Harris County Sheriff’s Precinct 4 Deputy arrested for Bestiality

Andrew C. Sustaita Jr, a six-year veteran of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, was arrested for posting video of himself performing a sex act with an animal. The Harris County Police Department did relieve Sustaita of duty after his arrest.

Harris County Sheriff Deputy Andrew C. Sustaita Jr. (LEFT)

An investigation revealed that Sustaita was allegedly involved in producing obscene material online. Harris County Sheriff’s Office wouldn’t talk about the nature of the material Sustaita was producing, however, sources confirmed that Sustaita is accused of posting a video involving bestiality.

The video reportedly shows him involved in a sex act with a small dog. The dogs relationship with this Harris County Deputy is thought to be non-consensual.

The deputy is said to have come from a law enforcement family. His father says he is devastated to hear this and that his son is a hard worker. He said that he is reacting like any father would.

Sustaita’s LinkedIn profile said he was a U.S. Army specialist, and also worked at Harris County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office.

If you or your pet have any information of other canine victims please contact HPD immediatly.

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