FBI Cointelpro Stalking Sarah Degeyter: Linked assault, beating and rape IV


During the 5 months that my brother and I lived at 115 N. Carolina St. and were viciously harassed by the neighbors there, I documented the IP addresses hacked into our home WIFI, Google, and Facebook accounts. The physical addresses of these IP addresses, consistently revealed the locations of 7809 Joy St, Houston , Texas, and 7921 Joy St. Houston, Texas. Listed residents at the locations, include the names Tracy Rene Jones, the mother or aunt of the man who raped me at gun point on March 24, 2020, and Wllie Watson, a relative of Ferris Watson, who lived at 117 N. Carolina St, the house directly across the street from our house.

In Feburary of 2020, I documented the physical addresses of every neighbor adjacent to 115 N. Carolina St., hacked into my personal Google. This is was complete and total invasion of my privacy.

I took pictures of boot tracks in the grass in my back yard. The boot tracks started at the very back of my yard, starting at the edge of the fence, and went straight up to my garage door. These boot tracks were consistent with someone jumping over the fence from the neighbors yard, and into my yard. I took pictures of the boot tracks in my yard. my friend Richard Ligthouse, from Targeted Justice, came over and also saw and took pictures of the boot tracks in my back yard.

The cyber stalkers also left “Foot prints” or tracks in my google account. It appeared as if the multiple users that I documented being hacked into my google account, were “checking in” with one another by checking the current weather at their said location, by way of my main Google home and search page.

The locations revealed that these multiple users in my Google account had me surrounded. Stalkers were parked at Ferris Watson’s house across the street, the gas station 2 blocks over, the city park just 5 blocks away, the railroad tracks nearby, and a user was also illegally hacked into my Google account next door, at 120 N. Carolina St, the abandoned house that Ferris Watson owns and claimed that no one lived at.

Ferris Watson told my brother David and I, that no one lived at 120 N. Carolina St., however my brother and I saw people moving around at this property in the middle of the night, and running from our yard to this property at all hours of the day.

It was clear that the “abandoned house” next door, 120 N. Carolina St., was being used at a post for the people harassing us.

I bought security cameras and exhausted myself trying to get photos of the harassment.

The images I captured were always distorted, and often the files on my SD cars were out of sequence, as if images and files had been removed. It was obvious that my security cameras were also hacked.

Often, I would see distorted and “cartoon like” images on security monitor, or images that appeared to be holograms. Some of these images showed people wearing masks.

I did not read or respond to these letters about her ordeal, she had spoke to me about this before and I had forwarded these and have been saving this information to put online when I felt up to this. I did not want to read what she has been through for she is a friend. Living life as a civilian that is targeted by these agencies, you grow to except the crimes committed upon your person.

I try to get up everyday and have a good day, ignoring the stalking, set-up, awaiting court case, the destruction of my life and all I worked for since I was a young man being stolen and slowly taken from me as I fight to survive, It is much easier going through this yourself then to watch the friends you have made in this world be assaulted, raped, terrorized daily in their lives as they also fight to survive.

No woman should be terrorized like this, this is the world we now live in in America, These are our intelligence agencies committing these crimes. I rarely even post to this site anymore, I am in contact with so many others going through this I have found my time taken up with other activities. I have thought I should tone it down a little, try not to use the word NAZI so much, but what is happening in this country is equal or worse then what happened in NAZI Germany, the incidents I have reported on the terrorism that I have been assaulted with do not even scratch the surface of what I have lived through since this 24/7 stalking and assault was waged against me. We shall now continue with this communication.

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