Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy arrested for 2nd DWI

Graciela Herrera Moreno, 57, was arrested for not her first, but second DWI after crashing her car into wet cement. Moreno drove through construction barrels and traveled 130 feet through the cement before her car got stuck, an estimated $2 million of damage was done.

Moreno will still be employed in a civilian position within the Harris County Sheriff’s Office at this time. One must wonder how a policing agency justifies the employment of civilians that repeatedly break the laws they are meant to uphold. In a department where officers are regularly accused of serious offences, there can be little doubt that these criminal acts which they are committing are not the sole acts being committed. These are the crimes they are arrested for, obviously officers that have absolutely no respect for the laws they are upholding are a severe threat top the very justice system itself in Harris Count.

I actually started this website after interactions with a corrupt Harris County Deputy who repeatedly stalked, harassed, trespassed on my property, this all happening before he returned to trespass again, my actions to defend my property and rights resulted in fabricated charges from this corrupt department. Having lived 55 years with no criminal charges I now am trapped in a corrupt system, awaiting trial on fabricated charges. I was forced to sell my home which was fully paid for, for the first cash offer, at a substantial loss, to escape further stalking by this criminal.

Of course the word of a police officer is taken with much more credibility then the word of the accused, this is unfortunate as we can see by the cases listed on this site, the word of a Harris County Police Officer should be taken with the values this department has proven to hold to their standard. What we find is they have a proven record of extreme corruption and disrespect for the very laws they are meant to uphold, yet are shown to break consistently.

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