Baymont Inn Shenandoah Texas

The same harassment that occurred daily in Fort Worth Texas starts again the first hour I arrive in the Woodlands Texas. This time the front desk clerk pictured below stated that her battery had died causing her car alarm to go off, it apparently died twice within twenty minutes. After the second series of horn honking I called the police who responded, she explained what happened, and I explained that this is odd for I have over 50 videos of this occurring everywhere I go and that this is a continuing harassment campaign that started in 2012. Further explaining this is part of the FBI Cointelpro operation currently being used in the US to target activist, whistle-blowers and civilians, the sheriff deputies changed the subject and we talked about Alaska before they left. No action taken. This occurred between 11:30 PM and 12:00 AM at night.

Horn Honking Harassment:

Amazing to find a Hotel in the Wynham chain intentionally disabling their fire alarm systems putting the lives of their clients in danger.

Although this could have been a decent property that was located in a decent area in Texas, poor management of the property made this a less then desirable place to stay.

I had arrived in the Houston area to make a court appearance for the charges I face after being set up by the Harris County Police. The above horn honking harassment occurred within the first hour of arrival.

The below harassment occurred as I went to court for charges filed after stalking by Harris County Police.

Immediately after release from Harris county Jail I was forced to sell my home for first cash offer due to continued stalking by Harris County Police I encountered the below horn honking campaign as well as stalking by Harris County Fire shown in below videos.

After this stalking by Harris County Police occurred, where a deputy trespassed daily, blocked me in drive of my residence, fabricated charges after trespass which led to false imprisonment, I encountered stalking by the Harris County Fire department, Noise Harassment, Constant police and Fire, EMS siren and light harassment, horn honking harassment across Texas.

After I travelled to Fort Worth to assist stalking and rape victim Sarah Degeyter I find my vehicle blocked in again for close to 1/2 hour at Quality Inn in Fort Worth Texas

There are more videos of harassment at this quality Inn location on Cherry Street, I believe we can see the pattern.

Harris County Fire Stalking:

Noise Harassment on way to Court

Most publicized case of stalking linked to the towns fire chief after this couple refused to sell their property to this man.

My home in Spring Texas burning after arson, false information released to the media.

Note: Painted on garage was reference to Homeland Security Stalking. As with the case of murdered activist John Lang who died of a stabbing as his home was burned down had also barricaded himself in his home to try to protect himself from the constant FBI Cointelpro break-ins that occurred in the exposed program and occur daily in America today.
item image #1

I was not arrested, though I was attacked by Harris County Police, Hospitalized against my will, had $2300.00 stolen from me that would not be released until I signed forms stating I would not hold this hospital liable weeks after release from hospital with no money, shirt, or shoes, to live in my burnt down home until I rebuilt it.

All tools, documentation stolen, 5ft by 3ft rolling toolbox, packed with snap on and high quality tools, construction tools, etc. Just as all documents, tools, brand new appliances not even unwrapped, personal belongings were again stolen while falsely imprisoned, just as I have been the constant victim of daily break ins and theft for two years at this residence while Harris County Police Deputies stood watch, apparently for the thieves. Same break-ins, same theft in Alaska.

Note: Homeland Security Stalking spray painted on garage, house barricaded to prevent constant break-ins. Same scenario we saw in the case of murdered Fresno activist John Lang where his home was barricaded, he was stabbed and died in his burning home one day after posting to a reporters social media account that the FBI was going to kill him.
item image #1

The Fort Worth videos are on my you tube channel, although they are uploaded to site, it is nice to document your video sharing sites being taken down to destroy links to evidence of this FBI harassment.

More stalking and harassment at stalking, assault, beating, rape victim Sarah Degeyter’s residence in Arlington Texas before I fled to Fort Worth and Witness Jason Foust fled to Houston where he recorded the same harassment.

Jason Foust in Houston at the same time I was in Fort Worth after fleeing stalking and harassment at Sarah Degeyter’s:

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