Harris County deputy arrested for hindering investigation in Liberty County

Harris County sheriff’s deputy, Travis Tanner Fulbright, 29, was relieved from duty following his Aug. 9 arrest in Liberty County for charges related to a traffic accident.

The Texas Department of Public Safety sought a warrant for Fulbright’s arrest after he allegedly picked up his girlfriend at a crash scene to avoid prosecution.

“The girlfriend was possibly intoxicated at the time of the accident,” said Erik Burse, a DPS spokesperson. “A warrant was filed in Liberty County and we executed the warrant.”

Burse said that anyone who interferes with a law enforcement investigation is subject to be arrested.

“It’s against the law. You are removing credible information and evidence that hinders the investigation. It doesn’t matter who you are. No one should be above the law,” he stated.

Fulbright was booked at the Liberty County Jail on Aug. 9 but has been released on a $1,500 personal recognizance bond.

This is a reminder that there are many good men and women that serve in the law enforcement field, when we find police departments such as the Harris County Sheriffs, we must remember that it is our duty as civilians to hold them responsible for the low accountability they hold their officers to, for it damages the reputation of men and woman nationwide that serve our communities with honor.

I am a victim of Harris County Police Corruption, a victim of a criminal officer that stalked, trespassed and falsified documents which led to my false imprisonment. As I started to research this department I have met many victims of criminals that are employed as public servants. Many of these have been brought in to the department following Homeland Securities taking a new role in the law enforcement nationwide, many of these officers tied to citizen corps.

Apparently these agencies offer some protection and sometimes encourage unlawful behaviour among these public servants, with accountability disappearing we find it replaced with the criminal elements of our society now becoming closely intertwined with the Men and Woman that once protected us from this.

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