FBI Cointelpro Stalking Sarah Degeyter: Linked assault, beating and rape III


During the 5 months that I lived at 115 N. Carolina St. in Houston, Texas, from November 2019 through March 2020, I remained at the house 95% of the time, doing constant research and documenting the stalking that was happening non stop, all around me.

My younger brother David, of 13 months, also lived at 115 N. Carolina St. David is also a victim of government funded stalking, and David is a victim of microwave hearing, otherwise known as “Voice to Skull”. This microwave hearing was patented by Allen Frey, and it is used to torture my brother 24/7. At times, my brother has been suicidal. It is truly heart breaking to witness this. It is a true waste of life and talent. My brother graduated with honors from Texas State university, and can play 7 music instruments. I have not seen or heard my brother play his piano since his microwave torture began.

During the time that we lived at 115 N. Carolina St., many nights, the stalking from neighbors was so bad, that my brother David would leave and go stay at hotel rooms. I never left however, I was to concerned for the welfare of my beloved dogs to leave.

I documented everything I heard and saw.

I documented the house directly across the street from our house, the home of Ferris watson, at 117 N. Carolina St, hacked into our home Wifi and both mine and my brother David’s personal Google accounts.

My timeline and maps history in my google accounts show that was at 117 N. Carolina St. on days that I was not home.

I took pictures of a white work van parked on man occasions, over the span of 5 months, in Ferris watson’s driveway.

Months later, after the brutal home invasion and rape, I looked up the license plates and discovered that the owner of that white work van is Anthony Jones, the uncle of the man who robbed and raped me.

Detective Ricardo Johns and Detective Gary Goodnight of the Houston Police Department were both given this information, including the pictures that I took of my rapist mking a drug deal in front of his house at 409 N. Carolina St., just 2 days after the rape.

I was with my friend Richard, and he also took pictures of the man who raped me and stole my truck out of my front yard, at gun point.

Richard got a statement from a man at 432 N. Carolina St on that occasion. the man informed Richard that my truck had been recovered in front of 409 N. carolina St, and he also told Richard that he saw my 2 year old rapist, smash my truck int the house.

Richard and I took pictures of the tire marks in the grass as well as the damage my truck made to the house that it was crashed into.

I provided this information t both detectives at HPD and told them that Richard spoke with a wtness, and possible relative of my rapist. No arrests have been made and Richard was never contacted by the Houston Police Department.

No investigation ever took place, even though I am a recipent of the Texas Attorney generals victims compensation Fund.

It is devastating.

Jefferson Correctional Facility
Tuesday, October 27, 2020 11:59 AM

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