Harris County Police/ Dallas Police Cointelpro Stalking

More Cointelpro Stalking in Houston, as this is a stalking/ assassination program, accounts often shut down, infiltrated, manipulated. I know many survivors of this program in the area, have never met these survivors.

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Houston fire department harassment 22.

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Houston pigs Houston fire fa88ots gangstalking filth

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Gang stalking filth Houston “law enforcement”

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#Sugarlandfiredepartment #sugarlandpolice gangstalking viruses staged #ems #pig street theatre

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#Houstonfiredepartment: #childtraffickers and #gangstalker pedos for #Fusioncenters

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Gang stalkers and pedos: aprtment #702, 9301 dairy view lane, Houston, TX.

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Gang stalker and human trafficker/kid trafficker for #fbi #cia #dhs#houstonpolice

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Houston gang stalking Ems paedophiles #5, about 145pm.

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Houston fire department #76 buzzes street 1 min after hpd

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Houston fire department #76/#73 gangstalkers and child rapists.

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Gang stalking me !! Fairbanks n houston n bound !

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My apartments! Private property! Gang stalking me ! Waiting to get her picture gift card !! Lmfao !

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Gang stalking me !! In private property!! Smile for the camera ! You famous!! Fightgangstalking.com

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July 23, 2018

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August 24, 2018

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Private property gangstakers ! Breaking the law in Houston/Tomball Texas !!

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Gangstalking me !! Yes our government pays these idiots !!

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Gangstalkers Houston

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Houston/ Tomball ! Perp in sliver ford pick up waiting like a homo !! Fightgangstalking.com

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North Houston tailgating stockers mad @ each other ! Houston TI being chased !

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Houston backseat gangstalkers !! & the Chase is on !

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Houston! Gangstalking tailgaters !!

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Gangstalkers tomball :Houston trying to take me out ! Head on !

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Gang stalkers of Houston

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Gangstalkers Houston !

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May 16, 2018

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stockers Tomball / North Houston

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Gangstalker 99& 249 Houston

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Gangstalking in Houston ! Trying to cut me off get in front of you to snap that picture it takes to

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Gangstalking Houston , Texas! Told ya keep it up ! Ur going to be movie stars !

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Last Christmas

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Crushing Community Gangstalking (11/18-21/2020)

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Luke 10:19

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Community Gangstalking 7 PM (11-17-2020)

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Conquering Community Gangstalking 10 PM – 12 AM (11/16-17/2020)

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Community Gangstalking 7 PM (10-12-2020)

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Community Gangstalking 9 PM – 12 AM + My Younger Brother’s Dream (11/14-15/2020)

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Community Gangstalking 6 PM (11-13-2020)

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Community Gangstalking 10 PM – 12 AM (11/12-13/2020)

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Evangelizing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Telling Dreams in Houston, Texas (11-1-20)

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Community Gangstalking 6 PM (11-12-2020)

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Community Gangstalking 6 PM (11-11-2020)

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Election Day H-E-B Gangstalking

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First Time Evangelizing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Telling Dreams in Houston, Texas (9-18-20)

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Organized Harassment and Fake Cicada Noise Campaign (9-13-2020)

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The Real Climate Change, My Friends (Geoengineering 2018-2019)

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Pathetic Devils

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My Targeted Family and the Attempt On Our Lives (2/20/19 – 3/2/2019)

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Wise words

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Gang Stalking – A Pleasant Experience With The Richardson Police Department

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Just Making Sure The Homie Still Breathing And I’m Good. Read Description.

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Gang Stalking – Conversation With TX State Trooper Foster About Brooks Williams Impersonating Police

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Gang Stalking – Houston Police Called On Me While Spending Time With Then Girlfriend At Hotel

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Houston Police Department Up To No Good. Same Officers 2nd Time Harassing Me At Same Location

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Gang Stalking – Mask Wearing, Sharia Law & What’s To Come

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Gang Stalking – Unintentionally Assisted Ft. Worth Police Department With Rookie Officer Training

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Gang Stalking – Again!!! Them Try To Mold Me Into Triangle But I Said No, No, Noooooooooo!

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Gang Stalking – Perp Induced A Minor Confrontation Just To Call Richardson Police Department On Me

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Gang Stalking – Demonic Spectrum Store Clerk Threatens Myself & A Friend For Not Wearing The Mask

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Gang Stalking – Signaling, Hand Gestures, Masonic Meanings

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Please Subscribe To These Patriots Who Hold Cops Accountable. See Description

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Gang Stalking – Baytown Police Department Called On Me For Not Wearing The Mask

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Gang Stalking – Complaint Filed With Ferris PD For City Manager Impersonating Law Enforcement Part 2

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Gang Stalking – Complaint Filed With Ferris PD For City Manager Impersonating Law Enforcement Part 1

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Gang Stalking – Dickinson Police Encounter Part 2 (OLD VIDEO!!!)

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Gang Stalking – Dickinson Police Department Encounter Part 1(OLD VIDEO!!)

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Gang Stalking – Richardson Police Department Encounter @ Calvary Pentecostal Church

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Gang Stalking – Please Help If You Can. In The Dallas/ Ft. Worth Metropolitan Area

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Gang Stalking – La Marque Precinct 3 Constable Encounter At A Church. (Old Encounter)

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Gang Stalking – Irving Police Department. Perp Stalks Then Has Unconfirmed Employee Call Cops On Me

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Gang Stalking – Watch & Listen To Whole Video

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Gang Stalking – Kroger Store Manager Calls Police On Me For Refusing To Wear Mask In Store.

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Gang Stalking – Mental Health Assessment

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Gang Stalking – Plano Police Trying Hard To Set Me Up Before Release Of Body Cam Footages

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Gang Stalking – Another Richardson Police Department Encounter 11/19/2020

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Gang Stalking – More Uplifting Talk

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Gang Stalking – Mask Off! No Fear! Be Bold. The Most High Does Not Give Us A Spirit Of Fear.

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Gang Stalking – Pokemon Go? Or Organized Stalking? Part 2

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Gang Stalking – Pokemon Go? or Organized Stalking? You Be The Judge Part 1

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Gang Stalking – The Wicked Watcheth The Righteous And Seeketh To Slay Him

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Gang Stalking – Pedophile Perp Does Yoga In Front Of Closed Boyscouts Building In The Rain

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When Animals Attack The Elites

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Gang Stalking – Perp At Lakeside On Preston Caught Trying To Set Me Up Start @ 3:30:00

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Gang Stalking – Ferris Police Department Encounter. City Manager Posing As Law Enforcement

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Gang Stalking – More Evidence. Still Think I’m Crazy ?

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Gang Stalking – Richardson Police/ Federal Agents Send Felony Stalkers To Provoke Me

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Gang Stalking – First Direct Encounter With Richardson Police Department. Richardson, TX

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Choppers, Chemtrails, Nature & Emergency Sirens ??

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Gang Stalking – Must See! She Is A Reptilian/Serpent/Tare Proof Shown In This Video. See Descript..

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Gang Stalking – Targeted Individual Lured Out To Dallas Part 3

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Gang Stalking- Targeted Individual Lured Out To Dallas, TX Part 2

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Gang Stalking – Targeted Individual Lured Out To Dallas, TX Part 1

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Halt! Who Goes There? ‘Whoooooooooo but me….

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Gang Stalking – Richardson Police Itching Closer. Living In Dallas Tx Now

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Body Recharge

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Man Vs. Machine : Eric Punks Walmart Bot – Shout Out To John Connor-

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Felony Stalkers – Two Groupies Rush Out To Greet A Legend As I Enter The Store

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Gang Stalking – Could The FBI Have Been Talking About Aliens In My Meeting With Them ? Part 1

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Gang Stalking – The Father Prepareth A Table For Us In The Presence Of Our Enemies

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Gang Stalking – Houston PD Harassment. Parked On A Public Rd By A Church I Got Permission To Be At

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Gang Stalking – Homosexuals In Red Cars Show Up To Another Secluded Location To Provoke & Harass

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Gang Stalking – An Even More Secluded Area & Felony Stalkers Still Manage To Find Me

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Gang Stalking – Part 2 Same Vehicle Rolls Up On Me Again At Secluded Location

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Gang Stalking – More Evidence Of Felony Stalkers Showing Up To Secluded Areas To Harass Me Part 1

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Gang Stalking – Perp Drives Into A Closed Down Christian Academy(Due To Covid) To Stalk & Harass Me

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Gang Stalking – My Experience Working At Methodist Hospital & Other Thoughts

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Gang Stalking – Perps Call Law Enforcement On Me For Telling Them To Go To Hell. Retrospect 8/2018

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Gang Stalking – Brazoria County Sheriff Gets Rough With Me. In Retrospect 8/7/2018 Read Description

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Gang Stalking – La Marque, Texas Police Department Encounter In Retrospect 9/3/2018

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Gang Stalking – In Retrospect Brazoria County Sherrif Harassment 8/06/2018

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Tares (Jinns) Pretending To Be Human Camp Mohawk Alvin, Texas PLEASE WATCH IN SLOW MOTION

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Tares aka Bearded Darnels, Jinns At Camp Mohawk Alvin, Texas Please Watch In SLOW MOTION

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Gang Stalking – “I Got Bustas, Hoes & Police Watchin’ A Ni$$A Pt. 2 “You Sir Are Fake News”

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Gang Stalking – Corrupt Law Enforcement Working With Perps In Attempts To Assault Me Again Part 2

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Gang Stalking – Corrupt Law Enforcement Working With Perps In Attempts To Assault Me Again Part 1

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Gang Stalking – Houston Police Department Encounter. How Did They Know I Was Up Here ?

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Synchronicity. Coincidence??

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Gang Stalking – I Got “High” Again. Bethel Christian Academy 4/23/20

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Gang Stalking – Tare Gets Placed In Cuffs Part 2.

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Gang Stalking – Undercover Cop Hits Pedestrian While Trying To Illegally Surveil & Set Me Up Part 2

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Gang Stalking – Undercover Cop Hits Pedestrian In My Presence. Psy-Op or Not?

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Reptilians . If They Are So Powerful, Why Do They Hide Their True Form Among Humans ?

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Gang Stalking – Police & Agent Provocateurs Trying To Set Me Up

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Gang Stalking – Bellaire Police Department Encounter Pt. 2 I Stood My Ground

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Gang Stalking – Bellaire Police Department Encounter Pt. 1 / Feb 4th 2020

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The Secret Accusers Are Often Times The Culprit Themselves In False Allegations

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Gang Stalking – And People Still Think This Is Jet Fuel?? 2 Thessalonians 2:11

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Gang Stalking – Texas City Police Reptilian Cop Call For More Back-Up On A Chosen One

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Another Lovely Scenery (Just To Save You 30 mins Of Your Time… It’s Just Me Swinging)

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Gang Stalking – Does Batman Show His Face ??

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Extreme Tree Hugging. Getting “High” Instead Of Smoking Trees Why Not Climb Them ?

651 views1 year ago 1:02 Now playing

Enjoying Some Scenery

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Gang Stalking – Pt. 2 Transparency Does Not Matter. Another Law Enforcement Stop. 8/2019

1K views1 year ago 1:19 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Pt. 1 Transparency Does Not Matter. Another Law Enforcement Stop. 8/2019

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Gang Stalking – Perp’s Witchcraft & Harassment Backfires. The Most High Kills Witches.

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Gang Stalking – Lurking Gang Stalker Pulls Up To Empty Parking Lot To Harass

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Gang Stalking – Felony Stalker Pulls Up Next To Me On Private Property I Had Permission To Be On

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Gang Stalking – Pearland Police Encounter Part 2

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Gang Stalking – Pearland Police Department Encounter Part 1

2.5K views1 year ago 9:16 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Unconfirmed Church Member Calls Cops On Me For Sitting Peacefully In Parking Lot

498 views1 year ago 8:44 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Pearland Police Pullover Part 1

32 views1 year ago 7:49 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Police Informant Perp Hurts Himself Running To Do Evil

1.4K views1 year ago 1:20:21 Now playing

That Which Does Not Kill You Makes You Stronger

511 viewsStreamed 1 year ago 9:09 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Still Dont Believe “They Live” ? You Be The Judge

820 views1 year ago 13:49 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Galveston Island Police Harassment & Subliminal Threat & Vehicular Stalking

1.3K views1 year ago 2:07:21 Now playing

Heavy Hivemind Attacks

668 viewsStreamed 1 year ago 1:08:26 Now playing

The Dial Got Turned Up. Definitely Doing Something Right

439 viewsStreamed 1 year ago 15:36 Now playing

Gang Stalking – The Most High’s Deliverance From False Allegations Court PT. 2

416 views1 year ago 31:49 Now playing

Gang Stalking – The Most High’s Deliverance From False Allegations Court PT. 1

450 views1 year ago 39:11 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Part 2 Property Retreival Successful 9/21/19

767 views1 year ago 43:32 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Part 1 3rd Attempt To Retreive Confiscated Firearm From HPD 9/21/19

585 views1 year ago 31:49 Now playing

Gang Stalking – More On Assault Incident. Testimony To The Most High’s Works

768 views1 year ago 1:14 Now playing

My New Friend Toffee Rests Peacefully On My Hand

408 views1 year ago 2:25 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Perp Gets Shot Part 2 – Perp Apologizes & Screams For His Life After Assaulting Me

1.7K views1 year ago 1:44:46 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Reptilians

1.1K viewsStreamed 1 year ago 0:41 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Chemtrails Correlation To Gang Stalking??

448 views1 year ago 1:02:36 Now playing

Chemical Evening

397 viewsStreamed 1 year ago 0:39 Now playing

My Boss’s Dog

466 views1 year ago 29:22 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Let Your Spirits Be Lifted. The Most High Is In Control

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Gang Stalking – Power Of Attorney Discussion Sgt. McNeil Galveston Police.Read Description

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Gang Stalking – Detective Thompson or An Affiliate Comments On His Video.

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Gang Stalking – Bonnie & Clyde Meth Head Duo Sent By Galveston Co. Police To Harass & Provoke

823 viewsStreamed 1 year ago 4:40 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Just In Case Something Happens I’ve Posted Links Showing My Face

1.5K views1 year ago 2:31:56 Now playing

Property Retrieval

709 viewsStreamed 1 year ago 10:54 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Galveston Police Harassment. Detective Sent. Assault Mockery. Read Description.

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Gang Stalking – Perp Gets Shot. Coward Perps Gang Up On A Chosen One. “Touch Not Mine Anointed.”

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Child molester: bissonet/dairy ashford, SW corner gas station food Mart.

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Pokemon gang stalking Paedophile. League City, texas

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Gang stalking trash/kid traffickers

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HOuston fire department harassment 1, 7-2-20

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“fuel up,” gang stalking terror company and traffic children for cia, FBI, police.

59 views5 months ago 0:03 Now playing

HOuston fire department harassment 9, 7-1-20.

17 views5 months ago 0:09 Now playing

HOuston fire department harassment #8, 7-1-20.

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Hi pd fusion center terror stalking child rapists

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HOuston police waiting for me at work entrance. ( Gang stalking child raping Houston pigs)

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1dv7708, HOuston police child trafficker and o.s. Terrorist.

8 views5 months ago 0:06 Now playing

Hby2966, child trafficking HOuston police Terrorist, and gang stalking virus

23 views5 months ago 0:13 Now playing

HOuston fire department trafficks children for FBI clients and does organized torture w dhs

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Child rapist, child trafficker for Houston police, HOuston fbi, dus, Airforce and federal govt.

12 views5 months ago 0:04 Now playing

Gang stalking HOuston pig virus and human trafficker/female partner same

43 views5 months ago 0:08 Now playing

Gang stalking paedophile for fusion centers, cia, FBI child rape rings

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HOuston gang stalking filth/child rapist

28 views6 months ago 0:06 Now playing

HOuston fire department: child trafficking, gang stalking paedofile s.

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Organized stalker and kid lurer for HOuston police viruses.in white suv

34 views6 months ago 0:05 Now playing

Child trafficker for Houston police and organized child stalking Terrorist.

37 views6 months ago 0:07 Now playing

Darian, Firestone employee, organized terrorist for FBI, police, fusioncenters.

20 views6 months ago 0:07 Now playing

Houston Paedophile and HOuston police/HOuston fbi paid gang stalking

42 views6 months ago 0:06 Now playing

Gang stalker and kid raper. Last name fuqua. Locale: pop corner store Bellaire/dairy ashford

21 views6 months ago 0:08 Now playing

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Gangstalking Dallas Texas

209 views4 years ago 1:24 Now playing

Gangstalking Dallas Texas

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1.3K views4 years ago 0:52 Now playing


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GANGSTALKING Electric Harassment

417 views5 years ago CC 3:54 Now playing

Gang Stalking electronic harassment

823 views5 years ago CC

Houston gang stalker and

42 views6 months ago 0:06 Now playing

Houston covert gang stalking Paedophile crowds me 6-7-20

44 views6 months ago 0:04 Now playing

#organizedstalking plane fly by 10-31-18

22 views2 years ago

Gang stalking assistance ?

192 views5 years ago CC 3:26 Now playing

Gang stalking Houston Tx

1.4K views5 years ago 5:23 Now playing

Gang Stalking Hou Tx

170 views5 years ago 0:43 Now playing

More stalking Houston

81 views5 years ago CC

Gang Stalking – Weird Bird Lurking

601 views1 year ago 7:12 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Strange Anomaly In The Night Sky

470 views1 year ago 30:14 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Part 2 Galveston Police Detainment. More Detail On What Transpired On 8/1/19 5am-ish

1K views1 year ago 5:12 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Galveston Police Department 2nd Attempt To Set Me Up Using Perps. Part 1 Hand Cuffed

842 views1 year ago 7:56 Now playing

Gang Stalking – More Galveston Police Department Harassment 7/27/19 Post Office & 46th

3.8K views1 year ago 4:40 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Why Don’t True TI’s Incorporate Their Location Into The YouTube Names ?

565 views1 year ago 4:54 Now playing

Gang Stalking -Pearland Police Perp Dispatch Prediction Correct & Police Shows Up Pt. 2

478 views1 year ago 2:59 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Pearland Police Dispatch Perp To Surveil Me Then Police Show Up Pt. 1

435 views1 year ago 35:15 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Once Again An Attempt To Keep Us From High Vibrational Activity. Read Description

537 views1 year ago 31:50 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Random Talk / Heart Warming Encounter

421 views1 year ago 29:10 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Bleached Clothes A Second Time Part 2

435 views1 year ago 18:05 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Perps Bleach My Clothes But Its All In My Head Part 1

457 views1 year ago 14:06 Now playing

Gang Stalking – 4th Of July Ritual Part 2 Jehovah’s Witnesses Ask Me To Leave

669 views1 year ago 31:49 Now playing

Gang Stalking – 4th Of July Pagan Ritual Harassment By Pearland Police

3.2K views1 year ago 30:12 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Any Help Would Be Appreciated. Paypal Email is Anthony.Ochuko@yahoo.com

766 views1 year ago 20:56 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Galveston PD Retaliation Encounter For Exposing Their Gang Stalking Activities

1.1K views1 year ago 15:47 Now playing

Gang Stalking – I Did Not Consent To Being An Experiment

612 views1 year ago 26:23 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Galveston PD Gang Stalking Part 2

417 views1 year ago 16:50 Now playing

0:37 Now playing

Gang Stalking in Houston

79 views1 year ago 5:10 Now playing

Gang Stalkers(1)

63 views1 year ago 0:44 Now playing

Gang Stalkers(2)

70 views1 year ago 1:57 Now playing

Gang Stalkers with their weird assess

65 views1 year ago 9:24 Now playing

Gang Stalking, Electronic Harassment in Houston TX

292 views1 year ago 4:05 Now playing

Gang Stalkers on Metro in Houston TX.

462 views1 year ago 1:19 Now playing

Gang Stalked

48 views1 year ago 1:39 Now playing

Realza goin in over a “Chris Breezy” beat

88 views4 years ago 14:45 Now playing

“Realza Redd & Frank O” (of the D3G’z) show

44 views4 years ago

Gang Stalking – Galveston Police Department Involved In Organization Community Harassment Part 1

476 views1 year ago 0:09 Now playing

Gang Stalking – One Headlight Galveston PD Vehicle Lurking

458 views1 year ago 3:28 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Woke Up To Law Enforcement Standing Over Me. Different City Same Harassment

1K views1 year ago 0:19 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Aaaaaannnnd Another One Lol. Mind You I’m In A Hidden Location

403 views1 year ago 0:25 Now playing

Gang Stalking – The Whole World Is Private Property. Perp Walking Down Dirt Road Calls Cops On Me

886 views1 year ago 31:49 Now playing

Gang Stalking – All The World’s A Stage…

538 views1 year ago 11:13 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Read Description 1st. Fruity Pebbles Perp Calls Police But It Back Fires On Perp.

566 views1 year ago 5:08 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Drone Lurking In The Night Wakes Me Up

639 views1 year ago 17:08 Now playing

Gang Stalking – What Satan Uses For Evil The Most High Will Use For Good

622 views1 year ago 2:11 Now playing

Gang Stalking – UTMB Parking Garage Off Texas 3. No Peace Even At Hospital Parking

874 views1 year ago 31:49 Now playing

Gang Stalking – “Are You A Member Of The Fraternal Order Of Police” ?

6.3K views1 year ago 31:31 Now playing

Gang Stalkers – Perps Online Making Threats That Come To Life On The Street. Also Perp Phone Content

649 views1 year ago 5:58 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Department Store Psy-Ops Part 2 Parking Lot

701 views1 year ago 2:07 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Department Store Psy-Op Part 1 Parking Lot

458 views1 year ago 2:15 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Gang Stalker Waits For Me Outside Gym Bathroom As Predicted

587 views1 year ago 2:25 Now playing

Gang Stalking – League City – Community Church Lot Harassment Prediction Correct Pt. 2

434 views1 year ago 2:47 Now playing

Gang Stalking – League City – Community Church Parking Lot Harrasment Prediction Pt. 1

396 views1 year ago 0:28 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Serpent Handler

378 views1 year ago 0:34 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Just Being Silly. Relaaaaxxxxx.

308 views1 year ago 2:45 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Back At Park I Was Told To Not Climb Trees

270 views1 year ago 9:34 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Part 2 Snake Encounter On A Serious Note

424 views1 year ago 0:58 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Too Swift On My Toes For This Sucker!! Part 1 Snake. No Worries I Did Not Kill It.

389 views1 year ago 22:10 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Random/Freestyle

407 views1 year ago 2:03 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Became One With The Tree Literally. Ninja Vanish!

312 views1 year ago 5:57 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Watch Closely. Grandma Handler Walks Over & Instructs Daughter

394 views1 year ago 4:14 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Perfect Example Of Street Theater At Walmart. This Is Why I Don’t Sleep At Walmart!

1.3K views1 year ago 1:45 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Non Human Stalker Rendevous With Me At Gym Parking Lot As Predicted

621 views1 year ago 10:29 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Thou Shall Not Suffer A Witch To Live

594 views1 year ago 15:16 Now playing

Pearland Police Department Encounter. Same Day Of Park Encounter

9.4K views1 year ago 8:57 Now playing

Gang Stalking – At Work. Perp Or Nah’ ? You Be The Judge.

819 views1 year ago 4:47 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Part 2 Of Previous Video. Harris County Sheriff Gets Called Out For Me Climbing Tree

663 views1 year ago 8:26 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Narcissist Stalkers Hate To Be Ignored. Monkey See Monkey Do. Read Description.

636 views1 year ago 2:23 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Perp Strategically Places Himself In My Path To Interact. Shout Out To Brian Tew

360 views1 year ago 24:20 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Perp Activity Predicted. Other Tactics & Words Of Encouragement

690 views1 year ago 6:36 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Trash On The Car??

814 views1 year ago 13:15 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Continued Law Enforcement Harassment. 2nd Encounter Same Day.

816 views1 year ago 9:52 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Damned If I Do, Damned If I Dont

265 views1 year ago 31:49 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Another Episode Of Cops. Filmed Before A Live Studio Audience.

3.9K views1 year ago 1:35 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Just Like Me They Want To Be Close To You

573 views1 year ago 1:00 Now playing

Gang Stalking – “Buzz In Progress” “10-4 We Gotta’ Buzz In Progress”

244 views1 year ago 30:31 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Reptilian Cop Attempts To Smell My Fear With His Tounge But Leaves Disappointed.

1.3K views1 year ago 21:49 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Nutritional Supplements To Take In Conjunction To Vegan Diet

319 views1 year ago 3:42 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Special Thank You To “Awakened”

235 views1 year ago 4:36 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Serpent Reptilian Cop Sssseeking To Feed But Left Hungry. I Know What You All Are.

996 views1 year ago 2:11 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Tree Surfing. Getting Closer To The Top.

478 views1 year ago 1:03 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Monitoring Spirits (Birds)

443 views1 year ago 30:37 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Praising Yahuah & Update On My Sister

299 views1 year ago 12:09 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Workers Of Iniquity At Grocery Stores Who Hate The Father….This Is For You

504 views1 year ago 1:03 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Gang Stalker Dings His Chrysler I Mean Mercedes Trying To Set Me Up For An Accident

402 views1 year ago 3:53 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Good People That Tried To Help Me Get Work Back In August 2018. Read Description

339 views1 year ago 1:57 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Beware Of Vehicles With Flapping Paper Plates. Perps Use For Hit & Run

542 views1 year ago 25:36 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Laundromat Shenanigans

559 views1 year ago 12:48 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Targeted Individuals Diet & Why Ochu Prefers To Live Out Of His Vehicle

643 views1 year ago 21:00 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Satan Tried To Take Me Out

629 views1 year ago 4:22 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Meditate On His Word Of Promise. Prayer For My Brothers & Sisters

185 views1 year ago 1:52 Now playing

Gang Stalking – “I Got Bustas, Hoes & Police Watching A Ni##@” Read Description

450 views1 year ago 11:21 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Pesticides Being Sprayed In My Vehicle

666 views1 year ago 11:19 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Part 4 of 4 On The Flip Side (Energy Vampires)

736 views1 year ago 13:30 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Part 3 of 4

520 views1 year ago 5:31 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Part 2 of 4. Perp(Dr. Evil)/ Law Enforcement Encounter

659 views1 year ago 0:45 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Part 1 Perp(Dr. Evil)/ Law Enforcement Encounters. Thumbs Up Hand Mudra & Triangle

434 views1 year ago 5:21 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Appetite Decreased Since Not Eating Meat. Blessings To You From Yahuah.

245 views1 year ago 6:32 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Thou Shall Fear No Man But The Father Matthew 10:28/ Pslam 23:4. Read Description

233 views1 year ago 8:37 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Jocelyn Is Mobbed While Waiting At Police Station To Inquire About Watch Program

320 views1 year ago 0:30 Now playing

Gang Stalking – City Hall Gives Jocelyn The Run Around After Asking About Neighborhood Watch Flyer

164 views1 year ago 8:08 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Chicago City Hall Involved In Organized Stalking. Part 1. Read Description.

433 views1 year ago 1:14 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Teenagers Attempt At Directed Conversation. Perp Lurking In Vehicle. Read Descrip

339 views1 year ago 1:06 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Little Girl (Angel) Opens Door For Me Part 2

158 views1 year ago 3:03 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Little Angel Holds Door Open For A Son Of God. Read Description

208 views1 year ago 5:05 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Please Help Our Sister Chartise Wells. Read Description

1.1K views1 year ago 8:31 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Sleep Deprivation, Stopped Eating Meat, Remote Neural Monitoring

432 views1 year ago 1:05 Now playing

Gang Stalking – “You Are Mentally ILL & On Drugs. No One Is Harassing You” ! Read Description

483 views1 year ago 3:46 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Perp Intimidation Tactics After Exposing Law Enforcement Harassment

516 views1 year ago 1:41 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Galveston County Sherrif Harassment. Body Cam Footage Read Description.

470 views1 year ago 7:01 Now playing

Gang Stalking – For Targeted Individuals Who Are Having A Hard Time Finding Work. Empath Jim.

576 views1 year ago 28:58 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Targeting Of Our Families

591 views1 year ago 23:30 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Exposures, Materialism, Reptilians, Child Abuse

615 views1 year ago 4:32 Now playing

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Gang stalking me !! Fairbanks n houston n bound !

434 views1 year ago 1:00 Now playing

My apartments! Private property! Gang stalking me ! Waiting to get her picture gift card !! Lmfao !

158 views2 years ago 1:46 Now playing

Gang stalking me !! In private property!! Smile for the camera ! You famous!! Fightgangstalking.com

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July 23, 2018

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August 24, 2018

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Private property gangstakers ! Breaking the law in Houston/Tomball Texas !!

51 views2 years ago 4:03 Now playing

Gangstalking me !! Yes our government pays these idiots !!

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Gangstalkers Houston

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Houston/ Tomball ! Perp in sliver ford pick up waiting like a homo !! Fightgangstalking.com

21 views2 years ago 6:17 Now playing

North Houston tailgating stockers mad @ each other ! Houston TI being chased !

59 views2 years ago 2:45 Now playing

Houston backseat gangstalkers !! & the Chase is on !

44 views2 years ago 2:09 Now playing

Houston! Gangstalking tailgaters !!

126 views2 years ago 0:38 Now playing

Gangstalkers tomball :Houston trying to take me out ! Head on !

60 views2 years ago 0:47 Now playing

Gang stalkers of Houston

166 views2 years ago 8:27 Now playing

Gangstalkers Houston !

130 views2 years ago 4:04 Now playing

May 16, 2018

44 views2 years ago 1:06 Now playing

stockers Tomball / North Houston

27 views2 years ago 0:15 Now playing

Gangstalker 99& 249 Houston

115 views2 years ago 1:28 Now playing

Gangstalking in Houston ! Trying to cut me off get in front of you to snap that picture it takes to

41 views3 years ago 6:57 Now playing

3:54 Now playing

Gang stalking experience

166 views1 week ago 0:31 Now playing

Quick update.

20 views1 week ago 4:10 Now playing

Replay of October 21, 2020 video

4 views1 month ago 0:57 Now playing

Gansgstalking In S.J. October 21

5 views1 month ago 2:16 Now playing

Customized License Plates G.S in San Jose

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color harasmment.

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Double Street theatre in S.j.

5 views2 months ago 1:16 Now playing

S.J. gangstalking. RedSquad.

16 views2 months ago 0:14 Now playing

9/11/2020 red bright head light

4 views3 months ago 0:43 Now playing

How to spot a perps car,

11 views3 months ago 0:55 Now playing

How to spot a perps Car

66 views3 months ago 0:31 Now playing

How to spot a perp

7 views3 months ago 1:53 Now playing

Street theatre in S.J.

6 views3 months ago 0:37 Now playing

S.J. RedSquad

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S.J. 2 am snack

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2 am snack

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Weird perp, San Jose ca

15 views6 months ago 1:35 Now playing

Street theatre San Jose.

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SJ ca gangstalker

38 views8 months ago 0:08 Now playing

Red squad

17 views8 months ago 1:23 Now playing

Gas lightings a Gangstalker.

21 views9 months ago 24:22 Now playing

Hobby air port pt 1

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GangStalking in Houston Texas.

115 views9 months ago 1:03 Now playing

My first GangStalking vidoe In houston Tex

39 views9 months ago

Gang stalking Their Mission I am Transgender

148 views6 months ago 3:26 Now playing

I am Transgender i am gang stalked nyc

250 views7 months ago

Gangstalking Houston , Texas! Told ya keep it up ! Ur going to be movie stars !

1.1K views3 years ago

Gang Stalking – Coincidence or Legit Stop? You Be The Judge.

332 views1 year ago 3:20 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Good Actors

309 views1 year ago 0:37 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Public Service Announcement For Gang Stalkers

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Gang Stalking – You Dont Even Have To Turn Around To Feel The Dark Energy Of The Perps Behind You.

373 views1 year ago 1:04 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Hitchhiker – I Prefer These Lizards

219 views1 year ago 6:52 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Is Kemah PD Assisting Perps To Trespass On Property At My Job To Sabotage Car ?

339 views1 year ago 8:28 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Notice Left Foot Movement Of Officer at 6:58 When I Ask About Surveillance Programs

806 views1 year ago 44:41 Now playing

Gang Stalking – “Christians” GangStalking. Perps Call Police On Me Again For Sitting To Myself.

589 views1 year ago 10:15 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Clarification On Law Enforcement Encounter Postings. No Disrespect To Good Cops.

371 views1 year ago 3:29 Now playing

Gang Stalking- Texas State Trooper Encounter. Gang Stalking? Or Legitimate Concern? You Be The Judge

526 views1 year ago 4:25 Now playing

Gang Stalking – More Harassment From Law Enforcement. Reptilian Hybrid.

578 views1 year ago 5:59 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Nappy Head Roots Interview With Perp Demon With Glowing Eyes. Read Description

922 views1 year ago 9:09 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Confirmed Targeting. Seargent Says My Name But Never Ran Plates Or Got My ID

492 views1 year ago 1:29 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Chemtrails Nano Tubes/Strands No One Ever Notices

198 views1 year ago 5:55 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Perps Sell Their Souls For This

1.4K views1 year ago 7:49 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Another High EMF Reading & YMCA Incident Update

183 views1 year ago 0:46 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Get Your Passports! Just In Case. Matthew 10:23. Read Description

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Gang Stalking – Drastic Change In EMF Reading Since Recording & Posting

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Gang Stalking – EMF Reading 2 At The Park Near Evelyn Meador

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Gang Stalking EMF Reading

368 views1 year ago 13:12 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Rant

496 views1 year ago 7:14 Now playing

Gang Stalking – High Functioning Retard (Agent Provocateur) Watches A Chosen One Do His Laundry.

1.3K views1 year ago 8:10 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Perp Gets Into My Vehicle Part 2 Second Camera. Read Description.

582 views1 year ago 5:47 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Perp Gets Into My Vehicle While I Go Into The YMCA To Shower. Use Headphones!

375 views1 year ago 0:25 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Illegal Surveillance Fly By Part 2

180 views1 year ago 2:03 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Illegal Surveillance Fly By Part 1

202 views1 year ago 0:59 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Felony Stalkers Track Me To Hidden Parking Lot To Provoke & Harass

385 views1 year ago 0:23 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Demonic Glowing Eyes Perp Points Gun At Me When I Ask For His Employee ID number

416 views1 year ago 0:26 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Feeding My Friends After Work. Texas City, TX

288 views1 year ago 3:41 Now playing

Enjoying Some Nice Scenery. Blessed Are The Peacemakers, For They Shall Be Called Sons Of The Father

126 views1 year ago 4:12 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Workers of Iniquity Follow Me Everywhere But I Am Beyond Their Reach Up A Tree

576 views1 year ago 5:24 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Are Perps Concerned About Our Well Being In Any Capacity ??

350 views1 year ago 1:45 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Demon Perp With Glowing Eyes Trespasses On Property Read Descrip.

4.6K views1 year ago 4:02 Now playing

Gang-Stalking – The Coming Day Of The Father. Could This Be Why They Blot Out The Sun?

194 views1 year ago 6:01 Now playing

Gang-Stalking- A Moving Target Is Harder To Hit

380 views1 year ago 2:06 Now playing

Gang Stalking – More New Friends!

354 views2 years ago 0:13 Now playing

Near Ellington Field In Houston, Texas

221 views2 years ago 1:02 Now playing

2 Rainbows

130 views2 years ago 2:49 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Me (Not Perp) Tree Climb Bare Hands, No Harness At Paul Hopkins Park

312 views2 years ago 1:55 Now playing

Gang Stalking Drones In The Outfield

322 views2 years ago 6:42 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Thumbs Up Hand Signal??

436 views2 years ago 0:16 Now playing

Gang Stalking – 8 /16/18 19:24 Perp Has His Period Because I Ignored “IT”

318 views2 years ago 0:57 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Perp Harassment On Church Parking Lot On The Sabbath

362 views2 years ago 6:50 Now playing

Gang Stalking Refusal To Give ID

700 views2 years ago 3:47 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Psalm 37:16 Back To Living Out Of Vehicle. Book Of Job Reference. Read Description.

362 views2 years ago 2:52 Now playing

Gang Stalking Revelation 9:1-6 The Locusts(Gang-Stalkers??)

487 views2 years ago 0:34 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Good Day!

193 views2 years ago 9:26 Now playing

Gang Stalking – The Devil Is A Liar

270 views2 years ago 5:58 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Albert Pike Masonic Agenda (Releasing The Nihilists & Atheists aka Gang Stalkers)

1.1K views2 years ago 0:12 Now playing

Bored Messing Around…..A Little Trick

136 views2 years ago 5:21 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Fallen Angel??

643 views2 years ago 2:28 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Authority Over The Enemy As It Is Written

158 views2 years ago 1:39 Now playing

Taking Care Of Some Friends

144 views2 years ago 16:22 Now playing

Sharing Scenery- (Enjoying While I Still Can. Yahuah Has Been Good To Me)

224 views2 years ago 0:19 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Drone Dragon Fly or Real ?

503 views2 years ago 0:57 Now playing

Guardian Angel Bird?? Part. 2

96 views2 years ago 4:16 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Guardian Angel Bird ? July 2018

261 views2 years ago 9:36 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Witch Subscribed to My Channel

463 views2 years ago 1:28 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Armadillo Sighting- Please Read Description

138 views2 years ago 3:43 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Its Official!! I’m A Country Boy!

184 views2 years ago 2:11 Now playing

Tree Climbing In A Nursery (Myself Not A Perp)

252 views2 years ago 0:31 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Solutions for Healing- Make A New Friend. Read Description.

210 views2 years ago 0:56 Now playing

Tree Climb Fireman Slide Finish!

159 views2 years ago 1:18 Now playing

Solutions For Healing- Connecting With Nature

144 views2 years ago 1:10 Now playing

Horse Back Riding. Happier Times Before I Knew What Gang-Stalking Was. Read Description Please

442 views3 years ago 14:25 Now playing

Gang-Stalking Update/ Stay Strong & Sharp Dont Give Up!!

387 views3 years ago 0:12 Now playing

Gang-Stalking McCain Reptilian Eye Pupil Slit. Split Second Shape-Shift

1.3K views3 years ago 3:53 Now playing

Gang-Stalking Heavy Chemtrail & More Aircraft Stalking

432 views3 years ago 10:40 Now playing

Gang-Stalking FBI No Man Can Help. Stay In Prayer. Gavin Eugene Long Connection

5.7K views3 years ago 13:08 Now playing

Tactics of The Wicked/Tares(perps) Spoken of in The Bible- Pertaining to Targeted Individuals

14K views3 years ago 14:47 Now playing

Book of Daniel Ch. 12 (The Time of the End) Being Made White, Purified and Refined

622 views3 years ago 2:32 Now playing

Gang-Stalking- Pre Hurricane Irma Nighttime Sky Thunderless Lightning

337 views3 years ago 2:15 Now playing

Gang-Stalking Heavy Chem-Trailing in Houston,TX before Irma hits U.S. 9/5/17

122 views3 years ago 0:19 Now playing

Gang- Stalking More Military Choppers 9/2/17 Harvey Aftermath

157 views3 years ago 1:10 Now playing

Hurricane Harvey Update

170 views3 years ago 1:26 Now playing

Gang-Stalking Hurricane Harvey Survivor Perps Slither Their Way Over Near My Vehicle

306 views3 years ago 0:11 Now playing

Aaaaaaand Another One!

117 views3 years ago 0:07 Now playing

Gang-Stalking Another Quick Check By Military

124 views3 years ago 2:39 Now playing

Living Out Of My Car. A Few Words. Also Read Description.

1.7K views3 years ago 2:14 Now playing

Gang-Stalking Pop Up Demon Perp. Read Description For More Detail

1.8K views3 years ago 1:23 Now playing

Gang Stalking Another Chopper Flyby. Coincidence? Please Read Description

203 views3 years ago 2:03 Now playing

Gang-Stalking Double Over-Head Cross Over Flybys Houston, TX

207 views3 years ago 0:10 Now playing

Gang-Stalking Reptilian/ Tare?? Recording Off Television CNN.

500 views3 years ago 0:37 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Perp From Previous Video Brights Me With A Flashlight.

154 views3 years ago 0:51 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Perp Follows Me Around While Patrolling Complex At 3am

184 views3 years ago 0:57 Now playing

Gang-Stalking Drone/Plane Harassment 2am 7/13/17

1K views3 years ago 3:18 Now playing

Gang Stalking – Government Drone Follows Me Every Night/Day Houston, TX

7.8K views3 years ago 1:08 Now playing

Chemtrail Launched Diagonally From Ground?? 12/21/16. 10:08am

194 views3 years ago

0:22 Now playing

Ice. Cream gangstalkers

6 views2 months ago 1:38 Now playing

Gangstalkers of Houston

17 views8 months ago

Justin Pullman Investigative Reports

ALERT! Rosenberg, Texas Gang Stalkers Targeting Me

11K views6 days ago 9:40 Now playing

Will Chief Joe Salvaggio become City Manager Today? Leon Valley, TX

10K views2 weeks ago 8:28 Now playing

POLICE FLIP OUT on @News Now Patrick | BEST VIEW | Leon Valley, TX

34K views1 month ago 21:27 Now playing

This is REALLY BAD: Chief Salvaggio’s October SURPRISE + Bradshaw Interview | Leon Valley, TX

24K views1 month ago 2:05:43 Now playing

Leon Valley Lawsuit Update: FEDERAL COURT TESTIMONEY | Bradshaw v. Salvaggio

21K views1 month ago 12:11 Now playing

TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT + Who paid for illegal signs? Leon Valley, TX

22K views1 month ago 26:21 Now playing

Councilor FACING TRIAL for OFFENDING MASK 😮😷 Leon Valley, TX

14K views1 month ago 18:50 Now playing

🤣😆😂 Alcocer RAGE QUITS Council Meeting | Leon Valley, Texas

25K views1 month ago 28:16 Now playing

Who Won?! HUGE Leon Valley Lawsuit Updates, @James Freeman Case

27K views1 month ago 35:06 Now playing

“I’ll Whack Your Ass” INSANE City Council Meeting | Leon Valley, TX

52K views1 month ago 18:35 Now playing

1st Amendment Audit FAIL, LYING COP Tries to HIDE Kangaroo Court

21K views1 month ago 25:36 Now playing

Police Chief Salvaggio **LIES UNDER OATH** in Leon Valley, Texas

19K views1 month ago 14:03 Now playing

Leon Valley Police **SHOOT** Driver (BREAKING)

24K views2 months ago 9:34 Now playing

Leon Valley LAWSUIT FILED: Will the judge STOP Salvaggio?!

22K views2 months ago 20:06 Now playing

Chief will ARREST City Council for “Public Humiliation” of Cops | Leon Valley, TX

35K views2 months ago 31:25 Now playing

GIRL PLAYS POLICE GAMES: What happens on a DWI Traffic Stop?

15K views2 months ago 18:41 Now playing

What was POLICE CHIEF Salvaggio TEXTING?! 👮‍♂️📲 Leon Valley, Texas

28K views2 months ago 14:37 Now playing

EJECTED for Exposing **POLICE VOTER FRAUD** in Leon Valley, TX

31K views2 months ago 4:29 Now playing

**AGITATOR UPDATE** Leon Valley Establishment Trolls Attack

13K views3 months ago 1:46 Now playing

**Preview** Leon Valley Trolls Harassing Justin Pulliam

11K views3 months ago 24:07 Now playing

I Tear Apart Salvaggio’s Attack on Bradshaw + Meeting Update

18K views3 months ago 18:26 Now playing

Justin Pulliam Nailed LYING Chief Salvaggio | Leon Valley, Texas

41K views3 months ago 27:24 Now playing

**POLICE BUSTED** Secret “Intelligence” Bulletins Illegally Target YouTubers, 1st Amendment Auditors

60K views3 months ago 5:53 Now playing

Woman Claims Police Killed Her Family

10K views3 months ago 21:53 Now playing

Chief Salvaggio “CHOKED ME OUT” **New PD Video** Leon Valley, Texas

63K views3 months ago 18:40 Now playing

POLITICAL CORRUPTION: Leon Valley Chief, Manager Interfere in Elections | Outed by Will Bradshaw

23K views3 months ago 14:14 Now playing

Did the POLICE SLAM HIM? DWI Arrest | San Antonio, Texas

11K views3 months ago 37:14 Now playing

👮🌿🤷 Did these COPS PLANT EVIDENCE?! You make the call!

24K views3 months ago 16:04 Now playing

“I hope she GOES TO JAIL” | Leon Valley Residents SLAM Corrupt Officials

35K views3 months ago 28:14 Now playing

COVER UP BUSTED! Corrupt Cop Fails to ID | Harris County Pct 6 visits Fort Bend Texas

41K views3 months ago 38:29 Now playing

Just 1 Beer? HUGE POLICE RESPONSE for Filming DWI Investigation | Brazoria County, Texas

19K views3 months ago 14:47 Now playing

🐷👮‍♀️🤬 Leon Valley Police PROTECT VILE AGITATOR Blackmore

25K views3 months ago 14:32 Now playing

Police Supporter THREATENS CITY OFFICIAL Will Bradshaw at Leon Valley Council Meeting

23K views4 months ago 17:23 Now playing

Chief Salvaggio LIED to STEAL CARS in Leon Valley, Texas

28K views4 months ago 8:12 Now playing

Should the PUBLIC wear Body Cameras?

11K views4 months ago 15:16 Now playing

BLASTING TYRANTS at Leon Valley Council Meeting (Bodycam)

31K views4 months ago 23:10 Now playing

Agitator Salvaggio WAGING WAR on Free Speech & Press | Leon Valley, TX

31K views4 months ago 35:23 Now playing

Official Oppression? Salvaggio Retaliating Against Councilor | Leon Valley, Texas

39K views4 months ago 3:18 Now playing

Chief Salvaggio Harassing Leon Valley Residents, Political Opposition

16K views4 months ago 12:15 Now playing


14K views5 months ago 24:23 Now playing

Leon Valley: The Blue Lyin’ Sanctuary City | Police Chief Joe Salvaggio

14K views5 months ago 15:45 Now playing

KICKED OUT for Filing Complaint at Troy Nehls’ Sheriff’s Office | Fort Bend County, Texas

22K views5 months ago 25:42 Now playing

IGNORE the GOV?!? The Truth about the Mask Order

9.9K views5 months ago 10:03 Now playing

END Police Militarization! Call Senators @ 202-224-3121

4.7K views5 months ago 28:03 Now playing

BlueLeaks: LEAKED FBI FILES Reveal Police War Against YouTubers, 1st Amendment Auditors

166K views5 months ago 19:07 Now playing

Leon Valley Council Debates 👮🏼‍♂‍🛠 POLICE REFORM + 💥 Case Update

31K views5 months ago 1:25 Now playing

(Coming Soon) How do police stifle legal, 1st Amendment activity?

6.4K views5 months ago 0:24 Now playing

The BEST Leon Valley Video 🤚🏻👮🏼‍♂️🥺 (me: 😃😄😁😂🤣)

14K views5 months ago 14:35 Now playing

🤯 Lyin’ Houston Cop Gerald GOINES ARRESTED George FLOYD 👮🏿‍♂️🤥

38K views6 months ago 19:34 Now playing

POLICE STATION STAKEOUT 👨🏻‍🦰📸👮: Will Sheriff Troy Nehls HIDE 🤐 from One Tough Voter?

32K views6 months ago 30:35 Now playing

I BEAT THE COPS 💪🏻💯😛👮👮🏻 Failed ID Attempt on “HIPAA Violation” Call | Baytown, Texas Police

67K views6 months ago 2:59 Now playing

“Deputy” Hibbs, Badge 1380 | Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office

13K views6 months ago 8:10 Now playing

Police TACKLE Girl & ARREST Her | Houston, Texas

13K views6 months ago 35:44 Now playing

*Update* Leon Valley Arrest Warrant + Police Report

54K views6 months ago 1:18 Now playing

(Preview) What is the Fort Bend County Sheriff Hiding?

6.3K views6 months ago 30:19 Now playing

Police Supporters get UGLY | Lake Jackson, Texas with @EXTRA Good Citizen

49K views6 months ago 22:52 Now playing

Leon Valley CENSORS Me but lets TROLL ATTACK

27K views6 months ago 24:29 Now playing

*Tyrant Alert* Chief Joe Salvaggio ARRESTS Elderly Man at Council Meeting | Leon Valley, Texas

57K views6 months ago 1:00:41 Now playing

Thousands March for George Floyd, Justice in Houston on June 2, 2020 [Raw Video, Entire Parade]

3.4K views6 months ago 17:26 Now playing

Houston Police AGGRESSIVE, FALSE ARREST of Witness “I’m trying to go home”

12K views6 months ago 6:03 Now playing

We’re Here to March—Black Lives Matter Police Protest | Houston, Texas

8.7K views6 months ago 22:30 Now playing

Brianna, Hide! Rookie GIRL COP DRIVES into DITCH | Harris Constable Pct 5

56K views6 months ago 15:33 Now playing

Police Chief: A Threat? NO! It’s a PROMISE!!! | Leon Valley, Texas Police (Joe Salvaggio)

65K views6 months ago 26:24 Now playing

The WORST COPS | Rosenberg, Texas

93K views6 months ago 8:00 Now playing


9.4K views7 months ago 10:12 Now playing

SEND BACKUP! They’re filming where they can HEAR and SEE | Harris County Constable Pct 5

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MK Ultra Home  Targeted.one  Targeted Justice  EDWARD SNOWDEN FILES

This has been created to spread information about civilians targeted in the renewed FBI Cointelpro Operations that were exposed in the 1970’s. The program at that time had ran illegally for over three decades. The renewed operations not only utilizes the tactics and strategies learned in the FBI/ CIA’s previous program, it has as well been combined with the Human Experimentation programs that have ran in the US for over 100 year. The gains in research in all fields is utilized to improve upon the program that targeted many innocent civilians in the past. The use of drugs and poisons is now combined with the use of high grade military technology.



Civilians that have survived these assaults have for decades called themselves Targeted Individuals. This terminology, though descriptive, is now used to discredit the individuals that use it, just as the term gang stalking is used to discredit the large number of civilians now targeted in what was and still is the FBI’s Gang Stalking program.

Many of the individuals I have met, including myself have undergone very traumatizing events, this is psychological warfare carried out by the same agencies that were utilized in the original program. Much of the Domestic policy that has been created post 9/11 has given the government agencies involved in this program the powers and secrecy which allows them to carry this out. Cooperation with corporations which also were involved in the Cointelpro operations, has allowed this program to operate in near secrecy for many decades. Tech companies and social media platforms monitor, block, censor manipulate and control information at every step.

All Data and cellular communications is monitored, all modern surveillance technologies are utilized to monitor civilians 24/7 allowing the participants in the criminal activities to carry out there crimes unimpeded. Microwave surveillance was used against the US in the 1950’s when Russia was found to be bombarding the US embassy in Moscow with microwave radiation for this same purpose.

DARPA took over research into microwaves, at this time this agency was named ARPA. We can find in DARPA’s research the scientific backing to support the claims of the civilians that are found to be outlandish. This technology and the experimentation that is taking place poses a great risk, not only for those currently targeted in this operation, but for the population as a whole.

Many victims of this program report hearing voices, when this is done it is immediately used to discredit these individuals, institutionalize them, to further drug and experiment on them ignoring the fact that microwaves were first used in Allan Freys 1961 microwave auditory experiment to transmit audio across a room into the cerebral cortex of a test subjects brain, the test subject in 1961 could repeat nine out of ten words transmitted.

This technology has progressed as billions of dollars in research has been conducted in experiments that have now spanned over sixty years. In the below linked articles we will find that DARPA using EF, RF and EMF frequencies, and the fields produced hope to now complete the transmission of pictures as well as videos into a test subjects brain.

The use of nanotechnology is found in DARPA wanting to introduce nano transducers into the test subjects body by way of injection, much like nanotechnology found in Covid-19 vaccines will be injected into humans.

Nanoetch 2.4GHz Injectable Fully-
Monolithic RF Wireless Bio-Sensing System

Nano-enabled biosensing systems for intelligent healthcare: towards COVID-19 management

The testing of drugs is also found in this DARPA research to raise the Dopamine levels in the human brain. Many illegal and prescription drugs also result in elevated dopamine levels.

We find many reports of heavy metal poisoning among those targeted which results in neural toxicity, there are many vitamins and minerals one can take to counteract this.



As we see in the above research articles, John Hopkins University is involved in the research currently taking place, they also are the institution that the Covid-19 stats are formulated and reported to the public. John Hopkins is located about 50-60 miles from Fort Detrick where we find the CIA medical division headquarters. This is where the CIA MK Ultra project was based as well as the testing ground for the some of the Covid-19 research and also where the 9/11 anthrax was produced.

Darpa has awarded funding to six organisations to support the Next-Generation Nonsurgical Neurotechnology (N3) program.

Battelle Memorial Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), Rice University and Teledyne Scientific are among the multidisciplinary teams who are developing the interfaces.

In April 2019, researchers from UC Berkeley and the US Institute for Molecular Manufacturing (iMM) predicted that exponential progress in nanotechnology, nanomedicine, artificial intelligence and computation will lead to the development of a “human brain/cloud interface” (B/CI), which connects neurons and synapses in the brain to vast cloud-computing networks in real time.

The technologies needed to meet the goals of the N3 program would have to move past current voltage recording capabilities and would have to include a variety of atypical signals like magnetic fields, electric fields, radiofrequencies and ion concentrations per neuron.  These signals and neural activity would likely have to be translated or decoded by yet unwritten algorithms.  And the bidirectional neural interface must work in the context of a relevant application for the Department of Defense.

The Hastings Center: Is it ever ethical to conduct a randomized controlled trial (RCT) without consent?

John Hopkins Human Experimentation:

Little Albert Experiment: 1920 Johns Hopkins University

A nine-month old baby named Albert was given a white rat to play with. Initially, Albert played with the rat without any fear. However, he was later given the rat again but this time, the experimenters made a loud noise. Eventually, Albert associated the rat with the noise and became afraid of the rat and in fact, demonstrated a fear of almost anything white and furry. This experiment seemed to show that our fears are connected to early childhood experiences.




John Hopkins: Shreesh Mysore Owl Experiments

Similar to the Targeted experimentation of constant assaults of noise harassment and LED light stalking.

(No reports yet of FBI and cooperating agencies actually cutting open the skulls of victims, they do this with wireless microwaves.)

Mysore cuts into owls’ skulls to expose their brains. Then, he screws and glues metal devices onto their heads. The owls endure two to three invasive surgeries before Mysore uses them in experiments. These birds—who are nocturnal hunters who would fly great distances in their natural habitat—are forced into plastic tubes so cramped that they can’t move their wings while Mysore bombards them with sounds and lights and measures their brain activity. For some experiments, he restrains fully conscious owls for up to 12 hours.

Palo Alto Human Experimentation:


MIT Brain AI interface:

MIT Center for Collective Intelligence.

Rice University: https://edition.cnn.com/2018/11/27/health/gene-edited-babies-rice-investigates-professor/index.html

With civilians targeted finding themselves institutionalized after they recount the experiences of the assaults carried out in this program, we find the involvement of the American Psychological Association. Just as they participated in the CIA torture program abroad, they participate in the CIA domestic torture program being carried out on the civilians targeted in this nazi like program. Below is a link to a article on the 542 page independent report made public by the New York Times that exposes the involvement of these psychologist in this Torture program.

The American Psychological Association, torture and the Nuremberg doctors’ trial

With contract tracing expanding the stasi like community policing program created under the Clinton/ Biden administration, and presidential candidate Biden calling for psychologist or psychiatrist to join the law enforcement agencies in the USA, we see a system being created which allows our intelligence agencies to attack any activist, whistleblower, civilian that is deemed a “domestic threat” at will, therefore eliminating any opposition as these terrorist agencies pursue their course of total domination.

Biden: Police Need ‘A Psychologist or Psychiatrist to Keep Them From Having to Use Force’

Cointelpro intended effects:

The intended effect of the FBI’s COINTELPRO was to “expose, disrupt, misdirect, or otherwise neutralize” groups that the FBI officials believed were “subversive” by instructing FBI field operatives to:

  1. Create a negative public image for target groups (for example through surveilling activists and then releasing negative personal information to the public)
  2. Break down internal organization by creating conflicts (for example, by having agents exacerbate racial tensions, or send anonymous letters to try to create conflicts)
  3. Create dissension between groups (for example, by spreading rumors that other groups were stealing money)
  4. Restrict access to public resources (for example, by pressuring non-profit organizations to cut off funding or material support)
  5. Restrict the ability to organize protest (for example, through agents promoting violence against police during planning and at protests)
  6. Restrict the ability of individuals to participate in group activities (for example, by character assassinations, false arrests, surveillance)

Cointelpro methods used:

FBI used five main methods during COINTELPRO:

  1. Infiltration: Agents and informers did not merely spy on political activists. Their main purpose was to discredit, disrupt and negatively redirect action. Their very presence served to undermine trust and scare off potential supporters. The FBI and police exploited this fear to smear genuine activists as agents.
  2. Psychological warfare: The FBI and police used myriad “dirty tricks” to undermine progressive movements. They planted false media stories and published bogus leaflets and other publications in the name of targeted groups. They forged correspondence, sent anonymous letters, and made anonymous telephone calls. They spread misinformation about meetings and events, set up pseudo movement groups run by government agents, and manipulated or strong-armed parents, employers, landlords, school officials, and others to cause trouble for activists. They used disinfo to create suspicion about targeted activists, sometimes with lethal consequences.
  3. Harassment via the legal system: The FBI and police abused the legal system to harass dissidents and make them appear to be criminals. Officers of the law gave perjured testimony and presented fabricated evidence as a pretext for false arrests and wrongful imprisonment. They discriminatorily enforced tax laws and other government regulations and used conspicuous surveillance, “investigative” interviews, and grand jury subpoenas in an effort to intimidate activists and silence their supporters.
  4. Illegal force: The FBI conspired with local police departments to threaten dissidents; to conduct illegal break-ins in order to search dissident homes; and to commit vandalism, assaults, beatings and assassinations. The objective was to frighten or eliminate dissidents and disrupt their movements.
  5. Undermine public opinion: One of the primary ways the FBI targeted organizations was by challenging their reputations in the community and denying them a platform to gain legitimacy. Hoover specifically designed programs to block leaders from “spreading their philosophy publicly or through the communications media”. Furthermore, the organization created and controlled negative media meant to undermine black power organizations. For instance, they oversaw the creation of “documentaries” skillfully edited to paint the Black Panther Party as aggressive, and false newspapers that spread misinformation about party members. The ability of the FBI to create distrust within and between revolutionary organizations tainted their public image and weakened chances at unity and public support.

It would not be hard to imagine that the CIA who has a long history of influencing elections in foreign countries through psychological warfare operations as well as many alleged assassinations put their expertise to use in the US. Of course almost 50% of Americans question the JFK coup, the most likely alternative theory would suggest the CIA played a leading role in this along with help from the FBI, police, etc. As we find these agencies were long involved in the illegal FBI Cointelpro operations at the time, which included the assassination of political activist, whistleblowers, civilians, the apparatus was in place.

Along with political activist admittedly assassinated, we find these agencies targeting many other prominent individuals at the time, Malcom X, Martin Luther King, etc, also Assassinated.

Once again we find the FBI Cointelpro operations being carried out for decades, just as the exposed program was carried out from the 1950’s until the 1970’s. This time on a much larger scale committing far more crimes with many more agencies involved. 

To say the CIA and FBI are taking part in renewed Cointelpro operations is a shock to some, but if you think it over, to question their involvement is hard to understand. This would be like Jeffery Dalmner being release from jail after he was convicted of his crimes and finding a fridge full of body parts at his residence, I think it is easy to imagine who we would suspect of this crime.

Notable people targeted

Main page: Category:COINTELPRO targets

APA Urges Closer Partnerships Between Police, Behavioral Experts

August 25, 2006. [Editor’s Note: This type of stalking isn’t about an obsessed person or former lover following around his old girlfriend. Group stalking is a group effort directed against a targeted individual

Emails Reveal American Psychological Association’s Role in CIA Torture

Why Evidence-Based Community Policing Needs to be the Norm, Not an Exception

Zersetzung (pronounced [t͡sɛɐ̯ˈzɛt͡sʊŋ], German for “decomposition”) is a psychological warfare technique used by the Ministry for State Security (Stasi) to repress political opponents in East Germany during the 1970s and 1980s.

Similarities Between Life Under Former USSR KGB, East German STASI, and US COPS Program

American Psychological Association Bolstered C.I.A. Torture Program, Report Says

A field experiment on community policing and police legitimacy

JOE BIDEN’S “COPS” FEDERAL AND STATE SANCTIONED GANG-STALKING AND LIFE-TORTURE PROGRAM “Community-Oriented Policing,” (“COPS”) is a strategy of policing that focuses on police “building ties and working closely with members of the communities.”

In 2012 there was a FBI and Police raid on my property (6045 and 6059 Blackberry Street Anchorage Alaska), the warrant was for tenant of mine, (Steve Landers.) Steve was renting an upstairs mother in law apartment in a separate house on the property, 4-5 other homes and businesses were raided on that day in Anchorage as part of this operation. I had known the tenant (Steve) for 36 years at that time. There were about 35-40 agents on my property for close to nine hours.

There was cannabis found in a room under the garage which was located under the apartment Steve was renting, I had knowledge of past activities of Mr Landers which led me to tell him repeatedly to never bring contraband that was intended to be grown, bought of sold on my property. The cannabis found on my property was brought to the residence on the night before the raid.

I awoke the morning after the raid and as I started my truck, many vehicles on the street where I lived started and closely followed me. No matter where I went, how fast or slow, I had what seemed to be a convoy now in pursuit. This did no end, this was not covert surveillance, this was a action taken by government officials to let me know I was watched every minute of every day. This has now continued for over eight years through many states. This is terrorism, no criminal charges were ever filed against me yet I am being persecuted year after year.

In 2016 the FBI contacted me concerning what had been a friend/ acquaintance of 44 years, they said that the Steve Landers had stated that I was involved in a conversation with him and John Vendetti, Steve had stated to the FBI that John had said that he had sex with a minor, (his cousin.) I have a very good memory and this conversation had never occurred and I had no reason to believe these allegations were true. This is after Steve’s alleged release from federal imprisonment, (I did not keep track of his case as I was angered he had brought this into my life and I was now being stalked.)
Before the contact in 2016 with FBI, John had stated that he was receiving letters with block writing trying to blackmail him for a large sum of money, we had came to the conclusion that this might have been Steve, the threat was to send more block letter letters to his surrounding neighbors unless the payment was received. Although I had no reason to believe the allegations about John at the time, he later made a statement that made me question his views on such a thing. (Questioning if the legal age of having sexual relations with a child was appropriate. My response was, you have to set a age limit that is law, and 18 seemed reasonable to me.)
Both Steve and John had been arrested for cannabis production prior to the 2012 raid on my property, Steve about 4-5 years prior, John about 7-8 years prior, they both called me as the police raided there properties looking for advice. I did have knowledge of activities, yet had not profited in any way from the business dealings of these people. Growing cannabis at that time in Alaska was illegal for the quantity of plants that were being produced.
No charges were ever filed against me at any time.
It was within months of the FBI contact in 2016 when the all out assault began on my life and property. I soon after fled to Texas where in Spring once again I found the clerk at the store closest to my home stating that two FBI agents had arrived shortly after my last trip there to ask questions about me. There is no doubt the FBI has always been linked very closely to the stalking and terrorism that has followed me 24/7 since 2012, as well as the surveillance that had watched over me for many years prior.

6213 Garden Acre Drive Fort Worth Stalking

by Keith Lankford on September 16, 2020 at 8:43 pm Posted In: Assault, Direct Energy Weapons, Electronic Warfare, Homeland Security, NSA, Police Corruption, Rape, Stalking, Uncategorized

Harris County Police ex deputy seemingly linked to assault and rape that the Stalking activity that occured prior to this crime now follows this woman across Texas. This points to a very expensive and highly organized stalking campaign similar to the FBI’s Cointelpro.

Sarah rented a RV spot at this location hoping to escape the stalking that seems to follow her everywhere she goes. To be beaten and assaulted, Raped in Houston Texas, then flee to Fort Worth hundreds of miles away only to find the place she resides at surrounded by individuals that seem to want to harass her 24/7 seems nearly an impossibility.

After seeing the many pictures of the stalking she had encountered when she first arrived in Fort Worth it was hard for me to believe that this was not happening. After her arrival at this RV park she communicated her situation which left little doubt it had once again resumed. This is when I can to Fort Worth to witness and document this.

The above pictures are of what would obviously appear to be stalking when Sarah 1st arrived in Fort the Worth

Upon arrival I found cars following me with their bright lights on anytime I left, as well as approaching traffic which also seemed to use their brights. Day or night in Arlington Texas.



When I left to go to the corner store on the first day of my arrival I found the side mirror on my car pushed it when I exited. I was away from my car less then 3-4 minutes.

I decided to stay next to her trailer and observe what was happening at her residence, Sarah has a few dogs that were either on a dog run or in an enclosed area at the entry of her RV. The first two nights there were numerous times that these dogs were alarmed and began barking, when I walked to the front of her RV, the barking would cease. So of course I started looking and listening for the cause of this. I recorded this as I went to further document what was happening.

What I found was neighbors on all three sides making noises on their property to incite the dogs to bark. This was just the beginning.

On the third day at her residence, the new renters of the spot right next to Sarah’s arrived, within hours the dogs were barking nonstop, hour after hour, when I would approach the front of her trailer I found these neighbors standing at their car, which was on view of the dogs. It must be realized that these dogs do not bark for no reason, as I also recorded many hours of silence at this park. I noted the interaction, and the fact that when I would walk and view the cause of the disturbance the barking would cease, only to resume in a hour or two.

The following morning I awake to constant barking, I took a table and chair and sat right next to Sarah’s RV feet from these neighbors, I was out of sight of the dogs. I started conversation with them, explaining the stalking and harassment that had occurred in Sarah’s life, they had little to say, yet as I sat there for close to 1 1/2 hours, oddly the dogs once again were completely quiet?

After talking to these renters, explaining the assault on Sarah, the noise harassment, horn honking ect in the early evening of 09/10/2020, these neighbors now began honking their horn intermittently in the evening.

When nightfall came, the dogs once again were agitated, as noted in recordings, I would state before I walked into view of the drive that as soon as I did, the barking would cease. It did.

What I observed was one of the neighbors in the rented space who were said to be Meth users, sitting in front of his RV flashing a light in this direction to apparently agitate the dogs resulting in the constant barking, as well as this neighbor there were three young adults that walked from a house to the right of the RV park back and forth to the suspected drug users RV.

Later that night the dogs were extremely agitated, I was ready, had one on a leash and he immediately ran to an area right in front of Sarah’s trailer and tracked a scent to the road where these three men were standing, as I approached they began walking to there alleged residence with me directly behind them, they entered their residence and I returned to Sarah’s RV. This has gone in till the present date 09/10/2020

I was relating these incidents to a friend I had met in Houston along with many other contacts I have, this friend, Jason Foust, offered to drive down from Louisiana to see if he could be of help.

Jason arrived on the night of 09/09/2020, he arrived late in the evening. Sarah was tired and sleeping, so we sat out and decided to have a few beers and observe the situation once again. Mainly just talking about these events and others over the incessant barking of the dogs. I was pretty used to this at this point so did not rush to put a stop to it, instead just enjoyed a few beers until it grew to agitate me enough to take action

So I told Jason I was going to put a stop to this and proceeded to walk to the front of Sarah’s trailer again, what I observed was a truck backed into the next door residence on the right of this RV park as you exited the driveway, the occupants of this vehicle were sitting in the truck flashing the brake lights on and off in an apparent effort to once again agitate these dogs to bark. As I approached the vehicle the occupant quickly drove off only to return later at night.

View from back of Sarah’s RV
RV next to Sarah’s, Daniel Dudden and GF/wife?

Below is a audio recording that sounded as if it came from the occupants of this RV honking. I was in front of Sarah Degeyters RV one space away. Their horn honking repeatedly on 11;16 PM 09/15/2020, my phone time is one hour off, that is why I said this occurred on the 16th. This followed the harassment and interaction with the neighbors and the above police recording. https://www.youtube.com/embed/jEXAuZwvVmg

I did talk to these neighbors after they moved in, I had awakened to the dogs barking, this went on for a couple of hours so I moved a table and chair to the side of Sarahs RV that faced these neighbors, they had been outside so I proceeded to talk to them, explaining the assault that had taken place in Houston. As soon as I had moved to this side of the RV which was out of the dogs sight, all barking stopped, and they remained silent for the 1 1/2- 2 hours I sat there. I had encountered the same commotion the previous night and when I went to the front of Sarahs RV I saw these neighbours by their car with flashlight which was apparently causing the dogs to bark.

After I saw the neighbors the night before, the dogs were silent again, I then moved a chair in view of the driveway where I could observe any activity. A lot of the constat commotion that was causing the dogs to bark was coming from neighbors walking between the RV at the end of the park, closest to the road to a house that is a few houses down the block, all the people walking back and forth carried flashlights that they would shine along the fence line which would cause the dogs to bark.

After Jason Foust had arrived later this week, once again constant barking led me to see what was causing this commotion late at night, I headed down the driveway after observing the pictured silver truck below backed into the drive at his residence, occupied with the occupant siting in the vehical flashing the brake lights on and off repeatedly, the flashing red lights were the cause of the commotion. As I viewed this as rather unsusual activity I was going to walk up to the truck to inquire about thus, and see if this action could be stopped as it was causing loud barking as residents were trying to sleep, as soon as I approached the truck it sped off and did not return till later this night. I soon found the occupants of the RV next to Sarahs which had stated that they had arrived from the Orange County and Riverside area of California having regular interaction with the residents of this property.

I had in conversation stated to these individuals that along with the apparent stalking that was being carried out against Sarah Degayter, I too, as well as Jason Foust were undergoing simular stalking, harassment like activities, these incidents seemed to follow us wherever we traveled, state to state, or city to city. I also informed them that I regularly now recorded these incidents and one of the forms of harassment was constant horn honking. (I will embed some of the video and audio documnteation to this at the bottom of this page.) Oddly enough, after I had mentioned this to the occupants of the neighboring RV they came out to their vehicle and procedded to honk their horn a few times, I was sitting watching so I approached them and inquired what the purpose of this honking was, this was a couple, the man was standing at the rear door on the driver side unloading something from the vehicle apparently, when approache as he stood with door open, he stated that he was locking his door, I thought this was odd for the door was open and he was still unloading, i mentioned this and he replied with a few sentences of profanity, and proceeded to honk the horn many more times. A package that was delivered to Sarahs and retured to the occupants of this RV lead me to believe the mans name is Daniel Dudden.

The same harassment that occurred daily in Fort Worth Texas starts again the first hour I arrive in the Woodlands Texas. This time the front desk clerk pictured below stated that her battery had died causing her car alarm to go off, it apparently died twice within twenty minutes. After the second series of horn honking I called the police who responded, she explained what happened, and I explained that this is odd for I have over 50 videos of this occurring everywhere I go and that this is a continuing harassment campaign that started in 2012. Further explaining this is part of the FBI Cointelpro operation currently being used in the US to target activist, whistle-blowers and civilians, the sheriff deputies changed the subject and we talked about Alaska before they left. No action taken. This occurred between 11:30 PM and 12:00 AM at night.

Horn Honking Harassment:

Amazing to find a Hotel in the Wynham chain intentionally disabling their fire alarm systems putting the lives of their clients in danger.

Although this could have been a decent property that was located in a decent area in Texas, poor management of the property made this a less then desirable place to stay.


I had arrived in the Houston area to make a court appearance for the charges I face after being set up by the Harris County Police. The above horn honking harassment occurred within the first hour of arrival.

The below harassment occurred as I went to court for charges filed after stalking by Harris County Police.

Immediately after release from Harris county Jail I was forced to sell my home for first cash offer due to continued stalking by Harris County Police I encountered the below horn honking campaign as well as stalking by Harris County Fire shown in below videos.

After this stalking by Harris County Police occurred, where a deputy trespassed daily, blocked me in drive of my residence, fabricated charges after trespass which led to false imprisonment, I encountered stalking by the Harris County Fire department, Noise Harassment, Constant police and Fire, EMS siren and light harassment, horn honking harassment across Texas.

After I travelled to Fort Worth to assist stalking and rape victim Sarah Degeyter I find my vehicle blocked in again for close to 1/2 hour at Quality Inn in Fort Worth Texas

There are more videos of harassment at this quality Inn location on Cherry Street, I believe we can see the pattern.

Harris County Fire Stalking:

Noise Harassment on way to Court

Most publicized case of stalking linked to the towns fire chief after this couple refused to sell their property to this man.

My home in Spring Texas burning after arson, false information released to the media.

Note: Painted on garage was reference to Homeland Security Stalking. As with the case of murdered activist John Lang who died of a stabbing as his home was burned down had also barricaded himself in his home to try to protect himself from the constant FBI Cointelpro break-ins that occurred in the exposed program and occur daily in America today.
item image #1

I was not arrested, though I was attacked by Harris County Police, Hospitalized against my will, had $2300.00 stolen from me that would not be released until I signed forms stating I would not hold this hospital liable weeks after release from hospital with no money, shirt, or shoes, to live in my burnt down home until I rebuilt it.

All tools, documentation stolen, 5ft by 3ft rolling toolbox, packed with snap on and high quality tools, construction tools, etc. Just as all documents, tools, brand new appliances not even unwrapped, personal belongings were again stolen while falsely imprisoned, just as I have been the constant victim of daily break ins and theft for two years at this residence while Harris County Police Deputies stood watch, apparently for the thieves. Same break-ins, same theft in Alaska.

Note: Homeland Security Stalking spray painted on garage, house barricaded to prevent constant break-ins. Same scenario we saw in the case of murdered Fresno activist John Lang where his home was barricaded, he was stabbed and died in his burning home one day after posting to a reporters social media account that the FBI was going to kill him.

item image #1

The Fort Worth videos are on my you tube channel, although they are uploaded to site, it is nice to document your video sharing sites being taken down to destroy links to evidence of this FBI harassment.


More stalking and harassment at stalking, assault, beating, rape victim Sarah Degeyter’s residence in Arlington Texas before I fled to Fort Worth and Witness Jason Foust fled to Houston where he recorded the same harassment.

Jason Foust in Houston at the same time I was in Fort Worth after fleeing stalking and harassment at Sarah Degeyter’s:

Shadowgate from Elizabeth Donnarumma on Vimeo.

MUCH LIKE THE NAZI SS: Homeland Security Was Destined to Become a Secret Police Force

It is estimated there  are about 170,000 Targeted Individuals in the U.S., and more than 1 million worldwide.  It costs more than $1MM per person per year, in tax dollars to operate the program.

Read More: https://www.rlighthouse.com/targeted-individuals.html



The NSA’s Bill Binney and Chris Hedges discuss the targeting of civilians with microwave weapons.

Below is the audio recording said to be what the US diplomats in Cuba heard when attacked. This is what I have described as the tinnitus I have suffered from since the governments assaults escalated in 2016. Their are many reports of those targeted by these terrorist agencies suffering the same effects, as with me this usually results in substantial hearing loss.

(the Associated Press hasn’t explained the origin of the audio recording.)

This is close to the frequency produced by the weapons I have been assaulted with for years, though the tone and strength of the frequency often changes when traveling, showering, or if a trip is taken out of the city.

Allan Frey is credited with a discovery in the 1960s that led to research in both the United States and Russia on using microwaves as weapons.

The Times said Frey was the first to discover that the human brain can perceive microwaves as sound, a revelation that led to experimentation with microwave weapons in both the Soviet Union and the United States.

A National Security Agency statement obtained by Washington lawyer Mark Zaid in 2014 said that a “hostile country” visited by a client in the late 1990s had “a high-powered microwave system weapon that may have the ability to weaken, intimidate, or kill an enemy over time and without leaving evidence,” according to a copy of the statement published by the Times.

The statement said that “this weapon is designed to bathe a target’s living quarters in microwaves, causing numerous physical effects, including a damaged nervous system.”

The Times said the U.S. military also researched weapons applications of microwaves, with the U.S. Air Force registering a patent on an invention shown to beam comprehensible speech into someone’s head.




WASHINGTON  — Nonlethal weapons such as high-power microwave devices should be used on American citizens in crowd-control situations before they are used on the battlefield, the Air Force secretary said Tuesday.

Domestic use would make it easier to avoid questions in the international community over any possible safety concerns, said Secretary Michael Wynne.

If we’re not willing to use it here against our fellow citizens, then we should not be willing to use it in a wartime situation,” said Wynne. “(Because) if I hit somebody with a nonlethal weapon and they claim that it injured them in a way that was not intended, I think that I would be vilified in the world press.”

The Air Force has funded research into nonlethal weapons, but he said the service isn’t likely to spend more money on development until injury issues are reviewed by medical experts and resolved.

Nonlethal weapons generally can weaken people if they are hit with the beam. Some of the weapons can emit short, intense energy pulses that also can be effective in disabling some electronic devices.




The prior related patents have covered accountable automated and remote control of all vehicle platforms, equipment and machines, including human, animal tracking and telemetry and stand alone sensing and management functions as part of a great machine messaging matrix. This local accountable Primary Focal Node interface was invented for more freedom, public safety and better management of the earth’s resources, environment and machines, and to help fulfill social/individual needs for a new economic tool to value use and impacts. SEE ALSO: DARPA NEURAL LINK, BRAIN BIO


I have no affiliation with the leadership of Targeted Justice, their website has a wealth of information that this group has spent years researching. I have mirrored and copied relevant information as I have referenced NSA, FBI, CIA, whistle-blowers as a way to further document these crimes against humanity. If you would like to sponsor their research please visit: https://www.patreon.com/TargetedJustice


As I was watchlisted by the terrorist Homeland Security agency, this website will experience constant hacking and manipulation by these state funded terrorist. This is accomplished through our nations corrupt FISA courts and is a tool that HLS, FBI, NSA, DOJ, CIA, FEMA, FUSION CENTERS, and the lower branches of their terrorist cells, use in the extension of the CIA’S Project Monarch program. This is torture, human experimentation, and murder that is being committed against activist, whistle-blowers, and ordinary civilians. Although Senate hearings were held in the seventies, these agencies used the attacks of 9/11 to take away basic human rights and launch these attacks on a vast number of innocent civilians. Many have died as a result of these actions.


FEMA Pandemic Template:

The targeting program being carried out against whistle blowers, activist and civilians is just an extension of the WWII NAZI program of experimentation, torture and mind control used on civilians ran by Josef Mengele. This is probably a result of Operation Paperclip and the integration of these NAZI scientist into the American Government and NASA. It is apparent that members of our law enforcement and intelligence agencies are involved in this criminal activity. One must wonder if these groups have been infiltrated by terrorist agencies like ISIS or Al-Qa’ida which have formed Terrorist Cells within the USA government itself, the widespread knowledge that HLS, FBI, DOJ, Fusion Centers, Police, Neighborhood Watch, citizen corps, freedom corps, etc are taking part in this as well as many corporations that activity participate in this program or censor information about it in order to maintain its secrecy.

With documentation, evidence and intelligence agency professionals that testify of the targeted individual program, it can no longer be denied. Any agent or officer that questions this can only be seen as delusional. The denial of this program is commonplace in the law enforcement community where agents have the highest suicide rate of any profession as well one of the highest domestic abuse rates, it is unthinkable that these officers are not required to have semi annual mental examinations. When one shows that they are willing to hurt themselves or others, action must be taken to assure they dont.

With the overwhelming evidence and documentation of this program, we can easily see the same agencies that have turned the US into a surveillance state are actively censoring and manipulating all information about this program to cover up their participation in this NAZI like human experimentation, torture, and murder program of activist and whistle-blowers. 

A simple google search will not only show this, but you will also see the propaganda that America has grown accustomed to in the fake news that has grown at a continuous rate since the 9/11 attacks. This brings to question, exactly what is the government willing to spend unlimited amounts of money to cover up?


In the below PDF File From Kirkland Productions, we find many past victims or individuals that have been associated with School Shootings, Columbine, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, the Gabrielle Gifford shooting, as well as Ex FBI, Police, Homeland Security, etc employees also connected to these events.


GINA KIRKLAND Polesetsky (KIRKLAND PRODUCTIONS) is a graduate of the Gavin de Becker Advanced Threat Assessment and Management Academy. This is where we find the NSA, DOJ, CIA, Police, etc links.


Security companies to the wealthy say that while Zuckerberg’s expense is high, it’s not unprecedented. They said many companies allocate security expenses differently to minimize the reported number. And they said many private companies run up big security tabs that never get publicly reported.

“The average American might look at that price tag and say ‘my gosh,’” said Mark Haught, president of Gavin de Becker & Associates, a leading security firm to celebrities, billionaires and public figures. “But you’re talking about the safety and security for you and your family and key executives who help run a massive company.”


This Story continued after the 1st PDF file.

Below was a PDF file that contained research on Harris County Policeman Sandeep Daliwah, I find it was linked to a Adult Game Ad? This is just part of the normal hacking, targeting that the FBI, HLS, NSA, take part in, it is really at a level of idiocy that they do things like this to leave their crimes as to looking so stupid who would believe these state funded terrorist act at such a level of stupidity.

The Sandeep Daliwah PDF, referenced the millions of dollars received by his family after his death, some from the sihks who were trained in active shootings by Homeland Security. Sandeep Daliwah was a United Nations Homeland Security officer working for the Harris county Police department. A search Sandeep Daliwah PDF, or homeland terror should locate the PDF file which is stored on numerous online PDF file sharing sites. I of course run no ads on this site and would never post adult material here.

this is the link that the malware was linked to, I will replace it with the PDF file. https://www.docdroid.net/QhE0Lgo/homeland-terror-pdf

Although I will try to gather information that is useful for other targeted individuals, this is my personal site so I will post to link the actions of these terrorist agencies to me personally.

I drew the attention of Federal and State agencies as I became the 9/11 grass-roots organizer for Alaska in 2002. As we look at the history of the CIA’S abuse on civilians that pursue such course, this is self-evident.

My Targeting escalated in 2012. This is when the 24/7 stalking began, the infiltration of all online accounts had began prior to this as I told many witnesses. As I was researching the Sandy Hook School Shooting, I was posting information on my website, MY FAVORITE MASON. This website is now on archive.org, yet I have embedded it and it can be seen in the pop down Links Tab.

I was interested in this event as I had noticed a lot of oddities in many of these post 9/11 events. As I researched this I found that FEMA held a drill (EXERCISE) at Sandy Hook School one year prior to this shooting, they also held a drill on the day of the shooting twenty minutes away from this event. I copied and pasted these facts in my website as links to my research.

I then found that the First Responder to this shooting incident, (William Halstead,) had an extensive history in Emergency Management, and with Homeland Security as well. BILL HALSTEAD PROFILE LINK:

Bill Halstead, MPA, CEM’s Summary

• Thirteen years experience in public safety including Emergency Management, Public Health Homeland Security, Emergency Communications, Fire & Rescue, EMS, and Law Enforcement.
• More than ten years experience in emergency planning for all aspects of public safety.
• Strong project management skills, experienced in oversight of multiple simultaneous projects in a deadline-driven environment.
• Highly skilled in policy analysis, program evaluation, strategic briefings, and policy directives.
• Practiced in presentation development and delivery, including training programs.
• Grant writing / grants management experience, including programmatic and financial oversight, over one year at the state SAA level.
• Significant team-building experience in public and private sector environments, working with the public, professionals and executive level management to achieve a common outcome.
• Substantial supervisory experience in both government and volunteer agencies.


Emergency Planning, Grants Management, Emergency Management, Presentation Development, Group Facilitation & Development, Budget Analysis, Emergency Response, Project Management, Supervisory Role, Healthcare Emergency Management

Fire chief linked gangstalking campaign, as with my harris county stalking that took place after I was stalked and set up by the Harris County police this same noise harassment used. I have video after video of these terrorist stalking me after I was forced to sale my home for first cash offer after renewed stalking by harris county police after my release from jail on falsified charges. This continues till this day with first responder participation, now in Texas City Texas. These same terrorist, homeland security, FBI, Police, etc monitor, manipulate and infiltrate all internet and cellular communication as I prepare to fight these fraudulent charges. With the participation of the USPS they also stop the delivery of court related documents.

Rick and Cindy Krlich claim they’ve been beeped incessantly for 7 years. They’re suing 40 neighbors and have filed hundreds of police reports They claim the honking is part of a well-orchestrated campaign against them stemming from a 2007 property dispute.

Rick Krlich tried to buy his neighbors’ house when it was in probate court. He said it annoyed the well-connected Clementes who turned the town of against him. John and Marlene Clemente deny there’s a campaign. Mr Clementes was the FIRE CHIEF. For the last seven years, Rick and Cindy Krlich claim they’ve been the target of ‘terrorist honkers’.

The Hubbard, Ohio couple say motorists driving past their home have beeped more than 5,000 times out of revenge for trying to buy a neighbor’s house in 2007. The married couple allege the honking, in addition to ongoing Harassment and Stalking, has ruined their lives and are suing 40 of their neighbors, including some of the small town’s most prominent citizens. However their neighbors deny there’s a ‘small town terrorist campaign’ against the Krlichs and insist the litigious pair are the ones disturbing the peace.

I do not believe in Conspiracy Theories, even the basic theories of gravity or relativity could be questioned, for they are just that, theories. I do believe in Criminal Conspiracies, the difference between these is a Criminal Conspiracy can be backed up with overwhelming documentation that supports this, the best documentation is often found released by the very criminals that are involved.


So I will repost the below video with a account that has not stopped working for some reason. All I have left of many old websites are archived versions with endless videos that are linked to accounts that disappeared.

Wonder what there is that ties all of these missing videos together that could link there disappearance? I am baffled.



There is no denial of the targeting of civilians, this event is not limited to the terrorist agencies within our own government. From the CIA, MOSSAD, MI5, MI6, etc we see these agencies taking part in this targeting program World Wide.

There is no denial of the systematic removal of information about the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Sandy Hook School Shooting, The 7/7 London Bombing, 1993 WTC Bombing, Oklahoma City Bombing etc from the internet as well as from all social media platforms. Just as with the quick removal of the WTC debris and the shipment of this to China, this is nothing more then the destruction of evidence. The owners of the accounts that this information is removed from, are the individuals that are soon targeted by these terrorist agencies. Their very actions to silence the information of these crimes, once again points to the criminals that have knowledge of these actions and/ or took part in this.

I have been assaulted for many years by the government, I have endured cyber crime, cyber theft, assaults, broken bones, false imprisonment, drugging s, poisonings, constant repeated break-ins, stalking, vehicle tampering, set up by police, as well as uncountable other assaults. None of these compare with the assaults carried out by these agencies using electronic warfare technology. These are not uncommon, there are thousands and thousands of civilians that are reporting these same actions World wide.

These attacks were carried out against the US Diplomats in CUBA, this technology is used in Crowd Control Weapons and has been in over-sea conflicts by the US military.



These frequency weapons use a frequency close to that which is used in 5G technology. This has been spoken about for many years by many respectable individuals, one only needs to look as far as the top defense contractors for the United States to realize this technology has been developed and has been deployed. I firmly believe that this experimentation that has been carried out on targeted individuals is only a test run for a World-Wide assault that is/or will be carried out against the entire civilian population. Links below:



Robert Duncan’s Facial Recognition APP Watcher@HigherOrderThinkers.com

NNW.ORG                                                                                          BJA.OJP.GOV

Nobel laureate, and Holocaust survivor.

Credible Sources:
This list shows 33 Medical Doctors, PhD Scientists, and former government agents that agree with our claim, that the U.S. government is using an illegal program of microwave targeting against civilians.  We encourage and support all Whistleblowers to come forward with their information.  Some of us are proud Whistleblowers and Political Activists, and would gladly do it again,

Dr John Hall, M.D. and author
Dr Katherine Horton, PhD Oxford Univ. Scientist
Dr Robert Middlebrook, PhD Professor
Dr Harold Mandel, M.D.
Dr Daniel Lebowitz, M.D.

Dr Max Williams, PhD, Professor & State Dept
Dr Barrie Trower, PhD government Scientist
Dr Michael Hoffer, M.D., Univ of Miami
Dr Colin Ross, M.D.
Dr Ed Spencer, M.D.
Dr Sue Arrigo, M.D.
Dr Douglas Smith, M.D., Univ of Penn.
Dr Terry Robertson, M.D.

Dr Robert Duncan, PhD former CIA engineer
Dr Doug Rokke, PhD government Scientist
Dr Eric Karlstrom, PhD Professor
Dr Nick Begich, Scientist
Dr Paul Batcho, PhD government scientist
Dr Paul Marko, PhD Psychologist
Dr Robert Steele, former CIA analyst
Dr Ben Colodzin, PhD Psychologist
Dr Curtis Bennett, Professor
Dr Corkin Cherubini, author
Dr Sean Andrews, Scientist 
Willam Binney, NSA Whistleblower
Kirk Weibe, NSA Whistleblower

Karen Stewart, NSA Whistleblower
Carl Clark, CIA Whistleblower
Kevin Shipp, CIA Whistleblower
Mark Phillips, CIA Whistleblower
John DeCamp, Army intelligence Whistleblower

Dr. Tomo Shibata

FBI Whistle-Blower Geral Sorsbee

Former CIA Operative Lindsay Moran

Ex-CIA Agent, Whistleblower John Kiriakou

TONY FARRELL Principal Intelligence Analyst with South Yorkshire Police

The Ted Gunderson Reports

William Cooper

U.S. officials have concluded that American diplomats in Cuba were exposed—deliberately, they claimed—to harmful, high-frequency sounds that caused hearing loss, headaches and nausea.

The sonic attacks compelled some diplomats to leave Cuba, the officials said. A Canadian diplomat also reported suffering hearing loss while working in Havana.

“Article 5 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states: “No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.” This ban on torture and other ill-treatment has subsequently been incorporated into the extensive network of international and regional human rights treaties. It is contained in Article 7 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), ratified by 153 countries, including the United States in 1992, and in the Convention against Torture or Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (the Convention against Torture), ratified by 136 countries, including the United States in 1994. It is also codified in the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights, and the American Convention on Human Rights.” ~ Human Rights Watch on the international illegality of torture



Texas daily horn honking harassment continuesNewsNowUSA: FBI Cointelpro33 views • 13 days ago


Baymont Inn Shenendoah Closed down! Fire detection and occupant notification disabled on purposeNewsNowUSA: FBI Cointelpro11 views • 13 days ago


More horn honking in Texas. City to city almost daily 40-60 honks now for 10 months.NewsNowUSA: FBI Cointelpro9 views • 14 days ago


Wyndham Hotel Baymont Inn Clerk Horn Honking (only room available next to her car?) Part IIINewsNowUSA: FBI Cointelpro20 views • a month ago


FBI stalking, assault Noise Campaign first hour back in Houston (Wyndham Baymont Inn) Desk Clerk car Part IINewsNowUSA: FBI Cointelpro8 views • a month ago


FBI Nationwide assault stalking harassment cointelpro Wyndham Baymont Inn The Woodlands Texas Part INewsNowUSA: FBI Cointelpro27 views • a month ago


Noise Harassment interaction with owner of Truck.NewsNowUSA: FBI Cointelpro37 views • a month ago


FBI noise harassment Targeted IndividualNewsNowUSA: FBI Cointelpro167 views • a month ago


FBI Cointelpro noise harassment 24/7 targeted individualNewsNowUSA: FBI Cointelpro27 views • a month ago


Cointelpro FBI Noise harassment Nationwide (Rape Coverup intimidation) Sarah DegeyterNewsNowUSA: FBI Cointelpro23 views • a month ago


FBI Noise Harassment: Detailed explanation in description.NewsNowUSA: FBI Cointelpro9 views • a month ago


FBI Cointelpro Stalking Alaska to Texas Read Description!NewsNowUSA: FBI Cointelpro95 views • a month ago


Same horn honking Directed at Sarah Degeyter stalking witness Jason Foust (Rape involvement) HPD FBI Part IIINewsNowUSA: FBI Cointelpro27 views • a month ago


Same horn honking Directed at Sarah Degeyter stalking witness Jason Foust (Rape involvement) HPD FBI Part IINewsNowUSA: FBI Cointelpro20 views • a month ago


Same horn honking Directed at Sarah Degeyter stalking witness Jason Foust (Rape involvement) HPD FBI 100/100NewsNowUSA: FBI Cointelpro8 views • a month ago


State to state, city to city, Stalking, Harassment Horn Honking Campaign 6213 Garden Acres Fort WorthNewsNowUSA: FBI Cointelpro21 views • a month ago


Arlington Texas Police interaction at Sarah Degeyters FBI COINTELPRONewsNowUSA: FBI Cointelpro33 views • a month ago


Guy trys to run me off the road, assisting stalking rape victim Sarah degeyterNewsNowUSA: FBI Cointelpro48 views • a month ago


UPS suspected taking part in FBI Cointelpro Stalking as they did in 1950’s- 1970’sNewsNowUSA: FBI Cointelpro37 views • a month ago


FBI Cointelpro Stalking Texas City Texas Noise CampaignNewsNowUSA: FBI Cointelpro11 views • a month ago


FBI Cointelpro Stalking noise harassment Texas City TexasNewsNowUSA: FBI Cointelpro7 views • a month ago


FBI Cointelpro Citizen Corps Harris County Fire #26 #12 gangstalking after Harris County Police stalking, set upNewsNowUSA: FBI Cointelpro22 views • a month ago


FBI Criminal Informant Gangstalking Galveston Texas Cointelpro VictimNewsNowUSA: FBI Cointelpro7 views • a month ago


Galveston Texas FBI Cointelpro stalking noise harassment campaign Beachcomber InnNewsNowUSA: FBI Cointelpro21 views • a month ago


FBI Cointelpro Targeted Individual Noise Harassment Campaign Galveston TexasNewsNowUSA: FBI Cointelpro8 views • a month ago


Harassed with Organized Gang Stalking Noise Harassment Campaign’NewsNowUSA: FBI Cointelpro5 views • a month ago


EMF-390 Electronic WarfareNewsNowUSA: FBI Cointelpro29 views • a month ago

More individuals being stalked by HPD: Lots of videos from many people, but this channel is a good start. Only in America do some still believe they are free, when their Republic was long ago stolen and Nazis roam the land.


Same Location

455 views•Dec 13, 2020420ShareSaveOchu 1981 Houston, Texas 3.62K subscribers This was the first encounter with The Houston Police Department at the same location – https://youtu.be/t_ywNHqaW7w


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