sex with officers while on duty on the public affairs office as well as at another married officers home.

Apparently public affairs, had a meaning I was not aware of, and it is obvious that just because we pay our public servants to have sex with each other at work, this in no way is prostitution, it seems to be at this point on the job training.

Court documents said that “some of these videos featured Defendant Aaron Mayes’ face and that he was wearing his Harris County Constable Precinct Four patrolman’s uniform, along with a patrol radio tuned to the HCC04 primary dispatch channel playing in the background.”

It was not stated if Maye’s was wearing a Turban, a new dress policy brought to the Harris County Police Department UN Homeland Security officer and Harris County Police Officer Sandeep Daliwah, who’s family collected over two million dollars plus his pension after his alleged death months ago. Daliwah was a member of the Sikhs organization were you also find Homeland Security involved giving this group Active Shooter Training,

Sandeep Daliwah
Almost as if some of these photos were staged for publicity.

Below more clothing collections to be considered by the HPD.

The all new trench coat, easy opening and closing, similar to uniforms warn in the Fatherland, (Homeland Security distant German Cousin.)
Multi Colored Turbans, why look for gold at the end of the rainbow, when you can be the rainbow!
Lets not forget our ladies at the Harris County Police Department, its time for all these officers to feel at home, even if their home should be in Iraq.
Harris County Police Fashion

As we can see, the colorful turbans could possibly brighten the day of these officers!

More from the Daliwah Art Collection found in PDF file above.

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