Harris County Deputy Sexual Assault

Harris County Courthouse, Houston Texas

A woman who was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving on September 24, 2016, has filed a federal lawsuit. The lawsuit alleges that an ex-deputy, Harris County, and the Harris County Sheriff’s Office violated the woman’s constitution rights. The ex-deputy allegedly coerced the woman into having sex by making promises related to her criminal case.

The ex-deputy who is a subject of the lawsuit pled guilty to official oppression, a misdemeanor charge, last year in connection with the accusations in this lawsuit. Following an internal affairs investigation, he was fired, charged with the misdemeanor, and surrendered his peace officer’s license.

The ex-deputy’s disciplinary paperwork provides some details into what allegedly happened, as follows:

  • The ex-deputy met the woman at the Harris County substation on Clay Road after her arrest. The man allegedly signaled the woman to show him her breasts as she was locked in a holding cell. They talked and the woman gave the ex-deputy her phone number. After she was released on bond, the ex-deputy made arrangements to meet her in a parking lot at a local discount store. The deputy made unwanted sexual advances and told her he would make her criminal case go away. The woman, fearing further harm via manipulation of her criminal case, submitted to go to a hotel the ex-deputy had pre-selected and have sexual intercourse. Afterward, he advised her that he would need to have sex with her several more times before he would help her on her case. At that point, the woman changed her phone number, having recognized that the ex-deputy’s actions were predatory, illegal, oppressive, and potentially dangerous.

Criminal charges against the woman have been dropped.

The ex-deputy is currently on probation. If he completes it, he will not be convicted of a crime. However, court records show that he was required to surrender his peace officer’s license.

As with every post on this website, we are only providing information in this post and do not make any allegation or assertion that anyone acted inappropriately or engaged in misconduct.

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