Letters from Jail: FBI Cointelpro survivor Sarah Degeyter, stalked, set up, beaten, raped, attempted murder, false imprisonment

Letters between Sarah Degeyter and keith Lankford after she was falsely imprisoned in the FBI Cointelpro program ran in the USA.

Below are links to the methods employed in the Exposed program that ran three decades till the 1970s when it was said to have been shut down. Individuals across the US have been reporting the exact same crimes committed in this program as well as being assaulted with military grade high tech weapons, (Microwave Weapons). This program is now combined with Human Experimentation in the US, their is a long and well documented history of this as well. The microwave weapon experiments we see are used against these human experiment victims in a continuation of the CIA MK Ultra program. Link to the tech involved below the exposed Cointepro assault and terrorism methods used in the 1970s.

FBI used five main methods during COINTELPRO: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/COINTELPRO

  1. Infiltration: Agents and informers did not merely spy on political activists. Their main purpose was to discredit, disrupt and negatively redirect action. Their very presence served to undermine trust and scare off potential supporters. The FBI and police exploited this fear to smear genuine activists as agents.
  2. Psychological warfare: The FBI and police used myriad “dirty tricks” to undermine progressive movements. They planted false media stories and published bogus leaflets and other publications in the name of targeted groups. They forged correspondence, sent anonymous letters, and made anonymous telephone calls. They spread misinformation about meetings and events, set up pseudo movement groups run by government agents, and manipulated or strong-armed parents, employers, landlords, school officials, and others to cause trouble for activists. They used bad-jacketing to create suspicion about targeted activists, sometimes with lethal consequences.[70]
  3. Harassment via the legal system: The FBI and police abused the legal system to harass dissidents and make them appear to be criminals. Officers of the law gave perjured testimony and presented fabricated evidence as a pretext for false arrests and wrongful imprisonment. They discriminatorily enforced tax laws and other government regulations and used conspicuous surveillance, “investigative” interviews, and grand jury subpoenas in an effort to intimidate activists and silence their supporters.[69][71]
  4. Illegal force: The FBI conspired with local police departments to threaten dissidents; to conduct illegal break-ins in order to search dissident homes; and to commit vandalism, assaults, beatings and assassinations.[69] The objective was to frighten or eliminate dissidents and disrupt their movements.
  5. Undermine public opinion: One of the primary ways the FBI targeted organizations was by challenging their reputations in the community and denying them a platform to gain legitimacy. Hoover specifically designed programs to block leaders from “spreading their philosophy publicly or through the communications media”. Furthermore, the organization created and controlled negative media meant to undermine black power organizations. For instance, they oversaw the creation of “documentaries” skillfully edited to paint the Black Panther Party as aggressive, and false newspapers that spread misinformation about party members. The ability of the FBI to create distrust within and between revolutionary organizations tainted their public image and weakened chances at unity and public support.


Send my Love to my brother David.

Please text my brother Jerry and tell him to message me here with updates. please ask Jerry is he has heard from Jason. Jerry was speaking to Jason daily and they almost had me out of jail, then jason just vanished into thin air.

Hey there, Think Jason will message you, think he was going through shit and dealing with being targeted. Great new video came out in this, shadowgate II, really touching on this terrorism carried out and the corrupt agencies/ corporations taking part in it. Might be a few years but looks to me like it is falling apart unless these criminals start a war or something. That wouldn’t be surprising. So not much new here, I’ll tell David you love him, he is doing OK, but going through the same shit of course. Let’s see if Jason contacts you soon, met Jerry, seems nice, don’t message him much. Sort of explained the program to him and left it at that, like I said not here to convince you so if your not interested I’ll be the last one to waste my time trying to explain it. Seems like a good guy though. Shit, I would say I wish you were here to cook me up some food, but your cooking skills are a work in progress. Lol Just messing with you. Hope you know how to play chess, it helped a lot to pass the time in there, I’m hoping things will soon work out and you will get out of there. Either way it goes you don’t have much longer, just remember that. Hate seeing you in there Sarah. When your out I will come by and see you when I’m in Houston next. Still contacting people about this crap and the stalking you encountered, your assault etc. actually had a reporter right me back saying she would look into it. That is something. Your always in my prayers. You take care of yourself. Love you Keith

Jason pretty much swooped in, when all of this happened, and has been sending me money and messaging me everyday, keeping my spirits up, communicating with my family, calling bondsmans, calling my attorney….just really working his ass off non stop to get me out.

My attorney Rife Kimbler, got me a bond for $20,000. So I can get out for $2000 and Jason got a loan on his truck and my brother Jerry was putting up half, $1000., and David was going to cosign.

Jason drove through a hurricane last Friday, after he worked so hard at lining all of this up, only to be told “No we changed our minds” by the bondsman when he got there. Jason was across the street from my jail, 30 mph winds beating on the jail windows. I thought at any moment I was going to be called out and released to Jason, but then I got the sad news that he was back in Houston. (but I was grateful that he made it there safely)

Then, I think out of frustration and being mentally exhausted, Jason just vanished on me this week. It sucks because I have nothing to read. I just lay in my bunk and pray that my ibuprofen doesn’t wear off before the med-cart lady comes through again. The pain is BAD!

I told Jason to tell you about Pleasure island, in Port Arthur. There is an RV Park that has cabins you can rent by the month. It is an awesome view of the ships passing out to the Gulf of Mexico. Awesome place to go fishing and big pretty park that is right across the street. If Jason snaps out of his funk, we are looking to move there, and I’d like for you to come too. I think we are safer that way. You sure did me a favor when you got that kid Jason Foust to drive to Fort Worth. And I strongly feel that by you coming to Fort Worth like you did, may have saved my life there. They were hitting me so hard there, right before you arrived, remember? Jason said that ya’ll both were being attacked at the end.

But I am thinking you may have truly saved my life, and tht they were trying to give me a heart attack before you got there. So thank you

Please help me to stop bugging poor Jason. I am in desperate need of books. I would LOVE that book called “The Devil Beside Me” (gang stalking book) or any other books related, that I could study and use time wisely while I am here. I will take any 2nd hand, used books. One book would be AMAZING! Sure would help. You could probably find that book, used, on Amazon Prime, and I would get them in a couple of days. You could probably get me a few used books sent free on Prime, for under $20

You can only send inmates books through authorized sellers like AMAZON.

The address to send stuff to inmates is: Jefferson County Correctional Facilty Sarah Degeyter #340789 9400 FM 1960 Bypass W, #355 Humble, TX 77388

Do you mind texting my mom, (555)555-5555. I know she has a Prime account with Amazon. Ask her to send me books, used ones, don’t spend too much.

Books on FREE MASONS, or Cointelpro, or MK Ultra, or anything related.

I am scared that they are microwaving poor Jason. Damn it. I hope not.

The worst mind control I have seen yet, was that Karen in Texas City. i hope you saved the videos of that crazy ass shit!!

I have some stuff I have been writing out, stuff that you had orginally asked me for. Wold you like me to type it out here for you, and then you can easily copy and paste it??

Ok, good night for now. Tomorrow is commissary day. My brother put $100 on my books THANK YOU JESUS! Candy and coffee will be soon consumed by yours truly!

Write back soon! I love you!

Darling Pepsi Drinking Keith,

Please tell that kid jason to open message here, read, and then copy and paste it you. I saw my probation officer this morning and told him about rape, and robbery, and Attorney Johnson fraud, and he believes me and he said he would ask the judge to reinstate my probation.

I wrote out all of the details to Jason this morning. I need Jason to open the message and copy and send as a text to you an my both of my brothers ASAP!!


I have so much shit to tell you man! OMG!!

There is a woman here that has been in the progrm for 20 years! She has no clue either. I will fill you in later, I gotta go cause some women just got in a fight!

Make sure Jason forwards you that message and forwards that message to my brothers!!

and don’t ever EVER EVER FORGET KEITH, high 5s are free on FRIDAY!

I will do this, you might mention to him that you have witnesses to this in what can only be viewed as a police, FBI cover up of your rape, my stalking has escalated as well as Jason’s. No woman flees hundreds of miles to be stalked and harassed as you did unless they are a victim of a highly organized and very well funded operation. This points to a criminal conspiracy, since the very same crimes have occurred that were committed against activist and whistleblowers as well as civilians have been committed against you, me and Jason, this point to the criminals. When I explained this to the FBI in a recorded conversation last week they asked if I knew who these criminals were? Well of course I did, as I told them it all began after a raid on my house in 2012, the 24/7 stalking, and criminal acts from daily break ins to drugging, arson, theft, assault, set up by police that stalked me, were carried out by the FBI, just as the crimes committed against you who I came to document these crimes and did with witness in Fort Worth, explaining before that statement that these were interstate crimes, and the FBI had contacted me in 2016 weeks before yet another escalation in this stalking related to the first raid that was for warrant against tenant, crime they are paid to investigate, crimes the FBI had wanted me to contact them if I had further information, yet as I talked about their involvement in the cover up of your assault, they told me in this recorded conversation to call the local police, and hung up on me after speaking over me as I explained their involvement. That video is posted on numerous sites and shared with numerous people. Just can’t find good help these days. So im just documented the reescalation of these crimes that are now being carried out since I arrived in Fort Worth a city I had never been to before, as is Jason. I will copy and paste your message to Jason, we have much work to do, the main thing is further documentation for we at this point need to just wait until more public awareness of these crimes is brought to light. We then have two years to take legal action. Hope you understand fully what I am saying. I am on a limited budget for am forced to stay in hotels at this time to avoid constant FBI, police informants break-ins. Give me a few days. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/COINTELPRO


You see it’s not a question of who is doing this, their is a 80 year history of the same crimes being committed by the same corrupt agencies. This is all very well documented as well as the new technology being used. Have a good day. And high five my friend.

the lady on the bunk next me is here because she set her boyfriend on fire! Yes, fire!


my brother Jerry put money on this message system, so you can message me and it will give me COD to open, and you don’t have to pay.

I can’t get on the internet, only message. Jason has conveyed to me that he doesn’t feel comfortable talking to me here, because of the losers watching. But then I thought to myself..

“That has never stopped Keith”

ha ha ha.

Can you copy and paste stuff from targeted Justice or anything else cool that you find, back here to me?

That is if you are not too busy…drinking Pepsi.

Just kidding.

If you could only be a fly on the wall…

you would just laugh your ass off!!!

Write back all you want!

Copy and paste me some cool shit!

Later Holmes

I can only imagine the women in there, worked at a hospital contracting for years so that was a wake up call. Not sure if you read the history of the programs now being ran Numerous experiments performed on human test subjects in the United States have been considered unethical, as they were performed illegally or without the knowledge, consent, or informed consent of the test subjects. Such tests have occurred throughout American history, but particularly in the 20th century. The experiments include: the exposure of humans to many chemical and biological weapons (including infection with deadly or debilitating diseases), human radiation experiments, injection of toxic and radioactive chemicals, surgical experiments, interrogation and torture experiments, tests involving mind-altering substances, and a wide variety of others. Many of these tests were performed on children,[1] the sick, and mentally disabled individuals, often under the guise of “medical treatment”. In many of the studies, a large portion of the subjects were poor, racial minorities, or prisoners.

Many of these experiments violated US law. Some others were sponsored by government agencies or rogue elements thereof, including the Centers for Disease Control, the United States military, and the Central Intelligence Agency, or by private corporations involved with military activities.[2][3][4] The human research programs were usually highly secretive and performed without the knowledge or authorization of Congress, and in many cases information about them was not released until many years after the studies had been performed.

The ethical, professional, and legal implications of this in the United States medical and scientific community were quite significant, and led to many institutions and policies that attempted to ensure that future human subject research in the United States would be ethical and legal. Public outrage in the late 20th century over the discovery of government experiments on human subjects led to numerous congressional investigations and hearings, including the Church Committee and Rockefeller Commission, both of 1975, and the 1994 Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments, among others.

Researchers in the United States have performed thousands of human radiation experiments to determine the effects of atomic radiation and radioactive contamination on the human body, generally on people who were poor, sick, or powerless.[60] Most of these tests were performed, funded, or supervised by the United States military, Atomic Energy Commission, or various other U.S. federal government agencies.

The experiments included a wide array of studies, involving things like feeding radioactive food to mentally disabled children or conscientious objectors, inserting radium rods into the noses of schoolchildren, deliberately releasing radioactive chemicals over U.S. and Canadian cities, measuring the health effects of radioactive fallout from nuclear bomb tests, injecting pregnant women and babies with radioactive chemicals, and irradiating the testicles of prison inmates, amongst other things.

Much information about these programs was classified and kept secret. In 1986 the United States House Committee on Energy and Commerce released a report entitled American Nuclear Guinea Pigs : Three Decades of Radiation Experiments on U.S. Citizens.[61] In the 1990s Eileen Welsome’s reports on radiation testing for The Albuquerque Tribune prompted the creation of the Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments by executive order of president Bill Clinton in order to monitor government tests; it published results in 1995. Welsome later wrote a book called The Plutonium Files.

Radioactive iodine experiments Edit In a 1949 operation called the “Green Run,” the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) released iodine-131 and xenon-133 into the atmosphere near the Hanford site in Washington, which contaminated a 500,000-acre (2,000 km2) area containing three small towns.[62]

In 1953, the AEC ran several studies at the University of Iowa on the health effects of radioactive iodine in newborns and pregnant women. In one study, researchers gave pregnant women from 100 to 200 microcuries (3.7 to 7.4 MBq) of iodine-131, in order to study the women’s aborted embryos in an attempt to discover at what stage, and to what extent, radioactive iodine crosses the placental barrier. In another study, they gave 25 newborn babies (who were under 36 hours old and weighed from 5.5 to 8.5 pounds (2.5 to 3.9 kg)) iodine-131, either by oral administration or through an injection, so that they could measure the amount of iodine in their thyroid glands, as iodine would go to that gland.[63]

In another AEC study, researchers at the University of Nebraska College of Medicine fed iodine-131 to 28 healthy infants through a gastric tube to test the concentration of iodine in the infants’ thyroid glands.[63]

In 1953, the AEC sponsored a study to discover if radioactive iodine affected premature babies differently from full-term babies. In the experiment, researchers from Harper Hospital in Detroit orally administered iodine-131 to 65 premature and full-term infants who weighed from 2.1 to 5.5 pounds (0.95 to 2.49 kg).[63]

From 1955 to 1960, Sonoma State Hospital in northern California served as a permanent drop-off location for mentally disabled children diagnosed with cerebral palsy or lesser disorders. The children subsequently underwent painful experimentation without adult consent. Many were given spinal taps “for which they received no direct benefit.” Reporters of 60 Minutes learned that in these five years, the brain of every child with cerebral palsy who died at Sonoma State was removed and studied without parental consent. According to the CBS story, over 1,400 patients died at the clinic.[64]

In an experiment in the 1960s, over 100 Alaskan citizens were continually exposed to radioactive iodine.[65]

In 1962, the Hanford site again released I-131, stationing test subjects along its path to record its effect on them. The AEC also recruited Hanford volunteers to ingest milk contaminated with I-131 during this time.[63]

From 1946 to 1953, at the Walter E. Fernald State School in Massachusetts, in an experiment sponsored by the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission and the Quaker Oats corporation, 73 mentally disabled children were fed oatmeal containing radioactive calcium and other radioisotopes, in order to track “how nutrients were digested”. The children were not told that they were being fed radioactive chemicals; they were told by hospital staff and researchers that they were joining a “science club”.[75][77][78][79]

The University of California Hospital in San Francisco exposed 29 patients, some with rheumatoid arthritis, to total body irradiation (100-300 rad dose) to obtain data for the military.[80]

In the 1950s, researchers at the Medical College of Virginia performed experiments on severe burn victims, most of them poor and black, without their knowledge or consent, with funding from the Army and in collaboration with the AEC. In the experiments, the subjects were exposed to additional burning, experimental antibiotic treatment, and injections of radioactive isotopes. The amount of radioactive phosphorus-32 injected into some of the patients, 500 microcuries (19 MBq), was 50 times the “acceptable” dose for a healthy individual; for people with severe burns, this likely led to significantly increased death rates.[81][82]

Between 1948 and 1954, funded by the federal government, researchers at the Johns Hopkins Hospital inserted radium rods into the noses of 582 Baltimore, Maryland schoolchildren as an alternative to adenoidectomy.[83][84][85] Similar experiments were performed on over 7,000 U.S. Army and Navy personnel during World War II.[83] Nasal radium irradiation became a standard medical treatment and was used in over two and a half million Americans.[83]

In another study at the Walter E. Fernald State School, in 1956, researchers gave mentally disabled children radioactive calcium orally and intravenously. They also injected radioactive chemicals into malnourished babies and then collected cerebrospinal fluid for analysis from their brains and spines.[79][86]

In 1961 and 1962, ten Utah State Prison inmates had blood samples taken which were mixed with radioactive chemicals and reinjected back into their bodies.[87]

The U.S. Atomic Energy Commission funded the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to administer radium-224 and thorium-234 to 20 people between 1961 and 1965. Many were chosen from the Age Center of New England and had volunteered for “research projects on aging”. Doses were 0.2–2.4 microcuries (7.4–88.8 kBq) for radium and 1.2–120 microcuries (44–4,440 kBq) for thorium.[61]

In a 1967 study that was published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, pregnant women were injected with radioactive cortisol to see if it would cross the placental barrier and affect the fetuses.[88]

Fallout research Edit

Irradiation experiments Edit Between 1960 and 1971, the Department of Defense funded non-consensual whole body radiation experiments on mostly poor and black cancer patients, who were not told what was being done to them. Patients were told that they were receiving a “treatment” that might cure their cancer, but the Pentagon was trying to determine the effects of high levels of radiation on the human body. One of the doctors involved in the experiments was worried about litigation by the patients. He referred to them only by their initials on the medical reports. He did this so that, in his words, “there will be no means by which the patients can ever connect themselves up with the report”, in order to prevent “either adverse publicity or litigation”.[95]

From 1960 to 1971, Dr. Eugene Saenger, funded by the Defense Atomic Support Agency, performed whole body radiation experiments on more than 90 poor, black, advanced stage cancer patients with inoperable tumors at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center during the Cincinnati Radiation Experiments. He forged consent forms, and did not inform the patients of the risks of irradiation. The patients were given 100 or more rads (1 Gy) of whole-body radiation, which in many caused intense pain and vomiting. Critics have questioned the medical rationale for this study, and contend that the main purpose of the research was to study the acute effects of radiation exposure.[96][97]

From 1963 to 1973, a leading endocrinologist, Dr. Carl Heller, irradiated the testicles of Oregon and Washington prisoners. In return for their participation, he gave them $5 a month, and $100 when they had to receive a vasectomy upon conclusion of the trial. The surgeon who sterilized the men said that it was necessary to “keep from contaminating the general population with radiation-induced mutants”. Dr. Joseph Hamilton, one of the researchers who had worked with Heller on the experiments, said that the experiments “had a little of the Buchenwald touch”.[98]

In 1963, University of Washington researchers irradiated the testicles of 232 prisoners to determine the effects of radiation on testicular function. When these inmates later left prison and had children, at least four of them had offspring born with birth defects. The exact number is unknown because researchers never followed up on the status of the subjects.[99]

Chemical experiments Edit

Nonconsensual tests Edit From 1942 to 1944, the U.S. Chemical Warfare Service conducted experiments which exposed thousands of U.S. military personnel to mustard gas, in order to test the effectiveness of gas masks and protective clothing.[100][101][102][103]

From 1950 through 1953, the U.S. Army conducted Operation LAC (Large Area Coverage), spraying chemicals over six cities in the United States and Canada, in order to test dispersal patterns of chemical weapons. Army records stated that the chemicals which were sprayed on the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, included zinc cadmium sulfide, which was not thought to be harmful.[104] A 1997 study by the U.S. National Research Council found that it was sprayed at levels so low as not to be harmful; it said that people were normally exposed to higher levels in urban environments.

To test whether or not sulfuric acid, which is used in making molasses, was harmful as a food additive, the Louisiana State Board of Health commissioned a study to feed “Negro prisoners” nothing but molasses for five weeks. One report stated that prisoners didn’t “object to submitting themselves to the test, because it would not do any good if they did.”[19]

A 1953 article in the medical/scientific journal Clinical Science[105] described a medical experiment in which researchers intentionally blistered the skin on the abdomens of 41 children, who ranged in age from 8 to 14, using cantharide. The study was performed to determine how severely the substance injures/irritates the skin of children. After the studies, the children’s blistered skin was removed with scissors and swabbed with peroxide.[88]

Operation Top Hat Edit In June 1953, the United States Army formally adopted guidelines regarding the use of human subjects in chemical, biological, or radiological testing and research, where authorization from the Secretary of the Army was now required for all research projects involving human subjects. Under the guidelines, seven research projects involving chemical weapons and human subjects were submitted by the Chemical Corps for Secretary of the Army approval in August 1953. One project involved vesicants, one involved phosgene, and five were experiments which involved nerve agents; all seven were approved.[106][107]

The guidelines, however, left a loophole; they did not define what types of experiments and tests required such approval from the Secretary. Operation Top Hat was among the numerous projects not submitted for approval. It was termed a “local field exercise”[106] by the Army and took place from September 15–19, 1953 at the Army Chemical School at Fort McClellan, Alabama. The experiments used Chemical Corps personnel to test decontamination methods for biological and chemical weapons, including sulfur mustard and nerve agents. The personnel were deliberately exposed to these contaminants, were not volunteers, and were not informed of the tests. In a 1975 Pentagon Inspector General’s report, the military maintained that Operation Top Hat was not subject to the guidelines requiring approval because it was a line of duty exercise in the Chemical Corps.[106][107]

Or Cointelpro COINTELPRO (syllabic abbreviation derived from COunter INTELligence PROgram) (1956–1979, and beyond) is a series of covert and illegal[1][2] projects conducted by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) aimed at surveilling, infiltrating, discrediting, and disrupting American political organizations.[3][4] FBI records show that COINTELPRO resources targeted groups and individuals that the FBI deemed subversive,[5] including feminist organizations,[6] the Communist Party USA,[7] anti–Vietnam War organizers, the Ku Klux Klan,[8] activists of the civil rights movement or Black Power movement (e.g. Martin Luther King Jr., the Nation of Islam, and the Black Panther Party), environmentalist and animal rights organizations, the American Indian Movement (AIM), independence movements (such as Puerto Rican independence groups like the Young Lords), and a variety of organizations that were part of the broader New Left.

COINTELPRO memo proposing a plan to expose the pregnancy of actress Jean Seberg, a financial supporter of the Black Panther Party, hoping to “possibly cause her embarrassment or tarnish her image with the general public”. Covert campaigns to publicly discredit activists and destroy their interpersonal relationships were a common tactic used by COINTELPRO agents. In 1971 in San Diego, the FBI financed, armed, and controlled an extreme right-wing group of former members of the Minutemen anti-communist para-military organization, transforming it into a group called the Secret Army Organization that targeted groups, activists, and leaders involved in the Anti-War Movement, using both intimidation and violent acts.[9][10][11]

The FBI has used covert operations against domestic political groups since its inception; however, covert operations under the official COINTELPRO label took place between 1956 and 1971.[12] COINTELPRO tactics are still used to this day and have been alleged to include discrediting targets through psychological warfare; smearing individuals and groups using forged documents and by planting false reports in the media; harassment; wrongful imprisonment; and illegal violence, including assassination.[13][14][15][16] According to a senate report, the FBI’s motivation was “protecting national security, preventing violence, and maintaining the existing social and political order”.[17]

Beginning in 1969, leaders of the Black Panther Party were targeted by the COINTELPRO and “neutralized” by being assassinated, imprisoned, publicly humiliated or falsely charged with crimes. Some of the Black Panthers affected included Fred Hampton, Mark Clark, Zayd Shakur, Geronimo Pratt, Mumia Abu-Jamal,[18] and Marshall Conway. Common tactics used by COINTELPRO were perjury, witness harassment, witness intimidation, and withholding of evidence.[19][20][21]

FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover issued directives governing COINTELPRO, ordering FBI agents to “expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, or otherwise neutralize” the activities of these movements and especially their leaders.[22][23] Under Hoover, the agent in charge of COINTELPRO was William C. Sullivan.[24] Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy personally authorized some of the programs.[25] Although Kennedy only gave written approval for limited wiretapping of Martin Luther King’s phones “on a trial basis, for a month or so”,[26] Hoover extended the clearance so his men were “unshackled” to look for evidence in any areas of King’s life they deemed worthy.[27]

In an interview with the BBC’s Andrew Marr in February 1996, Noam Chomsky—a political activist and MIT professor of linguistics—spoke about the purpose and the targets of COINTELPRO, saying:[57]

COINTELPRO was a program of subversion carried out not by a couple of petty crooks but by the national political police, the FBI, under four administrations… by the time it got through, I won’t run through the whole story, it was aimed at the entire new left, at the women’s movement, at the whole black movement, it was extremely broad. Its actions went as far as political assassination.

According to the Church Committee:[58]

While the declared purposes of these programs were to protect the “national security” or prevent violence, Bureau witnesses admit that many of the targets were nonviolent and most had no connections with a foreign power. Indeed, nonviolent organizations and individuals were targeted because the Bureau believed they represented a “potential” for violence—and nonviolent citizens who were against the war in Vietnam were targeted because they gave “aid and comfort” to violent demonstrators by lending respectability to their cause.

The imprecision of the targeting is demonstrated by the inability of the Bureau to define the subjects of the programs. The Black Nationalist program, according to its supervisor, included “a great number of organizations that you might not today characterize as black nationalist but which were in fact primarily black”. Thus, the nonviolent Southern Christian Leadership Conference was labeled as a Black Nationalist-“Hate Group”.

Furthermore, the actual targets were chosen from a far broader group than the titles of the programs would imply. The CPUSA program targeted not only Communist Party members but also sponsors of the National Committee to Abolish the House Un-American Activities Committee and civil rights leaders allegedly under Communist influence or deemed to be not sufficiently “anti-Communist”. The Socialist Workers Party program included non-SWP sponsors of anti-war demonstrations which were cosponsored by the SWP or the Young Socialist Alliance, its youth group. The Black Nationalist program targeted a range of organizations from the Panthers to SNCC to the peaceful Southern Christian Leadership Conference, and included every Black Student Union and many other black student groups. New Left targets ranged from the SDS to the InterUniversity Committee for Debate on Foreign Policy, from Antioch College (“vanguard of the New Left”) to the New Mexico Free University and other “alternate” schools, and from underground newspapers to students’ protesting university censorship of a student publication by carrying signs with four-letter words on them.

Examples of surveillance, spanning all presidents from FDR to Nixon, both legal and illegal, contained in the Church Committee report:[59]

President Roosevelt (1933–1945) asked the FBI to put in its files the names of citizens sending telegrams to the White House opposing his “national defense” policy and supporting Col. Charles Lindbergh. President Truman (1945–1953) received inside information on a former Roosevelt aide’s efforts to influence his appointments, labor union negotiating plans, and the publishing plans of journalists. President Eisenhower (1953–1961) received reports on purely political and social contacts with foreign officials by Bernard Baruch, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas. The Kennedy administration (1961–1963) had the FBI wiretap a congressional staff member, three executive officials, a lobbyist, and a Washington law firm. US Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy received the fruits of an FBI wire tap on Martin Luther King Jr. and an electronic listening device targeting a congressman, both of which yielded information of a political nature. President Johnson (1963–1969) asked the FBI to conduct “name checks” of his critics and members of the staff of his 1964 opponent, Senator Barry Goldwater. He also requested purely political intelligence on his critics in the Senate, and received extensive intelligence reports on political activity at the 1964 Democratic Convention from FBI electronic surveillance. President Nixon (1969–1974) authorized a program of wiretaps, which produced for the White House purely political or personal information unrelated to national security, including information about a Supreme Court Justice. Groups that were known to be targets of COINTELPRO operations include:[60]

Communist and socialist organizations. Organizations and individuals associated with the civil rights movement, including Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and others associated with the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, the Congress of Racial Equality, and other civil rights organizations. Black nationalist groups. The Young Lords. The American Indian Movement. White supremacist groups, including the Ku Klux Klan. The National States’ Rights Party. A broad range of organizations labeled “New Left”, including Students for a Democratic Society and the Weathermen. Almost all groups protesting the Vietnam War, as well as individual student demonstrators with no group affiliation. The National Lawyers Guild. Organizations and individuals associated with the women’s rights movement. Nationalist groups such as those seeking independence for Puerto Rico, United Ireland, and Cuban exile movements including Orlando Bosch’s Cuban Power and the Cuban Nationalist Movement. Additional notable American individuals. The COINTELPRO operators targeted multiple groups at once and encouraged splintering of these groups from within. In letter-writing campaigns (wherein false letters were sent on behalf of members of parties), the FBI ensured that groups would not unite in their causes. For instance, they launched a campaign specifically to alienate the Black Panther Party from the Mau Maus, Young Lords, Young Patriots and SDS. These racially diverse groups had been building alliances, in part due to charismatic leaders such as Fred Hampton and his attempts to create a “Rainbow Coalition”. The FBI was concerned with ensuring that groups could not gain traction through unity, specifically across racial lines. One of the main ways of targeting these groups was to arouse suspicion between the different parties and causes. In this way the bureau took on a divide and conquer offensive.[46]

The COINTELPRO documents show numerous cases of the FBI’s intentions to prevent and disrupt protests against the Vietnam War. Many techniques were used to accomplish this task. “These included promoting splits among antiwar forces, encouraging red-baiting of socialists, and pushing violent confrontations as an alternative to massive, peaceful demonstrations.” One 1966 COINTELPRO operation tried to redirect the Socialist Workers Party from their pledge of support for the antiwar movement.[61]

The FBI has said that it no longer undertakes COINTELPRO or COINTELPRO-like operations. However, critics have claimed that agency programs in the spirit of COINTELPRO targeted groups such as the Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador,[62] the American Indian Movement,[12][63] Earth First!,[64] and the anti-globalization movement.[65]

Too many people have been spied upon by too many Government agencies and too much information has been illegally collected. The Government has often undertaken the secret surveillance of citizens on the basis of their political beliefs, even when those beliefs posed no threat of violence or illegal acts on behalf of a hostile foreign power. The Government, operating primarily through secret and biased informants, but also using other intrusive techniques such as wiretaps, microphone “bugs”, surreptitious mail opening, and break-ins, has swept in vast amounts of information about the personal lives, views, and associations of American citizens. Investigations of groups deemed potentially dangerous—and even of groups suspected of associating with potentially dangerous organizations—

Hell yes!

You rock!

Will you ask David to look in his email for the affidavit that he had notorized for me, when we lived at Houston house. It talks about him witnessing Attorney Charles Johnson.

Please help David get a copy to Jason ASAP. Jason is working his ass off right, at this very moment, trying to locate a copy of that notorized affidavit.

Tell David that I sent copies of it to his email contact 555555555@l.com AND Richard also has a copy.

Jason needs this Affdavit ASAP because he is getting everything ready for my attorney for my probation hearing.

This affadavit will help Jason get me out of jail!

Thanks for sending stuff!

You are a really good friend!

I love you Keith!

Jason is doing ok, he has not gone through the microwave weapon attacks and is recuperating. David is in Austin with his girlfriend. He sounds like he is doing good. Here’s a interesting article for you to read. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is looking to fund research into shallow neural network architectures that could run accurately on low-powered Edge systems.

Hyper-Dimensional Data Enabled Neural Networks (HyDDENN) would be able to provide similar results compared to existing state-of-the-art (SOA) Deep Neural Networks (DNN) running in hyperscale data centers, but without the latency and large computational requirements.

The connected soldier – Sebastian Moss Smaller and faster Conventional DDNs are “growing wider and deeper, with the complexity growing from millions to hundreds of millions of parameters in the last few years,” a DARPA presolicitation document says. “The basic computational primitive to execute training and inference functions in DNN is the multiply and accumulate (MAC) operation. As DNN parameter count increases, SOA networks require tens of billions of MAC operations to carry out one inference.”

This means that the accuracy of DNN “is fundamentally limited by available MAC resources,” DARPA says. “Consequently, SOA high accuracy DNNs are hosted in the cloud centers with clusters of energy hungry processors to speed up processing. This compute paradigm will not satisfy many DoD applications which demand extremely low latency, high accuracy artificial intelligence (AI) under severe size, weight, and power constraints.”

With HyDDENN, the agency hopes to break free from a reliance on large MAC-based DDNs. “HyDDENN will explore and develop innovative data representations with shallow NN architectures based on efficient, non-MAC, digital compute primitives to enable highly accurate and energy efficient AI for DoD Edge systems.”

The aim is to reduce parameter counts by at least 10x, while maintaining accuracy in comparison with a similar MAC-based DNN solution. “With efficient digital compute hardware, these innovations will lead to at least 100x reduction in combined compute power and throughput, while retaining high-accuracy output when compared to the SOA DNN approach.”

Although DARPA’s focus is on military applications – where the increasingly-connected battlefield will require significant tactical Edge deployments – the agency believes the technology could find use elsewhere.

HPC container 02 Aug 2019 US Army buys $12m IBM supercomputer in a shipping container, will test for tactical edge deployments “It is expected that HyDDENN will have significant impact in the areas of Edge/IoT communications and contextual Edge sensing and classification,” the document states. DoD-relevant applications mentioned by DARPA include contextual communications, speech recognition, gesture recognition, and medical diagnostics.

For a project with such lofty aims, HyDDENN has limited funding available. The award value of the Phase 1 Feasibility Study (6 months) tops out at $300,000, while the Phase 2 Proof of Concept (12 months) should not exceed $700,000.

By the end of the second phase, the project’s researchers are expected to have developed an ASIC architecture and high level logic designs at register-transfer level “as well as a project plan to implement a future fully programmable integrated chip-scale digital IC with the proposed HD data representation, logic primitives, and shallow HD NN to attain the HyDDENN performance goals and metrics for the targeted application.”

Proposals to HyDDENN are due by December 11, 2019, at 12:00 PM ET. “For planning and budgetary purposes, proposers should assume a program start date of February 12, 2020.”

Project documents appear to suggest HyDDENN is headed by program manager Dr. Young-Kai Chen, who previously worked as a senior director at Bell Laboratories.

Among his achievements is leading the “exploration of coherent optics with advanced digital signal processing algorithms, which resulted in the launch of the first commercial 100G coherent optical receivers in 2011,” his DARPA bio states.

DARPA is looking for a leapfrog technology and isn’t welcoming any incremental advances in electroencephalography (EEG) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to the program, which is also known Next-Generation Non-Surgical Neurotechnology (N3).

DARPA’s N3 Program Sounds Like Science Fiction If the fact that DARPA is trying to create a non-invasive, bidirectional neural interface to help warfighters of the future fuse their minds with lethal autonomous weapons systems and semi-autonomous weapons systems seems more like science fiction than reality, it isn’t. But it may have been inspired by a few different fictional works involving brain implants, including the classic cypherpunk novel Neuromancer by William Gibson, where a hacker is chased by mercenaries with neural implants that increase their strength, vision and mental acuity. Gibson also coined the term “matrix” and the concept of “jacking in” where a brain can interface with powerful computing systems.

Basically, DARPA is looking for a way to wirelessly “jack in” to a soldier’s brain tissue to use AI software systems to control autonomous and semi-autonomous weapons. And DARPA has been pursuing and funding research on brain-machine interfaces since it began awarding contracts to researchers at UCLA starting back in the 1970s, which was previously funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation. According to the solicitation, DARPA believes the biggest bottleneck in the way of achieving a warfighter-ready bidirectional neural interface is a question of how to sustain an unprecedented level of spatial and temporal resolution between the proposed interface and neural tissue


Jason’s phone has been going straight to voicemail for 24 hrs now, and I haven’t heard a peep from him since he said he went to ER from being attacked. that’s why I am worried.

I saw my probation officer last Friday. I am not sure if Jason forwarded the news to you, so forgive me if this is repeated information.

My probation officer believes me, about $3500 Charles johnson fraud and rape and robbery, etc. my current attorney is trying to get my court date moved up from november 3rd. Jason was working hard at helping me Monday, and now his phone is off. WTF?

Anywho, I hope you are well and smiling as you drink ice cold pepsis.

There is a woman here named Monica Jensen. She has been a Target for 20 years. She knows that something is very wrong, that she is indeed a target, but up until now and me telling her, she had no clue about the program and the fact that there are 1000’s like her. Right now, Monica is in jail and sitting out time on charges that she has already served time on. It says she is “under special review’. Her story is similar to everyone else’s. This poor woman, who is 45 years old, very sweet lady, was beat up by a cop outside of a Dillards in Beaumont.

Keith, it’s quite remarkable how great God is. God put on the bunk right next to Monica. when I first met her, I asked her to describe her life. She descirbed my life. The isolation, the fear of going places and being followed, and her social security card being stolen etc.

What is even more remarkable, is that she told me about the microwave attacks, and the ringing in the ear, and she told me all of this before I told her about it.

Monica has also survived a stroke and a heart attack.

I told Monica your story, and suggested that she reach out to you here. She needs to connect with other targets like you and us. She is scared. I told her that she could use one of my credits to message you.

I told her all about Targeted Justice and she was amazed.

Keith, Can you look up how I can get myself out on a PR Bond?


Jason said that he can’t help me because they microwave him too bad.

I told him, no hard feelings.

Jason and I can still be friends,

I’m alright about it. It is what it is, you know?

Everything happens for a reason.

I just spoke with Cash Bond America and they are working on a bond. My brother is gonna pay my bond but he may need a co-signer. Would you be wiling to co-sign so I can get out? David already said that he would cosign, and the lady Barbara at cash bond america said that you guys could cosign from Fort Worth by fax.

Thank you Keith. This is so hard. I am so grateful for your friendship. Please continue to write to me. I have money from my bother to accept your messages.

Love, sarah

Let me look into this, yes Jason said he was being hit hard, I told him that will continue either way. This is a interesting article that just came out, amazingly enough these murderers are covering this up. Like I told Jason the escalated stalking and harassment from the FBI/ police or their informants is just their actions taken to cover up their participation in your rape before and after this happened. I guess he has not experienced the full ride provided in this terrorist program, he doesn’t understand he’s not getting off early no matter how he tries. 1,427 views|Oct 20, 2020,06:33am EDT The Microwave Weapons That Could Explain Why ‘Havana Syndrome’ Report Is Not Being Released David HamblingContributor Aerospace & Defense I’m a South London-based technology journalist, consultant and author American officials in Cuba and China have experienced ‘Havana Syndrome’ : hearing strange sounds, then suffering dizziness, headaches and memory loss. A new report in New York Times suggests that the cause of the syndrome is being covered up by the State Department. A deep dive into the murky history of microwave weapons may give clues about exactly what is being covered up.

The incidents, first reported in Cuba in 2016, have been controversial from the start. Victims typically hear a burst of high-pitched, grating noise with no obvious source before suffering other symptoms. Other people in the same building do not experience either the sound or the other effects.

Some have dismissed the incidents as psychogenic illness, what used to be called mass hysteria; the only noises that can be recorded are local insects. However, extensive brain scans of the victims found signs of injury, described as “a new syndrome….that resembles persistent concussion” in a paper in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2018.

Such effects could not be produced by a sonic weapon, which cannot travel through walls or be localized in this way. But researchers suggested that a microwave device might be involved. Auditory effects of microwaves have been known since the early 1960s, when some people exposed to high-intensity microwave pulses reported a clicking or buzzing.

“A minuscule but rapid rise in tissue temperature, resulting from the absorption of pulsed microwave energy, creates a thermoelastic expansion of brain matter,” says James Lin, a professor emeritus of bioelectromagnetic engineering at the University of Illinois, who has been investigating the effect for decades.

The rapid expansion causes an acoustic shockwave in the brain, which can be heard as sound coming from within your head. Attempts to harness this effect for communication came to nothing and it remained a scientific curiosity for many years.

But there have been attempts to weaponize the effect.

In the early 2000s, the Sierra Nevada Corporation developed a device called MEDUSA, or Mob Excess Deterrent Using Silent Audio, for the U.S. Navy. The aim was to generate a microwave auditory effect loud enough to cause severe discomfort and disperse crowds – a microwave scream inside your skull. The most significant development was a novel electronic antenna able to form a narrow beam and target a specific individual. MEDUSA never made it past the prototype stage, and Sierra Nevada have declined to comment on later developments.

Patent diagram of inner ear The patent for the EPIC device shows how it causes [+] U.S. PATENT OFFICE In the same time period, the U.S. Marine Corps funded work on another non-lethal weapon called EPIC — Electromagnetic Personnel Interdiction Control. This aimed to disable people inside a building through the walls using pulsed radio waves to influence tiny hairs in the vestibular system. These hairs give us our sense of balance and orientation; hitting then with a resonant frequency can make them vibrate, causing dizziness and loss of balance. EPIC was intended to prevent subjects from moving or even standing up, forcing them to give up without a fight.

Testing EPIC on animals was challenging. Rats were trained to traverse a course for a food reward; researchers then tested whether they were stopped when EPIC was activated. This elaborate set-up was needed because a stationary rat with a disabled vestibular system just hunkers down without any obvious signs. However, the technology was not developed beyond this initial stages.

Subsequent research may also shed light on other features of Havana Syndrome. In 2013 Chinese researchers found that rats exposed to pulsed microwaves had difficulty in learning to negotiate a water maze for up to three days after exposure. The researchers believed this was due to damage to the hippocampus, a part of the brain associated with memory. It is suggestive of the memory loss and mental impairment suffered by some of the victims in Cuba and China.

In 2015, scientists in Tokyo carried out their own tests on rats, using intense pulsed power to cause microwave-induced traumatic brain injury. When they examined the damage to brain tissue afterwards, they concluded that “microwave-induced neurotrauma shows the same pathological changes as blast traumatic brain injury.” In other words, it is possible to produce concussion inside the skull with microwave pulses, exactly as seen in Havana Syndrome.

The sound, dizziness, headaches, memory loss and brain damage all seem to be consistent with microwave effects, and cannot easily be accounted for with other explanations.

In August, the National Academies of Sciences finished up the most thorough study to date of the likely causes of the incidents in Cuba and China. It might finally settle the issue. It could also bring relief to some of those affected, who have had lasting health effects including migraines and hearing loss, and are being told their condition is psychological. However, the State Department is withholding the report.

Dr. David A. Relman, chairman of the National Academies of Sciences committee that examined the cases, told the New York Times that the situation was “immensely frustrating” and that he did not know why the State Department is refusing to share the report with Congress or the public.

My brother Jerry may be calling you today. he is trying to bond me out and is looking for a cosigner to sign with David. i gave jerry your number.

Would you be willing to rent a cabin with m at that RV park on Pleasure Island in port Arthur? The bond company needs an address to release me to, and my RV is in Fort Worth. Since Jason doesn’t want me and i don’t want him, I stayed up all night last tossing and turning because I a gonna be scared to live alone, scared they will kill me quickly.

We could rent a cabin or small apartment or trailer together. This Rv park with cabins on pleasure islnd is really cool. Its 1.5 hours from Houston. You can fish, its next to a marina, and you can see the big ships passing and headed out to the Gulf of Mexico.

please contact m brother Jerry ASAP.

Ive got him on board to pay for bond, but s I need another cosiner with David. Plus, I NEED you to live with me so I don’t die.

Please Keith!

Text Jerry, or , just ring him up and tell him that you aren’t scared. My court date is going to get pushed back another month. he courts are backed up. Women are not getting called out to court everyday, and told they will be waiting a whole month more, then told the same thing again.

I want to come home so badly Keith. . You can cosign by fax. david can cosign by fax too. Your hotel has a fax machine. God Bless You!

Let me think this through, we are not going to leave you in there, not sure I am allowed to travel there though. I have not heard from Jerry yet. Just be patient, you will not be in there that much longer. Trying to send you anything to read, I know it’s boring in there, this is a lot of the FBI criminals that terrorize you, they use any means available to set one up, profile them for the involvement of community watch, police groups as well. Never trust anyone, of course not in jail, unless you really get to know them. Hang tight, trying to get money transferred so I can answer your calls, tight budget at the moment, 24/7 stalking since I arrived in Fort Worth to help you, FBI intimidation just like they do to Jason, pretty well used to it after all this time. Lots of things happening here, I cant speak of in message, FBI criminal intimidation that you would not believe,

Hey there,

I will call you tomorrow after we get our store.

Jerry is feeling frustrated since Jason texted him and said he could no longer help me because he was too scared. Jerry does not know that I have you you.

Thank you so much for being there for me



This is the true-life account, written by Sarah R. Degeyter, a victim of government funded organized stalking, fraud, identity theft. This is the detailed account of being harassed and cyber-stalked by neighbors, at 115 N. Carolina St., in Houston, Texas, in the 5 months prior to the night of March 24th, 2020, when this victim barely survived a home-invasion, assault, strangulation, rape at gun point, and grand theft robbery.


My dog Bruno would pace back and forth, starring at the floor and pawing at the tiles. He constantly alerted me to what was happening outside of the rental house, that I shared with my younger brother David, at 115 N. Carolina St. in Houston, Texas, from November 2019 through March 2020.

I was viciously terrorized and harassed by my neighbors at 115 N. Carolina St. non stop.

I knew none of my neighbors prior to moving to 115 N. Carolina St.

One night, in early March of 2020, around 3:00AM, I looked out my bedroom window and saw people running across my front yard, over to the abandoned house next door, at 120 N. Carolina St., and passing through the hedges, that seperated my house and he abandoned house. I saw people passing through the fencing, that seperated the two properties, and that was intentionally rolled back. I saw people holding up flashlights for one another, as they passed through the hedges.

At the time, seeing this made me feel as if I was in the middle of a wild dream, I was wide awake.

My RV was parked in the driveway of my house, and often, if I looked out of my bedroom window in my house, I could see someone standing in the window of my RV.

My friend, Richard, came to pick me up for a dinner one evening in January of 2020, and saw someone standing in the window of my RV. When he came to my front door and alerted me to what he just saw, I was alarmed and I asked Richard to rush back out to my yard, and to my RV, to catch whoever was there. However, by the time he got there, the person had run off.

While standing in my front yard, I could see people hiding in the bushes in my back yard, and in broad daylight. My dogs barked non stop. Often times, I could hear my dogs screaming in the back yard, as if someone was hurting them. Often, I would find my beloved dogs running loose out on the street, as someone had deliberately let them out of their kennels.

My garage was broken into constantly, and my brand new washing machine was vandleized. One morning, I woke to discover my entire garage flooded with water, and a golf ball size hole had been punctured through the bottom of my washing machine.

Every time I would leave, people would break inside of my house. I went through a small fortune, replacing and changing out the locks on my doors and windows. I have yet to find a lock that these very skilled government criminals who stalk me, can not “Pick” or “Bump”.

Everything that I acquire, either gets destroyed by way of vandelism, or stolen out of my home.

No matter what the length of time that I am gone from my home, or what security efforts are taken to secure my entry ways, evidence of superticious entry is always present, upon my return home.

The intruders slice holes in my new boots, leave gashes in door and walls with knifes (as a reminder to me, that they had been inside my home while I was gone), they tear of my clothes in my closet, steal my jewlery, go through my files, put chemicals in my panties and bras, and put chemicals in open food, that is inside of my refridgerator.

Every new lock that I buy and replace on my doors, gets broken into within 24 hours.

Every security camera system that I put up in an on the outside of my home, gets hacked and the images are either removed or altered.

The technology that comes with these government funded, organized criminals, is far too advanced for an average person to keep up with or even with stand a fair shot at fighting back.

Calling the police was not an option at 115 N. Carolina St. One month prior to moving to this rental house with my brother David, I paid Attorney Charles Johnson in Houston, Texas, $3500 to transfer my probation from Jefferson County Texas to Harris County Texas, after I failed to report to a probation meeting with my probation officer, in October of 2019, due to stalking related issues, that were no fault of my own.

(Previously, in November of 2018, I plead guilty, to a crime that I did not commit, and received a 4 year-deferred-adjudicated-probation sentence. I plead guilty and accepted this probation, because at the time, I felt as if I had no other options)

Up until October of 2019, I had done well wit reporting to adult probation in Beaumont, Texas. My probation officer had even suggested to me, ha he would recommend to the court that I be released early from the term, due to my good behavior.

I hired the Charles Johnson Law Firm in Houston, Texas, in October 2019, and paid the firm $3500 with my VISA debit card. I have the $3500 contract, between myself and the Johnson Law Firm, that outlines our agreement of me paying the firm $3500 in exchange for them to “fix my probation issue” and “transfer my probation to Harris County Texas”.

Attorney Charles Johnson of Houston, Texas, never contacted my probation officer or the adult probation office in Jefferson County Texas, and thus a warrant was issued for my arrest, for “obsconding” from my probation sentence.

I documented and backed up copies of all correspondance with Attorney Charles Johnson and his paralegal Deborah.

I asked Johnson to refund my $3500, as he had breached our contract. Johnson agreed to refund my money by way of check, in the mail, however a refund check was never mailed. The Charles Johnson Law Firm will not return my messages.

Later, when the stalking at 116 N. Carolina St. escalated so badly, and I discovered Johnson’s home address, as one of the many of the many addresses hacked into my personal Google accounts, I knew that this breach of contract, that resulted in a warrant for my arrest, had all been done on purpose, to isolate me and make me scared to leave my home, for fear of being arrested if I were to be pulled over while driving my truck.

My greatest fear was being arrested and thrown in jail, and thus losing the rest of my possessions to these sick criminals, and I feared most of all, for the lives of my dogs, who were my only friends and only source of comfort, throughout the last 6 years of my horrific government funded, organized stalking.

I documented the conversations with Attorney Charles Johnson, where I specifically expressed that my greatest concern in this world, was for the welfare of my beloved dogs.

Everything going on around me, seemed as if it lined up with the agenda of these stalkers wanting to isolate me and keep me in constant fear.

Isolation and constant fear, has been a constant in my life for the past years, or since the sudden and mysterious death of my father, David Degeyter, in November of 2015.

Thanks keith.

I just sent you the first part of my writings, that I have already written out on paper, over the last several weeks while in jail. Please back up and save, and send copies to everyone who will read, and publish on every site you can find….including my own facebook page.

Please make sure you copy and forward to Jason via text, he is copyng and forawrding m story to Karen Stewart Melton.

please write back when you can.

i am terribly heart broken for my dogs and lonely. I am beyond grateful of your friendship.

I love you Keith

kindly respond when you can, with your thoughts and opinions. It’s emotionally draining to relive through writing out the story, but I think its wise to finish my story, and have it all typed and sent to you, before I am out of jail. You know as well as I do that once I am released, the gang stalkers are going to make t next to impossible for me to complete anything.

My anxiety is through the roof.

Jason has my iphone and tablet, and my laptop, and my drivers license and all of my important papers, including all of my important papers for the victims compensation fund with the Attorney Generals Office.

so, I am really wondering about how I will be able to make a phone call to get a ride or get to a hotel or do anything upon my release.

I actually put my life in more danger, during my rape and assault, hiding my iphone from my rapist, when he had the gun to my head and was threatening to blow my head off if I ddn’t tell him where my iphone was, and now Jason has it, and has decided to block my calls from jail, through no fault of my own?

It’s crazy you know?

I really just need a break from the constant loss, so badly.

I am really scared and I honestly have no clue what to do when I get released, in about 8 days now.

I am just trying so hard to not be forgotten. I am not sure how to get a ride and don’t know what on Earth I will do without a phone, my ID, and no one there to pick me up.

I have no clue what to do or where to go.

I am so sad and scared. please tell me that somehow I will figure out where to go and what to do next with my life, after I am released.

You just relax, everything will be OK. Glad Jason hot ahold of you and sure he will keep your belongings safe. Have a good night. Hate to waste your money on these little messages, so try to send something to read for you, know it gets boring in there. This shit is interesting. MK ultra

Throughout the course of history, several accounts have been recorded describing rituals and practices resembling mind control. One of the earliest writings giving reference to the use of occultism to manipulate the mind can be found in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. It is a compilation of rituals, heavily studied by today’s secret societies, which describes methods of torture and intimidation (to create trauma), the use of potions (drugs) and the casting of spells (hypnotism), ultimately resulting in the total enslavement of the initiate. Other events ascribed to black magic, sorcery and demon possession (where the victim is animated by an outside force) are also ancestors of Monarch programming.

It is, however, during the 20th century that mind control became a science in the modern sense of the term, where thousands of subjects have been systematically observed, documented and experimented on.

One of the first methodical studies on trauma-based mind control was conducted by Josef Mengele, a physician working in N–i concentration camps. He initially gained notoriety for being one of the SS physicians who supervised the selection of arriving prisoners, determining who was to be killed and who was to become a forced laborer. However, he is mostly known for performing grisly human experiments on camp inmates, including children, for which Mengele was called the “Angel of Death”.

josef-mengele-1935-e1300215793662 Joseph Mengele, 1935

Mengele is infamous for his sordid human experiments on concentration camps prisoners, especially on twins. A part of his work that is rarely mentioned however, is his research on mind control. Much of his research in this field was confiscated by the Allies and is still classified to this day.

“DR. GREEN (Dr. Joseph Mengele): The most significant programmer, perhaps one could give him the title of the father of Monarch Programming was Joseph Mengele, an ex-N–i Concentration Camp doctor. Thousands of Monarch mindcontrolled slaves in the U.S. had “Dr. Green” as their chief programmer.” [1. Fritz Springmeier, The Illuminati Formula to Create a Mind Control Slave]

“Dr. Joseph Mengele of Auschwitz notoriety was the principle developer of the trauma-based Monarch Project and the CIA’s MK Ultra mind control programs. Mengele and approximately 5, 000 other high ranking Nazis were secretly moved into the United States and South America in the aftermath of World War II in an Operation designated Paperclip. The Nazis continued their work in developing mind control and rocketry technologies in secret underground military bases. The only thing we were told about was the rocketry work with former N–i star celebrities like Warner Von Braun. The killers, torturers, and mutilators of innocent human beings were kept discretely out of sight, but busy in U.S. underground military facilities which gradually became home to thousands upon thousands of kidnapped American children snatched off the streets (about one million per year) and placed into iron bar cages stacked from floor to ceiling as part of the ‘training’. These children would be used to further refine and perfect Mengele’s mind control technologies. Certain selected children (at least the ones who survived the ‘training’) would become future mind controlled slaves who could be used for thousands of different jobs ranging anywhere from sexual slavery to assassinations. A substantial portion of these children, who were considered expendable, were intentionally slaughtered in front of (and by) the other children in order to traumatize the selected trainee into total compliance and submission”. [2. Ken Adachi, Mind Control the Ultimate Terror]

Mengele’s research served as a basis for the covert, illegal CIA human research program named MK-ULTRA.

MK-ULTRA Mkultra-lsd-doc Declassified MK-Ultra document

report this ad Project MK-ULTRA ran from the early 1950s to at least the late 1960s, using American and Canadian citizens as its test subjects. The published evidence indicates that Project MK-ULTRA involved the use of many methodologies to manipulate individual mental states and alter brain functions, including the surreptitious administration of drugs and other chemicals, sensory deprivation, isolation, and verbal and physical abuse.

The most publicized experiments conducted by MK-ULTRA involved the administration of LSD on unwitting human subjects, including CIA employees, military personnel, doctors, other government agents, prostitutes, mentally ill patients, and members of the general public, in order to study their reactions.

However, the scope of MK-ULTRA does not however stop. Experiments involving violent electroshocks, physical and mental torture and abuse were used in a systematic matter on many subjects, including children.

Declassified picture of a young MK-ULTRA subject, 1961. Declassified picture of a young MK-ULTRA subject, 1961.

Although the admitted goals of the projects were to develop torture and interrogation methods to use on the country’s enemies, some historians asserted that the project aimed to create “Manchurian Candidates”, programmed to perform various acts such as assassinations and other covert missions.

MK-ULTRA was brought to light by various commissions in the 1970s, including the Rockefeller Commission of 1975. Although it is claimed that the CIA stopped such experiments after these commissions, some whistle-blowers have come forth stating that the project simply went “underground” and Monarch Programming has become the classified successor of MK-ULTRA.

The most incriminating statement to date made by a government official as to the possible existence of Project MONARCH was extracted by Anton Chaitkin, a writer for the publication The New Federalist. When former CIA Director William Colby was asked directly, “What about monarch?” he replied angrily and ambiguously, “We stopped that between the late 1960s and the early 1970s.” [3. Anton Chaitkin, “Franklin Witnesses Implicate FBI and U.S. Elites in Torture and Murder of Children”, The New Federalist]

Monarch Programming Although there has never been any official admittance of the existence of Monarch programming, prominent researchers have documented the systematic use of trauma on subjects for mind-control purposes. Some survivors, with the help of dedicated therapists, were able to “deprogram” themselves to then go on record and disclose the horrifying details of their ordeals.

Monarch slaves are mainly used by organizations to carry out operations using patsies trained to perform specific tasks, who do not question orders, who do not remember their actions and, if discovered, who automatically commit suicide. They are the perfect scapegoats for high-profile assassinations (see Sirhan Sirhan), the ideal candidates for prostitution, slavery and private movie productions. They are also the perfect puppet performers for the entertainment industry.

“What I can say is I now believe that ritual-abuse programming is widespread, is systematic, is very organized from highly esoteric information which is published no-where, has not been on any book or talk show, that we have found it all around this country and at least one foreign country.

People say, “What’s the purpose of it?” My best guess is that the purpose of it is that they want an army of Manchurian Candidates, ten of thousands of mental robots who will do prostitution, do movies, smuggle narcotics, engage in international arms smuggling, all sorts of very lucrative things, and do their bidding and eventually the megalomaniacs at the top believe they’ll create a Satanic Order that will rule the world”. [4. D. Corydon Hammond, Ph.D]

Monarch programmers cause intense trauma to subjects through the use of electroshock, torture, abuse and mind games in order to force them to dissociate from reality – a natural response in some people when they are faced with unbearable pain. The subject’s ability to dissociate is a major requirement and it is, apparently, most readily found in children that come from families with multiple generations of abuse. Mental dissociation enables the handlers to create walled-off personas in the subject’s psyche, which can then be programmed and triggered at will.

“Trauma-based mind control programming can be defined as systematic torture that blocks the victim’s capacity for conscious processing (through pain, terror, drugs, illusion, sensory deprivation, sensory over-stimulation, oxygen deprivation, cold, heat, spinning, brain stimulation, and often, near-death), and then employs suggestion and/or classical and operant conditioning (consistent with well-established behavioral modification principles) to implant thoughts, directives, and perceptions in the unconscious mind, often in newly-formed trauma-induced dissociated identities, that force the victim to do, feel, think, or perceive things for the purposes of the programmer. The objective is for the victim to follow directives with no conscious awareness, including execution of acts in clear violation of the victim’s moral principles, spiritual convictions, and volition.

Installation of mind control programming relies on the victim’s capacity to dissociate, which permits the creation of new walled-off personalities to “hold” and “hide” programming. Already dissociative children are prime “candidates” for programming”. [5. Ellen P. Lacter, Ph.D., The Relationship Between Mind Control Programming and Ritual Abuse]

Monarch mind control is covertly used by various groups and organizations for various purposes. According to Fritz Springmeier, these groups are known as “The Network” and form the backbone of the New World Order.

Origins of the Name Monarch mind control is named after the Monarch butterfly – an insect who begins its life as a worm (representing undeveloped potential) and, after a period of cocooning (programming) is reborn as a beautiful butterfly (the Monarch slave). Some characteristics specific to the Monarch butterfly are also applicable to mind control.

“One of the primary reasons that the Monarch mind-control programming was named Monarch programming was because of the Monarch butterfly. The Monarch butterfly learns where it was born (its roots) and it passes this knowledge via genetics on to its offspring (from generation to generation). This was one of the key animals that tipped scientists off, that knowledge can be passed genetically. The Monarch program is based upon Illuminati and N–i goals to create a Master race in part through genetics. If knowledge can be passed genetically (which it is), then it is important that parents be found that can pass the correct knowledge onto those victims selected for the Monarch mind control.” [6. Ibid.]

“When a person is undergoing trauma induced by electroshock, a feeling of light-headedness is evidenced; as if one is floating or fluttering like a butterfly. There is also a symbolic representation pertaining to the transformation or metamorphosis of this beautiful insect: from a caterpillar to a cocoon (dormancy, inactivity), to a butterfly (new creation) which will return to its point of origin. Such is the migratory pattern that makes this species unique.” [7. Ron Patton, Project Monarch]

Method The victim/survivor is called a “slave” by the programmer/handler, who in turn is perceived as “master” or “god.” About 75% are female since they possess a higher tolerance for pain and tend to dissociate more easily than males. Monarch handlers seek the compartmentalization of their subject’s psyche in multiple and separate alter personas using trauma to cause dissociation.

The following is a partial list of these forms of torture:

1. Abuse and torture

2. Confinement in boxes, cages, coffins, etc, or burial (often with an opening or air-tube for oxygen)

3. Restraint with ropes, chains, cuffs, etc.

4. Near-drowning

5. Extremes of heat and cold, including submersion in ice water and burning chemicals

6. Skinning (only top layers of the skin are removed in victims intended to survive)

7. Spinning

8. Blinding light

9. Electric shock

10. Forced ingestion of offensive body fluids and matter, such as blood, urine, feces, flesh, etc.

11. Hung in painful positions or upside down

12. Hunger and thirst

13. Sleep deprivation

14 Compression with weights and devices

15. Sensory deprivation

16. Drugs to create illusion, confusion, and amnesia, often given by injection or intravenously

17. Ingestion or intravenous toxic chemicals to create pain or illness, including chemotherapy agents

18. Limbs pulled or dislocated

I missed your call, was talking to one of these stalkers and videoing it, lol. Video stopped recording when you called about halfway through conversation but it was still good, some marine doing it this time. I asked Jason if he would answer calls, don’t know what is going on there, still trying to help talking to Karen etc, but guess he thinks he gets more intimidation from FBI and corrupt police, HLS etc if he speaks with you. Like I told him this is just witness intimidation to cover up their involvement in your stalking before and after the assault, that was their crime as well I imagine, just as they sexually assaulted victims in Cointelpro as well. It’s been constant intimidation and stalking for me since I arrived in Fort Worth, though the FBI has been terrorizing me since 24/7 2012, one day after the raid on my property for tenant in separate house, the intimidation had let up somewhat about 6-8 months after the Harris County Police set me up.

God bless you. I heard from Jason tonight, thanks to you. He gave me the reassurance that I needed. On my end, I probably put too much stress and pressure on him, as he was carrying all the weight of answering my calls from jail, putting money on my books, calling my brothers, and bondsman, and my attorney… all for a woman that he hd ony spent a few days with before going to jail suddenly.

Thanks again for being there for me.

I’ll be typing out PART 2 in the morning to you.

I love you Keith. be safe.

Good night


GOD is with us.

Part Two:

The government stalking that I experience, became apparent in my life at the exact time of my father David Degeyter’s sudden death in November 2015. I have since suspected my former stepmom Mary Edith David Degeyter and my former spouse, Michael Nelson Phillips Jr. of foul play, involving my father’s death. It is my opinion that my father was poisoned, murdered, and immediately creamated for fraudulent life insurance money.. It is also my opnion, tha my mothers younger brother, Timothy W. Peake, who also passed suddenly and mysteriously, shortly after my father passed, was also killed for fraudulent life insurance.

I have been living in constant fear for 6 years now, I have lived at over 2 dozen residences in the past years, and spent 4 months living out of my Lexus with my dogs.

each and every place that I move to, I am tortured and stalked by my neighbors, people that I have never met, and know nothing about.

The organized staking follows me wherever I go.

I take pictures, save conversations, email hacking, evidence of phone hacking, inappropriate conduct by police officers, and everything else related.

In addition to the physical stalking, home breakins, and neigbors harassing me, I am viciously stalked online.

My facebook and Google accounts are constantly hacked. For the past 6 years I have documented the locations of the users and their IP addresses hacked into my accounts, and I constantly study and research the various ways that these hackers are gaining access to my privacy.

It is my opinion that I am a victim of government funded Human Trafficking.

As time goes on, my human trafficking has only gotten worse.

In the last 6 years, I have documented my former stepmom “Edie Degeyter” and my former spouse “Mike Phillips”, my stepmoms family who has government connections, (my former stepmoms father is “Buddy Davis” who is Texas legend of sorts, an olympic gold medalist, Aggie, worked for the Jefferson County Texas Sheriff’s Department, was a banker, and retired working at FEMA. I have also found ex-coworkers of my ex husbands, hacked into my personal facebook and google accounts. Previously, before my marriage to Mike N. Phillips Jr. of Bossier City, LA, he was investigated for insurance fraud.

6 years ago, after my Dads murder and the stalking was so intense and impossible to ignore, it was my opinion that the motive behind the organized stalking, was solely to intimate me from coming forward to authorities, about the evidence I had about my stepmom and ex husband murdering my father.

However, in the last 9 months, and based on my own research and discovery of my own identity stolen, I have come to realize that the motive for my organized stalking is for murder and life insurance fraud.

I discovered in March 2020, shortly before I was brutally assaulted and raped at gun point at 115 N. Carolina St. in Houston, Texas, that my social security number is being used on the dark web, lines of credit have been taken out in my name, and my medical identity has been stolen. The starting point of my identity theft, dates back 20 years ago.

i have spoken with fraud specialist at Equifax and Experian, and I was told that the aspects of my identity theft are consistent with organized crime and life insurance fraud.

My current theory, as a motive for this organized stalking, is that of isolating me, by making me appear to be crazy, using smear campaigns, and slander, to defame my character, leaving me friendless and all alone. If I am alone when I suddenly die of “natural causes”, no one will be there to notice or question my death and the cause of it. If I am isolated and deemed as “crazy” when I die, no one will be there to notice a fraudulent death claim rewarded on my life.

I was wrongfully added to a government terrorist watchlist, and false dossiers have obviously been created in my name. How else can so many neighbors and people that I have never met, become so eagerly and passionately involved in harassing and stalking me? How could so many people just sit back and watch an innocent women go through the lengths of torture that I have managed to survive?



During the 5 months that I lived at 115 N. Carolina St. in Houston, Texas, from November 2019 through March 2020, I remained at the house 95% of the time, doing constant research and documenting the stalking that was happening non stop, all around me.

My younger brother David, of 13 months, also lived at 115 N. Carolina St. David is also a victim of government funded stalking, and David is a victim of microwave hearing, otherwise known as “Voice to Skull”. This microwave hearing was patented by Allen Frey, and it is used to torture my brother 24/7. At times, my brother has been suicidal. It is truly heart breaking to witness this. It is a true waste of life and talent. My brother graduated with honors from Texas State university, and can play 7 music instruments. I have not seen or heard my brother play his piano since his microwave torture began.

During the time that we lived at 115 N. Carolina St., many nights, the stalking from neighbors was so bad, that my brother David would leave and go stay at hotel rooms. I never left however, I was to concerned for the welfare of my beloved dogs to leave.

I documented everything I heard and saw.

I documented the house directly across the street from our house, the home of Ferris watson, at 117 N. Carolina St, hacked into our home Wifi and both mine and my brother David’s personal Google accounts.

My timeline and maps history in my google accounts show that was at 117 N. Carolina St. on days that I was not home.

I took pictures of a white work van parked on man occasions, over the span of 5 months, in Ferris watson’s driveway.

Months later, after the brutal home invasion and rape, I looked up the license plates and discovered that the owner of that white work van is Anthony Jones, the uncle of the man who robbed and raped me.

Detective Ricardo Johns and Detective Gary Goodnight of the Houston Police Department were both given this information, including the pictures that I took of my rapist mking a drug deal in front of his house at 409 N. Carolina St., just 2 days after the rape.

I was with my friend Richard, and he also took pictures of the man who raped me and stole my truck out of my front yard, at gun point.

Richard got a statement from a man at 432 N. Carolina St on that occasion. the man informed Richard that my truck had been recovered in front of 409 N. carolina St, and he also told Richard that he saw my 2 year old rapist, smash my truck int the house.

Richard and I took pictures of the tire marks in the grass as well as the damage my truck made to the house that it was crashed into.

I provided this information t both detectives at HPD and told them that Richard spoke with a wtness, and possible relative of my rapist. No arrests have been made and Richard was never contacted by the Houston Police Department.

No investigation ever took place, even though I am a recipent of the Texas Attorney generals victims compensation Fund.

It is devastating.

Jefferson Correctional Facility
Tuesday, October 27, 2020 11:59 AM


During the 5 months that my brother and I lived at 115 N. Carolina St. and were viciously harassed by the neighbors there, I documented the IP addresses hacked into our home WIFI, Google, and Facebook accounts. The physical addresses of these IP addresses, consistently revealed the locations of 7809 Joy St, Houston , Texas, and 7921 Joy St. Houston, Texas. Listed residents at the locations, include the names Tracy Rene Jones, the mother or aunt of the man who raped me at gun point on March 24, 2020, and Wllie Watson, a relative of Ferris Watson, who lived at 117 N. Carolina St, the house directly across the street from our house.

In Feburary of 2020, I documented the physical addresses of every neighbor adjacent to 115 N. Carolina St., hacked into my personal Google. This is was complete and total invasion of my privacy.

I took pictures of boot tracks in the grass in my back yard. The boot tracks started at the very back of my yard, starting at the edge of the fence, and went straight up to my garage door. These boot tracks were consistent with someone jumping over the fence from the neighbors yard, and into my yard. I took pictures of the boot tracks in my yard. my friend Richard Ligthouse, from Targeted Justice, came over and also saw and took pictures of the boot tracks in my back yard.

The cyber stalkers also left “Foot prints” or tracks in my google account. It appeared as if the multiple users that I documented being hacked into my google account, were “checking in” with one another by checking the current weather at their said location, by way of my main Google home and search page.

The locations revealed that these multiple users in my Google account had me surrounded. Stalkers were parked at Ferris Watson’s house across the street, the gas station 2 blocks over, the city park just 5 blocks away, the railroad tracks nearby, and a user was also illegally hacked into my Google account next door, at 120 N. Carolina St, the abandoned house that Ferris Watson owns and claimed that no one lived at.

Ferris Watson told my brother David and I, that no one lived at 120 N. Carolina St., however my brother and I saw people moving around at this property in the middle of the night, and running from our yard to this property at all hours of the day.

It was clear that the “abandoned house” next door, 120 N. Carolina St., was being used at a post for the people harassing us.

I bought security cameras and exhausted myself trying to get photos of the harassment.

The images I captured were always distorted, and often the files on my SD cars were out of sequence, as if images and files had been removed. It was obvious that my security cameras were also hacked.

Often, I would see distorted and “cartoon like” images on security monitor, or images that appeared to be holograms. Some of these images showed people wearing masks.

I did not read or respond to these letters about her ordeal, she had spoke to me about this before and I had forwarded these and have been saving this information to put online when I felt up to this. I did not want to read what she has been through for she is a friend. Living life as a civilian that is targeted by these agencies, you grow to except the crimes committed upon your person.

I try to get up everyday and have a good day, ignoring the stalking, set-up, awaiting court case, the destruction of my life and all I worked for since I was a young man being stolen and slowly taken from me as I fight to survive, It is much easier going through this yourself then to watch the friends you have made in this world be assaulted, raped, terrorized daily in their lives as they also fight to survive.

No woman should be terrorized like this, this is the world we now live in in America, These are our intelligence agencies committing these crimes. I rarely even post to this site anymore, I am in contact with so many others going through this I have found my time taken up with other activities. I have thought I should tone it down a little, try not to use the word NAZI so much, but what is happening in this country is equal or worse then what happened in NAZI Germany, the incidents I have reported on the terrorism that I have been assaulted with do not even scratch the surface of what I have lived through since this 24/7 stalking and assault was waged against me. We shall now continue with this communication.

Jefferson Correctional Facility
Tuesday, October 27, 2020 4:13 PM


please I am desperate to get home.

Please help me find a cabin or monthly rental. I can not be released until someone gets me an addres to be released to in Beaumont or Port Arthur, Pleasure Island.

Please Keith I am begging you

Sometimes when I call, I don’t have long because a mean bully girl is next to me or there’s a fight or something…so I just call and let it ring a few times to prompt you to check the messages on here.

Thank you so much for your quick response.

My brother Jerry is on board to pay the money needed to get me out, I just need your help lining it all up.

Kind of like a secretary or in your case, a “KeithAtariat”

ha ha ha!!!

My brother put plenty of money on here so I can message back and forth with you. He added more money earlier today.

I need an address to be released to, anywhere in Jefferson County texas, which is the neighboring county next to Harris county, where you need to be for your BS at court.

I strongly feel that we need to stick together for safety, cause I am not kidding man, they are gonna kill us soon.

You can pick any place you want, I don’t care, as long as you get me free from jail.

there are a lot of out of town workers that come i to work the plants in Jefferson County, so know you can find a buttload of monthly rental options on facebook market place.

Don’t forget to message Mark Degeyter. He is single, my age, and owns a 3 bedroom house i Port arthur. He would probably let you stay there too. He is cool, and was close to my Dad. i havent talked to him in a few months, he could be mond controlled by now, but Mark nd i have always had a great cousin relationship. He is very laid bac, works as a electrician, drinks beer and chases women. contact mark asap

also, try this classified website to look for a cheap furnished monthly rental


Keep me posted on your progress.

I am praying I dont get beat up. a girl here that I have never talked to just told another girl that she is planning to burn me with hot water while I sleep tonight.

Jefferson Correctional Facility
Tuesday, October 27, 2020 9:10 PM

I sent Jerry addresses for some rentals that were nice and not to expensive, waiting to hear from him. David has contacted your cousin Mark on Facebook and is waiting on a reply.

. Who Could Object? “Tonight I would like to share with you an idea that I am extremely passionate about,” the young man said. His long black hair was swept back like a rock star’s, or a gangster’s. “Think about this,” he continued. “Throughout all human history, the way that we have expressed our intent, the way we have expressed our goals, the way we have expressed our desires, has been limited by our bodies.” When he inhaled, his rib cage expanded and filled out the fabric of his shirt. Gesturing toward his body, he said, “We are born into this world with this. Whatever nature or luck has given us.”

His speech then took a turn: “Now, we’ve had a lot of interesting tools over the years, but fundamentally the way that we work with those tools is through our bodies.” Then a further turn: “Here’s a situation that I know all of you know very well—your frustration with your smartphones, right? This is another tool, right? And we are still communicating with these tools through our bodies.”

And then it made a leap: “I would claim to you that these tools are not so smart. And maybe one of the reasons why they’re not so smart is because they’re not connected to our brains. Maybe if we could hook those devices into our brains, they could have some idea of what our goals are, what our intent is, and what our frustration is.”

So began “Beyond Bionics,” a talk by Justin C. Sanchez, then an associate professor of biomedical engineering and neuroscience at the University of Miami, and a faculty member of the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis. He was speaking at a tedx conference in Florida in 2012. What lies beyond bionics? Sanchez described his work as trying to “understand the neural code,” which would involve putting “very fine microwire electrodes”—the diameter of a human hair—“into the brain.” When we do that, he said, we would be able to “listen in to the music of the brain” and “listen in to what somebody’s motor intent might be” and get a glimpse of “your goals and your rewards” and then “start to understand how the brain encodes behavior.”

He explained, “With all of this knowledge, what we’re trying to do is build new medical devices, new implantable chips for the body that can be encoded or programmed with all of these different aspects. Now, you may be wondering, what are we going to do with those chips? Well, the first recipients of these kinds of technologies will be the paralyzed. It would make me so happy by the end of my career if I could help get somebody out of their wheelchair.”

Sanchez went on, “The people that we are trying to help should never be imprisoned by their bodies. And today we can design technologies that can help liberate them from that. I’m truly inspired by that. It drives me every day when I wake up and get out of bed. Thank you so much.” He blew a kiss to the audience.

The mission is to make human beings something other than what we are, with powers beyond the ones we’re born with. A year later, Justin Sanchez went to work for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the Pentagon’s R&D department. At darpa, he now oversees all research on the healing and enhancement of the human mind and body. And his ambition involves more than helping get disabled people out of their wheelchair—much more.

darpa has dreamed for decades of merging human beings and machines. Some years ago, when the prospect of mind-controlled weapons became a public-relations liability for the agency, officials resorted to characteristic ingenuity. They recast the stated purpose of their neurotechnology research to focus ostensibly on the narrow goal of healing injury and curing illness. The work wasn’t about weaponry or warfare, agency officials claimed. It was about therapy and health care. Who could object? But even if this claim were true, such changes would have extensive ethical, social, and metaphysical implications. Within decades, neurotechnology could cause social disruption on a scale that would make smartphones and the internet look like gentle ripples on the pond of history.

Most unsettling, neurotechnology confounds age-old answers to this question: What is a human being?

II. High Risk, High Reward In his 1958 State of the Union address, President Dwight Eisenhower declared that the United States of America “must be forward-looking in our research and development to anticipate the unimagined weapons of the future.” A few weeks later, his administration created the Advanced Research Projects Agency, a bureaucratically independent body that reported to the secretary of defense. This move had been prompted by the Soviet launch of the Sputnik satellite. The agency’s original remit was to hasten America’s entry into space.

During the next few years, arpa’s mission grew to encompass research into “man-computer symbiosis” and a classified program of experiments in mind control that was code-named Project Pandora. There were bizarre efforts that involved trying to move objects at a distance by means of thought alone. In 1972, with an increment of candor, the word Defense was added to the name, and the agency became darpa. Pursuing its mission, darpa funded researchers who helped invent technologies that changed the nature of battle (stealth aircraft, drones) and shaped daily life for billions (voice-recognition technology, GPS devices). Its best-known creation is the internet.

The agency’s penchant for what it calls “high-risk, high-reward” research ensured that it would also fund a cavalcade of folly. Project Seesaw, a quintessential Cold War boondoggle, envisioned a “particle-beam weapon” that could be deployed in the event of a Soviet attack. The idea was to set off a series of nuclear explosions beneath the Great Lakes, creating a giant underground chamber. Then the lakes would be drained, in a period of 15 minutes, to generate the electricity needed to set off a particle beam. The beam would accelerate through tunnels hundreds of miles long (also carved out by underground nuclear explosions) in order to muster enough force to shoot up into the atmosphere and knock incoming Soviet missiles out of the sky. During the Vietnam War, darpa tried to build a Cybernetic Anthropomorphous Machine, a jungle vehicle that officials called a “mechanical elephant.”

One aspiration: the ability, via computer, to transfer knowledge and thoughts from one person’s mind to another’s. The diverse and sometimes even opposing goals of darpa scientists and their Defense Department overlords merged into a murky, symbiotic research culture—“unencumbered by the typical bureaucratic oversight and uninhibited by the restraints of scientific peer review,” Sharon Weinberger wrote in a recent book, The Imagineers of War. In Weinberger’s account, darpa’s institutional history involves many episodes of introducing a new technology in the context of one appealing application, while hiding other genuine but more troubling motives. At darpa, the left hand knows, and doesn’t know, what the right hand is doing.

The agency is deceptively compact. A mere 220 employees, supported by about 1,000 contractors, report for work each day at darpa’s headquarters, a nondescript glass-and-steel building in Arlington, Virginia, across the street from the practice rink for the Washington Capitals. About 100 of these employees are program managers—scientists and engineers, part of whose job is to oversee about 2,000 outsourcing arrangements with corporations, universities, and government labs. The effective workforce of darpa actually runs into the range of tens of thousands. The budget is officially said to be about $3 billion, and has stood at roughly that level for an implausibly long time—the past 14 years.

The Biological Technologies Office, created in 2014, is the newest of darpa’s six main divisions. This is the office headed by Justin Sanchez. One purpose of the office is to “restore and maintain warfighter abilities” by various means, including many that emphasize neurotechnology—applying engineering principles to the biology of the nervous system. For instance, the Restoring Active Memory program develops neuroprosthetics—tiny electronic components implanted in brain tissue—that aim to alter memory formation so as to counteract traumatic brain injury. Does darpa also run secret biological programs? In the past, the Department of Defense has done such things. It has conducted tests on human subjects that were questionable, unethical, or, many have argued, illegal. The Big Boy protocol, for example, compared radiation exposure of sailors who worked above and below deck on a battleship, never informing the sailors that they were part of an experiment.

Last year I asked Sanchez directly whether any of darpa’s neurotechnology work, specifically, was classified. He broke eye contact and said, “I can’t—We’ll have to get off that topic, because I can’t answer one way or another.” When I framed the question personally—“Are you involved with any classified neuroscience project?”—he looked me in the eye and said, “I’m not doing any classified work on the neurotechnology end.”

If his speech is careful, it is not spare. Sanchez has appeared at public events with some frequency (videos are posted on darpa’s YouTube channel), to articulate joyful streams of good news about darpa’s proven applications—for instance, brain-controlled prosthetic arms for soldiers who have lost limbs. Occasionally he also mentions some of his more distant aspirations. One of them is the ability, via computer, to transfer knowledge and thoughts from one person’s mind to another’s.

III. “We Try to Find Ways to Say Yes” Medicine and biology were of minor interest to darpa until the 1990s, when biological weapons became a threat to U.S. national security. The agency made a significant investment in biology in 1997, when darpa created the Controlled Biological Systems program. The zoologist Alan S. Rudolph managed this sprawling effort to integrate the built world with the natural world. As he explained it to me, the aim was “to increase, if you will, the baud rate, or the cross-communication, between living and nonliving systems.” He spent his days working through questions such as “Could we unlock the signals in the brain associated with movement in order to allow you to control something outside your body, like a prosthetic leg or an arm, a robot, a smart home—or to send the signal to somebody else and have them receive it?”

Human enhancement became an agency priority. “Soldiers having no physical, physiological, or cognitive limitation will be key to survival and operational dominance in the future,” predicted Michael Goldblatt, who had been the science and technology officer at McDonald’s before joining darpa in 1999. To enlarge humanity’s capacity to “control evolution,” he assembled a portfolio of programs with names that sounded like they’d been taken from video games or sci-fi movies: Metabolic Dominance, Persistence in Combat, Continuous Assisted Performance, Augmented Cognition, Peak Soldier Performance, Brain-Machine Interface.

The programs of this era, as described by Annie Jacobsen in her 2015 book, The Pentagon’s Brain, often shaded into mad-scientist territory. The Continuous Assisted Performance project attempted to create a “24/7 soldier” who could go without sleep for up to a week. (“My measure of success,” one darpa official said of these programs, “is that the International Olympic Committee bans everything we do.”)

Dick Cheney relished this kind of research. In the summer of 2001, an array of “super-soldier” programs was presented to the vice president. His enthusiasm contributed to the latitude that President George W. Bush’s administration gave darpa—at a time when the agency’s foundation was shifting. Academic science gave way to tech-industry “innovation.” Tony Tether, who had spent his career working alternately for Big Tech, defense contractors, and the Pentagon, became darpa’s director. After the 9/11 attacks, the agency announced plans for a surveillance program called Total Information Awareness, whose logo included an all-seeing eye emitting rays of light that scanned the globe. The pushback was intense, and Congress took darpa to task for Orwellian overreach. The head of the program—Admiral John Poindexter, who had been tainted by scandal back in the Reagan years—later resigned, in 2003. The controversy also drew unwanted attention to darpa’s research on super-soldiers and the melding of mind and machine. That research made people nervous, and Alan Rudolph, too, found himself on the way out.

In this time of crisis, darpa invited Geoff Ling, a neurology?ICU physician and, at the time, an active-duty Army officer, to join the Defense Sciences Office. (Ling went on to work in the Biological Technologies Office when it spun out from Defense Sciences, in 2014.) When Ling was interviewed for his first job at darpa, in 2002, he was preparing for deployment to Afghanistan and thinking about very specific combat needs. One was a “pharmacy on demand” that would eliminate the bulk of powdery fillers from drugs in pill or capsule form and instead would formulate active ingredients for ingestion via a lighter, more compact, dissolving substance—like Listerine breath strips. This eventually became a darpa program. The agency’s brazen sense of possibility buoyed Ling, who recalls with pleasure how colleagues told him, “We try to find ways to say yes, not ways to say no.” With Rudolph gone, Ling picked up the torch.

Ling talks fast. He has a tough-guy voice. The faster he talks, the tougher he sounds, and when I met him, his voice hit top speed as he described a first principle of Defense Sciences. He said he had learned this “particularly” from Alan Rudolph: “Your brain tells your hands what to do. Your hands basically are its tools, okay? And that was a revelation to me.” He continued, “We are tool users—that’s what humans are. A human wants to fly, he builds an airplane and flies. A human wants to have recorded history, and he creates a pen. Everything we do is because we use tools, right? And the ultimate tools are our hands and feet. Our hands allow us to work with the environment to do stuff, and our feet take us where our brain wants to go. The brain is the most important thing.”

Ling connected this idea of the brain’s primacy with his own clinical experience of the battlefield. He asked himself, “How can I liberate mankind from the limitations of the body?” The program for which Ling became best known is called Revolutionizing Prosthetics. Since the Civil War, as Ling has said, the prosthetic arm given to most amputees has been barely more sophisticated than “a hook,” and not without risks: “Try taking care of your morning ablutions with that bad boy, and you’re going to need a proctologist every goddamn day.” With help from darpa colleagues and academic and corporate researchers, Ling and his team built something that was once all but unimaginable: a brain-controlled prosthetic arm.

No invention since the internet has been such a reliable source of good publicity for darpa. Milestones in its development were hailed with wonder. In 2012, 60 Minutes showed a paralyzed woman named Jan Scheuermann feeding herself a bar of chocolate using a robotic arm that she manipulated by means of a brain implant.

Yet darpa’s work to repair damaged bodies was merely a marker on a road to somewhere else. The agency has always had a larger mission, and in a 2015 presentation, one program manager—a Silicon Valley recruit—described that mission: to “free the mind from the limitations of even healthy bodies.” What the agency learns from healing makes way for enhancement. The mission is to make human beings something other than what we are, with powers beyond the ones we’re born with and beyond the ones we can organically attain.

The internal workings of darpa are complicated. The goals and values of its research shift and evolve in the manner of a strange, half-conscious shell game. The line between healing and enhancement blurs. And no one should lose sight of the fact that D is the first letter in darpa’s name. A year and a half after the video of Jan Scheuermann feeding herself chocolate was shown on television, darpa made another video of her, in which her brain-computer interface was connected to an F-35 flight simulator, and she was flying the airplane. darpa later disclosed this at a conference called Future of War.Geoff Ling’s efforts have been carried on by Justin Sanchez. In 2016, Sanchez appeared at darpa’s “Demo Day” with a man named Johnny Matheny, whom agency officials describe as the first “osseointegrated” upper-limb amputee—the first man with a prosthetic arm attached directly to bone. Matheny demonstrated what was, at the time, darpa’s most advanced prosthetic arm. He told the attendees, “I can sit here and curl a 45-pound dumbbell all day long, till the battery runs dead.” The next day, Gizmodo ran this headline above its report from the event: “darpa’s Mind-Controlled Arm Will Make You Wish You Were a Cyborg.” Since then, darpa’s work in neurotechnology has avowedly widened in scope, to embrace “the broader aspects of life,” Sanchez told me, “beyond the person in the hospital who is using it to heal.” The logical progression of all this research is the creation of human beings who are ever more perfect, by certain technological standards. New and improved soldiers are necessary and desirable for darpa, but they are just the window-display version of the life that lies ahead.

IV. “Over the Horizon” Consider memory, Sanchez told me: “Everybody thinks about what it would be like to give memory a boost by 20, 30, 40 percent—pick your favorite number—and how that would be transformative.” He spoke of memory enhancement through neural interface as an alternative form of education. “School in its most fundamental form is a technology that we have developed as a society to help our brains to do more,” he said. “In a different way, neurotechnology uses other tools and techniques to help our brains be the best that they can be.” One technique was described in a 2013 paper, a study involving researchers at Wake Forest University, the University of Southern California, and the University of Kentucky. Researchers performed surgery on 11 rats. Into each rat’s brain, an electronic array—featuring 16 stainless-steel wires—was implanted. After the rats recovered from surgery, they were separated into two groups, and they spent a period of weeks getting educated, though one group was educated more than the other.

The less educated group learned a simple task, involving how to procure a droplet of water. The more educated group learned a complex version of that same task—to procure the water, these rats had to persistently poke levers with their nose despite confounding delays in the delivery of the water droplet. When the more educated group of rats attained mastery of this task, the researchers exported the neural-firing patterns recorded in the rats’ brains—the memory of how to perform the complex task—to a computer.

“What we did then was we took those signals and we gave it to an animal that was stupid,” Geoff Ling said at a darpa event in 2015—meaning that researchers took the neural-firing patterns encoding the memory of how to perform the more complex task, recorded from the brains of the more educated rats, and transferred those patterns into the brains of the less educated rats—“and that stupid animal got it. They were able to execute that full thing.” Ling summarized: “For this rat, we reduced the learning period from eight weeks down to seconds.”

“They could inject memory using the precise neural codes for certain skills,” Sanchez told me. He believes that the Wake Forest experiment amounts to a foundational step toward “memory prosthesis.” This is the stuff of The Matrix. Though many researchers question the findings—cautioning that, really, it can’t be this simple—Sanchez is confident: “If I know the neural codes in one individual, could I give that neural code to another person? I think you could.” Under Sanchez, darpa has funded human experiments at Wake Forest, the University of Southern California, and the University of Pennsylvania, using similar mechanisms in analogous parts of the brain. These experiments did not transfer memory from one person to another, but instead gave individuals a memory “boost.” Implanted electrodes recorded neuronal activity associated with recognizing patterns (at Wake Forest and USC) and memorizing word lists (at Penn) in certain brain circuits. Then electrodes fed back those recordings of neuronal activity into the same circuits as a form of reinforcement. The result, in both cases, was significantly improved memory recall.

Doug Weber, a neural engineer at the University of Pittsburgh who recently finished a four-year term as a darpa program manager, working with Sanchez, is a memory-transfer skeptic. Born in Wisconsin, he has the demeanor of a sitcom dad: not too polished, not too rumpled. “I don’t believe in the infinite limits of technology evolution,” he told me. “I do believe there are going to be some technical challenges which are impossible to achieve.” For instance, when scientists put electrodes in the brain, those devices eventually fail—after a few months or a few years. The most intractable problem is blood leakage. When foreign material is put into the brain, Weber said, “you undergo this process of wounding, bleeding, healing, wounding, bleeding, healing, and whenever blood leaks into the brain compartment, the activity in the cells goes way down, so they become sick, essentially.” More effectively than any fortress, the brain rejects invasion.

Even if the interface problems that limit us now didn’t exist, Weber went on to say, he still would not believe that neuroscientists could enable the memory-prosthesis scenario. Some people like to think about the brain as if it were a computer, Weber explained, “where information goes from A to B to C, like everything is very modular. And certainly there is clear modular organization in the brain. But it’s not nearly as sharp as it is in a computer. All information is everywhere all the time, right? It’s so widely distributed that achieving that level of integration with the brain is far out of reach right now.”

Peripheral nerves, by contrast, conduct signals in a more modular fashion. The biggest, longest peripheral nerve is the vagus. It connects the brain with the heart, the lungs, the digestive tract, and more. Neuroscientists understand the brain’s relationship with the vagus nerve more clearly than they understand the intricacies of memory formation and recall among neurons within the brain. Weber believes that it may be possible to stimulate the vagus nerve in ways that enhance the process of learning—not by transferring experiential memories, but by sharpening the facility for certain skills.

Will an enhanced human being—a human being possessing a neural interface with a computer—still be a human being? To test this hypothesis, Weber directed the creation of a new program in the Biological Technologies Office, called Targeted Neuroplasticity Training (TNT). Teams of researchers at seven universities are investigating whether vagal-nerve stimulation can enhance learning in three areas: marksmanship, surveillance and reconnaissance, and language. The team at Arizona State has an ethicist on staff whose job, according to Weber, “is to be looking over the horizon to anticipate potential challenges and conflicts that may arise” regarding the ethical dimensions of the program’s technology, “before we let the genie out of the bottle.” At a TNT kickoff meeting, the research teams spent 90 minutes discussing the ethical questions involved in their work—the start of a fraught conversation that will broaden to include many others, and last for a very long time.

darpa officials refer to the potential consequences of neurotechnology by invoking the acronym elsi, a term of art devised for the Human Genome Project. It stands for “ethical, legal, social implications.” The man who led the discussion on ethics among the research teams was Steven Hyman, a neuroscientist and neuroethicist at MIT and Harvard’s Broad Institute. Hyman is also a former head of the National Institute of Mental Health. When I spoke with him about his work on darpa programs, he noted that one issue needing attention is “cross talk.” A man-machine interface that does not just “read” someone’s brain but also “writes into” someone’s brain would almost certainly create “cross talk between those circuits which we are targeting and the circuits which are engaged in what we might call social and moral emotions,” he said. It is impossible to predict the effects of such cross talk on “the conduct of war” (the example he gave), much less, of course, on ordinary life.

Weber and a darpa spokesperson related some of the questions the researchers asked in their ethics discussion: Who will decide how this technology gets used? Would a superior be able to force subordinates to use it? Will genetic tests be able to determine how responsive someone would be to targeted neuroplasticity training? Would such tests be voluntary or mandatory? Could the results of such tests lead to discrimination in school admissions or employment? What if the technology affects moral or emotional cognition—our ability to tell right from wrong or to control our own behavior?

Recalling the ethics discussion, Weber told me, “The main thing I remember is that we ran out of time.”

V. “You Can Weaponize Anything” In The Pentagon’s Brain, Annie Jacobsen suggested that darpa’s neurotechnology research, including upper-limb prosthetics and the brain-machine interface, is not what it seems: “It is likely that darpa’s primary goal in advancing prosthetics is to give robots, not men, better arms and hands.” Geoff Ling rejected the gist of her conclusion when I summarized it for him (he hadn’t read the book). He told me, “When we talk about stuff like this, and people are looking for nefarious things, I always say to them, ‘Do you honestly believe that the military that your grandfather served in, your uncle served in, has changed into being Nazis or the Russian army?’ Everything we did in the Revolutionizing Prosthetics program—everything we did—is published. If we were really building an autonomous-weapons system, why would we publish it in the open literature for our adversaries to read? We hid nothing. We hid not a thing. And you know what? That meant that we didn’t just do it for America. We did it for the world.”

I started to say that publishing this research would not prevent its being misused. But the terms use and misuse overlook a bigger issue at the core of any meaningful neurotechnology-ethics discussion. Will an enhanced human being—a human being possessing a neural interface with a computer—still be human, as people have experienced humanity through all of time? Or will such a person be a different sort of creature?

The U.S. government has put limits on darpa’s power to experiment with enhancing human capabilities. Ling says colleagues told him of a “directive”: “Congress was very specific,” he said. “They don’t want us to build a superperson.” This can’t be the announced goal, Congress seems to be saying, but if we get there by accident—well, that’s another story. Ling’s imagination remains at large. He told me, “If I gave you a third eye, and the eye can see in the ultraviolet, that would be incorporated into everything that you do. If I gave you a third ear that could hear at a very high frequency, like a bat or like a snake, then you would incorporate all those senses into your experience and you would use that to your advantage. If you can see at night, you’re better than the person who can’t see at night.”

Enhancing the senses to gain superior advantage—this language suggests weaponry. Such capacities could certainly have military applications, Ling acknowledged—“You can weaponize anything, right?”—before he dismissed the idea and returned to the party line: “No, actually, this has to do with increasing a human’s capability” in a way that he compared to military training and civilian education, and justified in economic terms.

“Let’s say I gave you a third arm,” and then a fourth arm—so, two additional hands, he said. “You would be more capable; you would do more things, right?” And if you could control four hands as seamlessly as you’re controlling your current two hands, he continued, “you would actually be doing double the amount of work that you would normally do. It’s as simple as that. You’re increasing your productivity to do whatever you want to do.” I started to picture his vision—working with four arms, four hands—and asked, “Where does it end?”

“It won’t ever end,” Ling said. “I mean, it will constantly get better and better—” His cellphone rang. He took the call, then resumed where he had left off: “What darpa does is we provide a fundamental tool so that other people can take those tools and do great things with them that we’re not even thinking about.”


I have been working out…trying not to get too fat. We have voluntary rec every morning. There are 68 women in my dorm. I was the ONLY women to get up this morning and power walk for a solid hour today, and yesterday, and the day before that. I do however eat candy all day…but I brush twice a day, so that is ok. I am bored. These women have harsh attitude problems. If you ask one of them a question such as “Do you know if the med cart nurse came yet”… most likely you get a reply like “I don’t fucking know bitch”

Yep, my bunkee is nicknamed “Ice Pick” because she murdered two dudes with an ice pick in the 80s. and the girl on the other side of my bunk, is here because she set her boyfriend o fir while he was asleep in their bed. I said “Oh my, he must have cheated or hurt you” and she said “No, I was mad at him cause I wanted to fuck and he went to sleep, so I set his ass on fire. No body gonna do me like that, not even my own niga”

I sent a demand letter to Johnson today, giving him 10 days to refund my $3500 by check, and mail to my brother Jerrys house, or Grievences will start with the state bar. So, that is what the state bar told me to do. I hand wrote the letter, and mailed it to Jerry, so he can mail it to Johnson via certfied mail, so we get a receipt with his signature. I gave the slimball until November 13th to refund my money.

47 days of my life have also been stolen now, and counting.

I made sure to send the letter from jail, told Jerry to make copies of the envelope and hand written letter.

Jason found the contract with Johnson, and Jerry mailed it to me in jail.

In the letter I hand wrote to Johnson, I remind him that when I hired his firm and paid them $3500, I documented and recorded our conversations, and that I have it saved where I instructed them, that I was hiring the firm because I am a victim of organized stalking via an organized crime ring, and that I was living in total fear. Then with his negligence of taking my money and never contacting my probation officer, a warrant was issued for my arrest. Then shortly after that, I was raped and assaulted and suffered grand theft robbery, by means of 3 masked men with forced a home invasion. I am still recovering from this horffic crime that almost took my life, and thanks to Johnson’s negligence, I have been sitting in jail for 47 days now, as an innocent women, and still emotionally suffering and healing from the ordeal.

Jason, will your Mom’s attorney take my legal malpractice case on contingency? Don’t answer that here, just ponder in your Jason mind.

Has anyone heard from Mark Degeyter yet???

Cousin Mark is funny as shit. When we go into the grocery store, he likes to say hello to all the people who work there that he knows and he walks by the girl at the deli, and the guy stocking the produce, and while he grabs a case of Budlight out of the cooler, Mark says “Hey, how’s your momma and them doing?”

That sounds dumb, but it’s pretty damn funny in person. David, did I ever tell you about the time that Mark and I stole all of Dad’s beer and we thought it would be funny to swap out the neighbors potted plants on their porches. Dad was so pissed, but we thought it was great. Dad was mad because we drank all of his beer and it was a Sunday and he could buy beer the next day until noon.

47 days and counting!

Keith, David, Jason!!!


Get me out! Please bond me out!

Good, I told him when he started that that this would not end by not contacting you. You can have no fear of these criminals. Their day is coming as it always does. If not FBI will soon have to surveil and stalking all the USA along with the corrupt state, fed and local officials, businesses and corporations that take part in this. Same crimes as exposed in Cointelpro in 1970’s yet they appear to take part in the assault of women much more then in the three decades preceding their illegal activities being discovered. Out of the five Woman I have met in Fort Worth, two feel they were drugged and raped, probably by the criminal informants, yet if FBI and corrupt sheriffs take part in the cover up of these crimes as they had in your case, they are just as guilty.

will you ask David to Please check smartailmail messages here?

Jerry put money here, so it will be free for david to respond…it just send me a COD.

I hope you are doing OK keith. I think we both have court on Tuesday the 3rd.

Write back when you can.

Im still trying to find out if I can live temporarily at my cousin tamies Moms house in beaumont. If you hear anything, please let me know.

i love you. I hope you are well.

Hey there, David said he would call today, I have not heard from him. I’ll tell him to get ahold of you, he said he also started account. He is doing ok but having breathing problems as well as going through the same assaults by these FBI Cointelpro criminals. I’m OK, I got back in Houston on Friday night so these criminals are keeping me busy just trying to upload videos of there harassment as fast as they give me new ones. Incredible, lady working at hotel has horn honking over seventy times the night I arrived, I called police. Of course nothing happened but I have those videos as well as the same incident the whole time I was in Fort Worth, one just days prior to arrival here and one of the neighbors that moved next to you at RV spot honking horn about forty times. Jason of course recorded the same honking activity when he returned to Houston that I recorded in Fort Worth at the same time! Hard to see this as anything but a attempt to intimidate witnesses to your stalking in city hundreds of miles from where you were stalked before, and after your assault. Unbelievable they FBI, Police have employees so corrupt that they will stop at nothing to cover up their involvement in criminal activity of the most horrendous nature.

Probably haven’t heard much on Biden’s kids laptop in there since you only get Hollywood produced news so here’s something to read. Will text David again right now. Love and take care. You will be walking out of there one day soon. Keith

—————————————————————————- John Paul Mac Isaac, the Delaware computer repair man who had Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop before handing it over to the FBI and Rudy Giuliana, has said the New York Post bombshell yesterday hardly scratched the surface of what is on the hard rive, and suggested there is far more to come, including illegal content.

Isaac also hinted at an FBI coverup and said he is living in fear for his life.

After the New York Post published shocking revelations that Hunter Biden leveraged Joe Biden’s position and influence to make money in Ukraine and a series of photos showing Hunter apparently in the throes of a drug binge, the computer shop owner who transferred the data to both the FBI and Rudy Giuliani spoke to the media in a nearly hour-long audio interview.

NationalFile report: John Paul Mac Isaac, the owner of a Mac computer repair store in Delaware who came into possession of an abandoned laptop previously owned by Hunter, spoke to the media for nearly an hour, and suggested there is far more content than what the Post published, including illegal content, and said that he fears for his life because of the content on the hard drive.

Isaac also hinted that the FBI is covering up the contents on the laptop as a political favor to the Biden family, and claimed that the FBI warned him not to go public with the information in his possession.

Doctors Stunned: This Removes Wrinkles Like Crazy Dr. Shelton Solution Ads by Revcontent Find Out More > 85,624 At one point in the interview, Isaac explained that during his career as a computer repair professional, he once encountered child porn when repairing a man’s computer and immediately called the police. He compared that to this incident, and said that while he did not see child porn on Hunter’s computer, he saw illegal materials and discussions of illegal activities that made him believe his “life would be in danger.”


He went on to suggest that there is much more than what has currently been published in what may have been a vague hint that he has a dead man’s switch in the event something happens to him.

“I’m afraid of someone wanting to make sure that I don’t extort them for money, or that I don’t do things with their computer. They silence people. So I was afraid,” said Isaac at one point. “I just wanted it out of my shop.”

When pressed, Isaac explained that he feared “The things people will go through in this political climate,” apparently citing the last several months of civil unrest and political violence in the United States. He also claimed that “people that work for” Joe Biden are putting his life in danger.

Hunter Biden gets billion dollar deal with Chinese government following his fathers trip Robert ‘Hunter’ Biden and his father, Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden. When asked whether he spoke first to the FBI or to Giuliani about the computer and its contents, he told reporters that he first gave the information to the FBI because he “trusted them,” and it was the first time he ever received a subpoena. Isaac also confirmed he has not spoke to the FBI in the last month.

The media repeatedly asked if he approached Giuliani or his lawyer with the information, or if he was approached first, which Isaac refused to acknowledge. At one point, after repeatedly refusing to answer the same question, Isaac became exasperated with the media.

“Do you guys do this to every day people all the time,” asked Isaac. “”I don’t know if I should talk anymore.”

He went on, “I’m worried about saying the wrong things and getting in more trouble than I already am. I’m worried about my safety, salvaging what I can out of my business.”

When pressed on what type of trouble he could create, he again brought up his frustration with the mainstream media, saying “There’s like a million press people that have been beating the hell out of me today.”

When the media told him that his refusal to answer questions about the timeline of how he came into contact with Giuliani would result in their readers questioning his integrity, he again lambasted the media.

“I’m probably not going to have any integrity by the time you guys are done anyway. I’m pretty much at the point where I don’t care what people think– I am not a political operative. I am just a guy that had something that I wanted out of this shop.”

When asked why he was willing to work with Giuliani, he explained “When you’re afraid and you don’t know anything about the waters that you’re in you kind of, you want to find a lifeguard.”

At one point, Isaac claimed the FBI agents he spoke to suggested he should not discuss the contents of Hunter’s laptop publicly.

“They told me that nothing ever happens to people who don’t talk, the FBI, and that made me scared, because that’s not something I would expect the highest branch of,” said Isaac, before apparently realizing the magnitude of his statement. “Don’t, don’t — It was more along the lines of, in our experiences when stuff like this happens nothing ever bad happens to people that keep quiet,” he added.

One reporter then stated that Isaac was alleging an FBI coverup. At this point, the audio is muddled by reporters speaking over each other, but it appears Isaac said “Yeah that’s how I feel about it kind of. Well sh*t. No comment–It’s too late.”

He went on to say that he does not want to speak to the FBI after these revelations because he expects “they’re probably not going to be thrilled to talk to me.”

Isaac repeatedly states that he went to the FBI because he thought it was the right thing to do given the magnitude of the material in his possession. “I thought I was following the chain of command,” he insisted. When asked why he did not simply throw the laptop away, he replied that it “didn’t seem like the right thing to do.”

When asked whether a third copy of the materials exist, other than the copy in possession of the FBI and the copy in possession of Giuliani and at least partially by the Post, Isaac said that he created a third copy and gave it to a trusted friend as a safety precaution “for fear that if something bad happened to me, I gave the drive to somebody who would hopefully leverage it.” He went on to state that this third copy no longer exists.

As the interview went on, and Isaac was finally asked for his feelings about Giuliani giving the story to the Post, Isaac said he had no emotions and said it was preferable to an assassination, making references to the deaths of Seth Rich, a DNC employee who some believed had a role in the leak or hack of the DNC email servers, and Jeffrey Epstein, the billionaire pedophile hedge fund manager who partied with British royals, the Clinton family, and Bill Gates, among others.

Have you heard from David? Your court sounded like BS, did your lawyer ask for bond reduction? Do anything? Let me know what David said, I’ll try to call him again. Jason said you called twice but call was dropped?

I went to court, it was a different judge again so she would not give decision on travel. SHe mentioned dropping charges to a misdemeanor. I go back to court on the 14th.

That is good news about the misdeamanor. Are you going to take it?

Wednesday, November 4, 2020 9:43 PM

I think this will be dismissed

ohh…keith…that’s great news!!! I am so relieved for you! I will pray for you! thanks for the update!

Love you. I told you that GOD is with us now, and he always has been. Everything will be ok.

a girl here just told me that I can probably bond out to Red Roof Inn with Bail America.

Do you mind calling Bail America and ask for Barbara? Ask her if I can be bonded out to a weekly rental hotel in beaumont while I wait for my brother to brng y Rv from Fort Worth to Beaumont for me. Jerry will most likely go for this. The calls cost me $8 bucks each. If you can call and find out if I can use a weekly rental hotel in Beaumont, that would help a bunch keith…

Barabara at Bail America

Thank you dude!

I need to know your original attorneys name for bondsman

Original attorney’s name is Attorney Charles Johnson.

Text Jason right now, and ask him to immediately forward you the letter that my brother Jerry wrote to my Judge yesterday, about what happened and the fraud, and how I am an innocent person in jail.

You can send this letter to any bondsman.

You need to see this letter, it’s great Keith. Tell Jason to send it to you.

God bless you man. It always takes you a minute, but you never let me down Keith.

Ask Jason in a text to send you these 3 things:

1. Letter Jerry wrote to Judge West (yesterday) about how am innocent jail, victim of fraud by Attorney Charles Johnson in Houston.

2. Affidavit- written by David Degeyter, states that he witnessed stalking and fraud by Attorney Charles Johnson, that he stole $3500 and never called my probation, thus a warrant for my arrest was issued.

3. Contract between myself and Attorney Charles Johnson for $3500

Jason has all 3 of these things! Tell that kid to send them to you ASAP!


Did you call the bondsman and ask if I can stay at a Motel 6 or Red Roof inn????

I have been contacting the bail place, she is waiting to hear from her boss.

Hope you are well. I accidentally just sent a long message to Jason, that was meant for you. can you ask him to send it to you, so I don’t have to retype out the whole thing?

Can you look up these addresses for me please? I wrote letters, and have them in stamped envelopes, but I have no way to look up the addresses just copy and paste back here, please.

1. mailing address for Internal Affairs Houston Police Department

2. mailing address for American Civil liberties Union- Houston Texas

3. Texas State Bar Client Attorney Assistance Program

4. Legal Malpractice Attorneys for Houston and Beaumont area

5. Crime Victims Advocate for Victims of Rape and Violent Crime in Houston

6. The Houston Chronicle someone I can write to about my rape ad robbery, police corruption

I will get those to you, give me a bit, I’m out got a while today. Let me ask Jason and see if he can do that. He has not been doing well, going through the same thing David is at the moment. Hope all is going ok for you. Ill get back with all of this as soon as I get back.

Here are some addresses , I will forward this to Jason and keep working on this all. Hope all is ok. A lot going on out here, same old stuff but recording and documenting it all. Keep in mind that now we have FBI, Police intimidating two witnesses to your stalking, harassment in Fort Worth to cover up and keep silent their cointelpro operation. Although they seem to believe murder, attempted murder, rape, break ins, stalking, assault etc is legal for the corrupt individuals in these agencies that partake in these crimes, this is still the US and this is frowned upon by many Americans still even in these modern times.

Quick update on exposed program that they have now combined with the over one century old program of Human Experimentation. Just keep plugging away, many people know what we are going through, you are not alone and we will see justice.

Love you too and you take care.

FBI used five main methods during COINTELPRO:

Infiltration: Agents and informers did not merely spy on political activists. Their main purpose was to discredit, disrupt and negatively redirect action. Their very presence served to undermine trust and scare off potential supporters. The FBI and police exploited this fear to smear genuine activists as agents. Psychological warfare: The FBI and police used myriad “dirty tricks” to undermine progressive movements. They planted false media stories and published bogus leaflets and other publications in the name of targeted groups. They forged correspondence, sent anonymous letters, and made anonymous telephone calls. They spread misinformation about meetings and events, set up pseudo movement groups run by government agents, and manipulated or strong-armed parents, employers, landlords, school officials, and others to cause trouble for activists. They used bad-jacketing to create suspicion about targeted activists, sometimes with lethal consequences.[70] Harassment via the legal system: The FBI and police abused the legal system to harass dissidents and make them appear to be criminals. Officers of the law gave perjured testimony and presented fabricated evidence as a pretext for false arrests and wrongful imprisonment. They discriminatorily enforced tax laws and other government regulations and used conspicuous surveillance, “investigative” interviews, and grand jury subpoenas in an effort to intimidate activists and silence their supporters.[69][71] Illegal force: The FBI conspired with local police departments to threaten dissidents; to conduct illegal break-ins in order to search dissident homes; and to commit vandalism, assaults, beatings and assassinations.[69] The objective was to frighten or eliminate dissidents and disrupt their movements. Undermine public opinion: One of the primary ways the FBI targeted organizations was by challenging their reputations in the community and denying them a platform to gain legitimacy. Hoover specifically designed programs to block leaders from “spreading their philosophy publicly or through the communications media”. Furthermore, the organization created and controlled negative media meant to undermine black power organizations. For instance, they oversaw the creation of “documentaries” skillfully edited to paint the Black Panther Party as aggressive, and false newspapers that spread misinformation about party members. The ability of the FBI to create distrust within and between revolutionary organizations tainted their public image and weakened chances at unity and public support.[46]

The Internal Affairs/Central Intake Office is located at Police Headquarters, 1200 Travis, Suite 2001, Houston, Texas, 77002.

ACLU- State Headquarters – Houston P.O. Box 8306 Houston, TX 77288-8306 713.942.8146 713.942.8966 fax 888.653.6498 toll free

Texas bar- Texas Law Center 1414 Colorado Street Austin, Texas 78701 ————————————-/——

Crime Victim Services Division, Office of the Attorney General, PO Box 12198, Austin, Texas 78711-2198.

Contact TAASA Phone: 512-474-7190 Email: info@taasa.org Address: 7700 Chevy Chase Dr, Suite 230 Austin, TX 78752

© 2020 Texas Association Against Sexual Assault. All rights reserved. ————————————-/

Texas Council on Family Violence PO Box 163865 Austin, TX 78716 P 512.794.1133 F 512.685.6397?800.525.1978


Mailing Address: Texas Department of Criminal Justice Victim Services Division PO Box 13401 Capital Station Austin, Texas 78711-3401 Phone: (800) 848-4284 Fax: (512) 452-0825 E-mail: victim.svc@tdcj.texas.gov

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Can you try to find Stephanie Condor Phillips on facebook or Linkdin?

She was married to my ex husband Michael Nelson Phillips Jr. of Bossier City, LA before I was married to him.

Stephanie is a flight attendent, 43 years old, and could be living in the Dallas area if she is still alive.

Her identity has been stolen, also by my rapists’s family.

If she is still alive, I would bet my life, that if you contact her that you will discoer that she is a TI and being badly gang stalked.

Please copy and forward all of this to Jason. I think Jason was in contact with SH P, and she was running backgounds on my ex husband Mike Phillips Jr.,

Jason said in a message that Mike is linked to a bio med company, that SH P found this info.

Mike has a guy living with him in Bossier City, LA named Joey Robinson, and Joey works in billing at a hospice. Joey is related to the “Coopers” who were hacked into mine and Davids google accounts and home WIFI while we lived at 115 N. Carolina St, the house I was raped at and almost was murdered at.

There was a Michelle Cooper who previously lived at 115 N. Carolina St, and she was getting mail there such as advertisements to order Life Insurance Policies.

Sylvia and Jack Cooper are identity theives and were hacked into mine and Davids goole accounts during that time, and own Wallisville Truck Repair, that I also documented hacked into or home wifi, right before the rape.

My ex husbands former co worker named Hugo Rios has also been hacked into my google accounts and is listed as an associate of my rapist’s family.

My Rapist Family is Orlando James Jones of 432 N. Carolina St. Houston, Texas 77028. Orlando Jones own over 99 rental houses.

(life insurance money payouts)

Keith, be sure to forward all of this info I am telling you here to Jason ASAP, so he can share with SH P. on youtube

My ex husband partner in crime is 33 year old Jessica Celeste Soes, and she is the woman I caught my husband having an affair with and th reason I divorced him. She is majorly involed in all of this.

Please find out if Stephanie Condor Phillips is still alive and get in touch with her. Lets put these assholes out of business!

I love you Keith. Please stay safe.

Please tell Jason that I love him and miss his friendship and to please write me here.

I am so sorry that they are doing this to us.

Please check on my brother David and make sure that he is ok.

I have been praying non stop for us all.

may God keep you guys safe from further harm.


You are such a dear friend. You truly have saved my life, so many times. In 6 years, you have been m first and only TRUE friend. praise God for you.

My best friend, my daddy, David Degeyter, passed away suddenly and mysteriously of organ failure, on this day, 5 years ago.

We talked on the phone everyday, however no one called me when he passed away, and it was another two days later, that I would learn of my daddys death by way of facebook messenger. The moment that I heard the news, I knew in my heart, without any doubt, that he had been murdered by my stepmom and her kids. It wasnt until later, that I realized that my Ex husband, whom I was in the middle of a messy divorce that my Dad was funding, was involved in his murder.

Thank you for the addresses Keith. Hearing from you on this message kiosk is sort of my saving grace for my spirit.

I prayed a full rosary the other day, just for you.

You know that when the rapist came back the 2nd time, to shoot me in my head and “blow my brains out” while beloved dog Bruno was next to me screaming…

I prayed out loud..

“hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee, Blessed are thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus”

And my rapist didn’t blow my brains out, and crawled back out my window or the 2nd time, and finally left, with the other 2 masked men in my Red Ford F150.

My Daddy is guiding us Keith. My Daddy wants us to prevail, and we will. Jason can sense my Daddy’s spirit as well.

There are cheap fixer up houses in Port Arthur for $20-30,000K that are cheap because they were in hurricane Harvey.

I will help you flip a house, while I build up my bank account working at a refinery nearby. I am ready to go back to work. I am not going to let these sickos keep me isolated anymore and not living.

Ask David and Jason if they like the idea of going to work in refinery with me and helping you flip a house???

Ask David and Jason if they will look up how we can get TWIC cards that would enable us to work at refineries? There are TONS of jobs in Port Arthur. We could do this temporarily to raise up cash in our accounts. We NEED TO work,

I think if the 4 of us were together, we could be a force to be recondened with. Jason and David don’t need to be alone either. That is exactly what they want.

Please try to locate Stephanie Condor Phillips, my ex husband Mike’s previous wife. I can almost guarantee you that she is being gang stalked, and finding her would really mold the extra pieces of this puzzle together so perfectly, in a court of law.


Hey there, Drove down to Winnie Texas today out of the blue killing time. Noticed it is right next to Beaumont and Port Arthur, I can not cross the line from chamber county into Jefferson County yet for I would melt like the wicked witch of the East or get arrested for being over chamber county line. Came back to pasedena for a week, then might head to beach city or somewhere like that. Sounds like some good deals in port author, I will again ask bond supervisor if she checked to see if I can go there. Pasted and forwarded and will work on the rest of this. You hang in there, times growing closer to you being out. Love you Keith

THIS IS A LETTER THAT YOU CAN USE ON MY BEHALF. COPY & PASTE & FORWARD TO TARGETED JUSTICE, JASON, KAREN STEWART, ETC. IMPORTANT!!! ALSO, PLEASE FORWARD THIS LETTER TO THE COURT CORDINATOR KELLY, VIA EMAIL, AT JUDGE WEST’s DISTRICT COURT IN JEFFERSON COUNTY TEXAS, AND FORWARD TO MY BROTHER JERRY AT XXXXXXXXXX please look up the email address for Kelly, the court cordinator at Judge Wests court, and forward this letter to her, on y behalf. Title the Subject line, in the email, “Sarah Degeyter” Thank you Keith, God Bless you.

November 16, 2020 Beaumont, Texas

To whom it may concern,

My name is Sarah R. Degeyter and I am currently in custody at the Jefferson County Correctional Facility in Beaumont, Texas, as a result of legal malpractice and breach of contract by Attorney Charles R. Johnson Jr. of Houston, Texas.

I am a 6 year survivor of organized stalking, that includes violent crime, home-invasions, aggravated assault, rape at gun point, cyber stalking, identity theft, medical identity, racketering, and grand theft robbery I am also a recipient of the Texas Attorney General’s Victim’s Compensation Fund.

In November of 2018, I plead guilty to a crime that I did not commit in Jefferson County Texas, and was sentenced to 4 years deferred adjudicated probation in Beaumont. I did well on my probation. I paid my fines, reported to my probation officer, did my community service work, and stayed out of trouble. However, the organized stalking and related crimes that are constant in my life, became too severe for me to live in Jefferson County Texas.

In October of 2019, I hired Attorney Charles Johnson and his Law Firm in Houston, Texas, to help me transfer my probation to a different Texas County, where I could be closer to my family and be safer. I paid Attorney Johnson $3,500.00 with my VISA debit card, and I have receipts of this transaction, as well as a contract. In addition, I documented the conversation between myself and Johnson’s paralegal Deborah, where it was clearly determined what type of work Johnson was to do for me, in exchange for $3,500.00 payment.

Attorney Johnson and his paralegal lied to me, and he breached his contract. He never contacted the court or the probation office in Beaumont on my behalf, thus a warrant was issued for my arrest for “Obsconding”.

In January of 2020, I documented Attorney Charles Johnson promising to refund my $3,500.00 by way of check, sent to me in the mail. Johnson told me this via text messages, from his personal cell phone, to my own. I saved this conversation, and it is time and date stamped. Several weeks went by, and no check from Johnson arrived in the mail. I tried to contact Johnson again, but my calls and texts were blocked.

I then made efforts to retain new council in early 2020, however the COVID-19 pandemic had escalated, and the courts and law offices closed, as did almost every business in this country.

Then, the most devastating setback of all happened, on March 24th 2020, I survived a home invasion when 3 masked men broke into my home. I was strangled, raped at gun point, robbed of my valuables and electronics, and lost my pretty and paid-for red Ford F150 pickup truck in grand theft robbery. During the crime I was certain that I was going to die. The man who raped me, told me that he was “going to blow my head off”. It was by God’s grace that I survived. A real miracle of God.

I was awarded relocation reimbursement by the Texas Attorney General’s Victim’s Compensation Fund, and I moved to Fort Worth, Texas to be near my Mom ad 2 brothers. In spite of all this, the organized stalking continued in Fort Worth.

On September 12th, 2020, I was arrested in Tarrant County Texas, and then later transferred to Jefferson County Correctional Facility. As I write this letter, I have been in custody as an innocent person for 65 days.

On October 29th, 2020 I hand wrote a letter to Attorney Charles Johnson, and I asked him in this letter to refund my $3,500.00. I gave Johnson a time frame of 10 days to comply with my request, as this is per instruction given to me by the Texas State Bar. I mailed the hand written letter to my brother Jerry’s home in Fort Worth. My brother made copies of the letter and envelope, and then sent the letter to Johnson’s Law Firm in Houston, via $25.00 signature upon delivery, certified mail. Johnson had until November 13th, 2020 to mail a refund check. As of today’s date of November 16th, 2020, no check has arrived.

The stalking that I have survived over the last 6 years, is being carried out an organized crime ring, with government affiliations. My opinion is that the motive of this organized stalking is fueled by identity theft and life insurance fraud.

My cell phones, email accounts, Facebook, and home WIFI are constantly hacked into, and no matter how many times I buy a new phone, change my passwords, or invest in online security, no efforts prove to be effective at keeping these hackers out of my life. I document everything, such as the IP addresses and locations of the users illegally hacked into my privacy.

In July of 2020, I documented Attorney Johnson hacked into my personal Google account, from a house that he owns in Houston.

In addition, I have documented over the last 6 years, my online data and internet searches are being altered and manipulated, by a third party.

I contacted my wireless carrier T-Mobile, after discovering over 3 dozen phone numbers that I have never seen, making calls and texts from my cell phone number. T-Mobile customer service agents suggested to me that this type of activity is consistent with identity theft, phishing, and improper and illegal use of a “Stingray” device used by law enforcement for surveillance purposes. The T-Mobile customer agents that I spoke with, informed me that a crime report was being filed on my behalf with the FBI.

When I was raped and robbed at gun point in March 2020, I called 911. The Houston Police Department and EMS responded and I was treated with a rape exam kit, by a forensic nurse at Ben Taub Hospital in Houston, Texas.

Two detectives were assigned to my case, detective Gary Goodnight and detective Ricardo Johns.

One day after the violent rape and grand theft robbery, I saw my rapist standing in front of a property owned by someone I had previously documented, hacked into my personal Google account, and home WIFI. I took pictures of my rapist. A friend named Richard Lighthouse was with me at the time that I saw my rapist, and he also took pictures A an next door gave a statement to my friend Lightouse, and said that he personally knows the man who raped and robbed me at gun point, and the man provided us with the information that my red Ford F150 had been recovered by HPD, at this exact location, just hours before.

I immediately contacted detective Gary Goodnight with this information, and I emailed the detective the pictures that I had just taken of my rapist, and I also emailed Goodnight the evidence I had collected prior to the rape and robbery, of my home WIFI and email hacked by the same people.

It has been close to 8 months since this horrific crime happened, and no warrants or arrests have been made on the case. My case was signed off to detective Johns at HPD, and periodically I check in with detective Johns, and I am told that there are no updates and that they are waiting on “DNA results and can not make arrests”.

This makes no sense at all to me. How is it in this great state of Texas, that an innocent woman sits in jail for 65 days and counting, while being a victim of fraud and violent crime, all while violent criminals walk free, and suffer of no consecquence for the crimes that they commit, and the innocent lives that they destroy?

The negligence and malpractice by Attorney Charles Johnson has caused me tremendous suffering, as with 65 days and counting of my life lost, and $3,500.00 of my hard earned money stolen.

I am uncertain, at this point, of how to get help, the than to write letters. I am in great need of legal assistance and a crime victim’s advocate. I need help pursing justice for these horrific crimes that I have survived. I am not a criminal, by any means. I contribute to society, rather than take from it.

I live in constant fear, because I am unsure of where to go for help, or how to keep these criminals from continuing to hurt me.

As I mentioned before, I have documented much of the cyber-stalking and other related crimes, as they have occurred over the years, and I have gone to great lengths, to back up all of my documentation and evidence, and I have it all ready in files to be handed over to prosecutors.

I pray tat this letter falls into the hands of someone who can help me, find the road to justice.

My probation revocation hearing is set to be heard on December 1st, 2020 and the Honorable Judge West’s District Court, in Jefferson County Texas. I have written letters to the court, and to my probation officer, and have told the about my innocence, and spoke of the crimes of fraud that I have suffered from. I do expect my probation to be reinstated at my hearing on December 1st, 2020. I have also written the court cordinator, Kelly, and have formally requested that the date of my hearing be moved up to a date before the Thanksgiving holiday, however I have not yet received a reply. I hired Attorney Rife Kimbler, of Beaumont to represent me, and I have asked Rife to formally ask the court to push my court date forward, however Attorney Rife Kimbler has not yet complied with my request.

Thank you for your time.

Jefferson County Correctional Facility Inmate ID #340789 5030 HWY 69 South Beaumont, TEXAS 77705

Hello again,

I need the following address please:

1. The Innocence Project – New York, NY, ( Kim Kardashian)

2. Southeast Texas Alliance Against Trafficking

3. Attorney Ben Crump- Civil Rights attorney

Can you find out if Jason heard back from any of my family that he sent all of those messages to on my facebook messenger? I can imagine that many people responded to Jason, but then Jason simply stopped responding to me. I understand he is scared and the last thing I want in this world is to cause him more harm. I pray that they are not hurting you more now, because of me.

I am so lonely. Please tell David and Jason to message me.

Love you

The more I read about neural toxicity and take vitamins and mineral, the more I am convinced this will help us all from the microwave assaults. We saw what was being done in DARPA’s article about creating a wireless computer brain interface using nano transducers they wanted to inject into people that work with microwaves produced by EF, RF and EMF fields. The same fields created by 5G microwaves, satellites or hand held weapons, as well as ultrasound etc. In the same article it speaks of these working with higher dopamine levels that are found to be the result of the use of many pharmaceutical drugs, such as adderall, busbar, etc. of course many illegal substances create the same raised dopamine levels. I have started taking many vitamins and minerals that has dramatically reduced the ringing in the ears. As this was always reduced prior just by taking showers or baths, it has now almost disappeared when taking showers or baths for I have reduced it to that extent. I will start fasting on Saturday, this is one of the quickest ways to detox and should have great results. I have compiled a list of minerals, vitamins, etc that should help us all, have found links to others who are using the same methods for the same reasons. I’ll send you arrival again, this is what is being done, just a modern day version of Allan Freys microwave auditory effect experiments of 1961. Of course with 60 years of technological advancements it seems that they have progressed from just transmitting audio and are now capable of transmitting visual as well, a live stream straight to your brain soon thanks to up and coming 5G tech. No more net flux needed, lol.

The last paragraph copied from article I will paste below it says so much, I have been recording readings with my RF, EF, EMF meter for many months, getting readings that should never be seen as well as one reading with EF fields fluctuating between 50-90 to 2300-3200. This was the one and only time it recorded fluctuations in the EF of any degree, I suspect this one recording was produced by a hand held weapon in close proximity.

“The technologies needed to meet the goals of the N3 program would have to move past current voltage recording capabilities and would have to include a variety of atypical signals like magnetic fields, electric fields, radiofrequencies and ion concentrations per neuron. These signals and neural activity would likely have to be translated or decoded by yet unwritten algorithms. And the bidirectional neural interface must work in the context of a relevant application for the Department of Defense.”


DARPA’s Building A Noninvasive Neural Interface for Soldiers

Andrew Wheeler posted 2019-06-10 DARPA Needs a Brain-Computing Interface for Human Soldiers to Control AI with their Neurons

In the future, will soldiers be able to control drone swarms and other new military machines with an AI-brain computing interface? And could a soldier control these machines from such a device and system that would include a non-invasive bidirectional neural interface? Current state-of-the-art neuronal interfaces require invasive surgery to implant silicon-based or metal electrodes into brain tissue. These electrodes are connected to a single neuron or neural ensemble and controlled by high-resolution neural interfaces. But they are not as advanced as they need to be for weaponization, according to the contents of a recent solicitation posted by Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

(Image courtesy of DARPA.) (Image courtesy of DARPA.) DARPA is looking for proposals to “revolutionize the nonsurgical bidirectional neural interface” for the American warfighter. They see an opportunity to create an external device and system which features nanotransducers that act as an intermediary, transducing signals between neurons and an “external recording and stimulating device”.

DARPA is looking for a leapfrog technology and isn’t welcoming any incremental advances in electroencephalography (EEG) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to the program, which is also known Next-Generation Non-Surgical Neurotechnology (N3).

DARPA’s N3 Program Sounds Like Science Fiction

If the fact that DARPA is trying to create a non-invasive, bidirectional neural interface to help warfighters of the future fuse their minds with lethal autonomous weapons systems and semi-autonomous weapons systems seems more like science fiction than reality, it isn’t. But it may have been inspired by a few different fictional works involving brain implants, including the classic cypherpunk novel Neuromancer by William Gibson, where a hacker is chased by mercenaries with neural implants that increase their strength, vision and mental acuity. Gibson also coined the term “matrix” and the concept of “jacking in” where a brain can interface with powerful computing systems.

Basically, DARPA is looking for a way to wirelessly “jack in” to a soldier’s brain tissue to use AI software systems to control autonomous and semi-autonomous weapons. And DARPA has been pursuing and funding research on brain-machine interfaces since it began awarding contracts to researchers at UCLA starting back in the 1970s, which was previously funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation. According to the solicitation, DARPA believes the biggest bottleneck in the way of achieving a warfighter-ready bidirectional neural interface is a question of how to sustain an unprecedented level of spatial and temporal resolution between the proposed interface and neural tissue.

A Brief History on the Origin of the Brain-Machine Interface (BMI)

Hans Berger discovered electrical activity of the brain in the early 20th century and by 1924 had recorded the world’s first electroencephalograph (EEG). He did it by inserting silver wire underneath the scalp, then changed that method to a less-invasive method of attaching silver foil patches with rubber bandages. These patches were first connected to a Lippman capillary electrometer, which proved too weak to measure the tiny voltages of the human brain. After switching to the Siemens double-coiled recording galvanometer, Berger could measure as low as one thousandth of a volt of electricity, and the EEG began to take off. Berger discovered Alpha waves and beta waves, opening up new possibilities to study brain diseases and dysfunctions. A whole new field of research opened up, and out of that research came the first Brain-Computer Interface.

AT UCLA, Professor Jacques Vidal is widely recognized as having coined the term “Brain-Computer Interface (BCI)” and as the inventor of BCIs, having published the first (among numerous others) peer-reviewed articles. In 1973, a paper he wrote gave the burgeoning BCI community a challenge: to control objects using nothing more than EEG signals.

N3 Program Goals: Create Telepathic AI Cyborg Soldiers

DARPA is trying to create a warfighter who has the option to become a cyborg (or transhuman) after attaching a wireless neural interface to their head. Perhaps it will be embedded in a future helmet, giving the human the ability to choose when to integrate the AI system, and hopefully to always know when it is really on and off.

There’s a lot of research that needs to be done, and DARPA has an unbelievable track record of innovations, including: Reduced Instruction Set Computing (RISC), micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), the internet, global positioning satellites (GPS), unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Each DARPA program lasts about 4 years on average by groups from a pool of one hundred technical program managers who partner with researchers from universities that have entered into contracts with the organization. There are currently about 200 programs in place with an annual budget of USD 3 billion, received courtesy of US taxpayers.

Problem One: The Human Skull

The highest resolution neural interfaces require that a patient undergo a craniotomy to place microelectrodes directly into brain tissue. While research into effective neural interfaces has been performed on animals and disabled individuals whose maladies were caused by brain and spinal cord damage. The risks associated with surgery make the procedures less than ideal for DARPA’s able-bodied warfighters.

In order to function with current microelectrode technology, the proposed nonsurgical neural interface must have a high spatiotemporal resolution and low latency. It also must be bidirectional, meaning neural recordings can be taken, and neural stimulation can be given.

Problem Two: How Exactly Can You Increase Temporal and Spatial Resolution?

To achieve high levels of temporal and spatial resolution, DARPA is interested in two approaches: “minutely” invasive neural interfaces and noninvasive neural interfaces.

Here’s how they are described by DARPA:

“Noninvasive interfaces will include the development of sensors and stimulators that do not breach the skin and will achieve neural ensemble resolution (<1mm3). Minutely invasive approaches will permit nonsurgical delivery of a nanotransducer: this could include a self-assembly approach, viral vectors, molecular, chemical and/or biomolecular technology delivered to neurons of interest to reach single neuron resolution (<50µm3). In this application, the developed technology will serve as an interface between targeted neurons and the sensor/stimulator. They should be sufficiently small to not cause tissue damage or impede the natural neuronal circuit. The sensors and stimulators developed under the minutely invasive approach will be external to the skull and will interact with the nanotransducers to enable high resolution neural recording and stimulation.”

Bottom Line

To be clear, there are a lot of bottlenecks to accomplishing DARPA’s objectives with either noninvasive or minutely invasive approaches. With noninvasive neural interfaces, there’s signal scattering issues, signal-to-background noise ratios and attenuation

Both noninvasive and minutely invasive approaches will be required to overcome issues with signal scattering, attenuation, and signal-to-noise ratio typically seen with state-of-the-art neural interfaces.

“Minutely invasive” approaches to the problem will likely include the development of nanotransducers to accommodate read out and write in capabilities of the neural interface. The external integrated devices and integrated subcomponents that interact with the nanotransducers inside the subject’s brain tissue must also be developed over the next four years.

The technologies needed to meet the goals of the N3 program would have to move past current voltage recording capabilities and would have to include a variety of atypical signals like magnetic fields, electric fields, radiofrequencies and ion concentrations per neuron. These signals and neural activity would likely have to be translated or decoded by yet unwritten algorithms. And the bidirectional neural interface must work in the context of a relevant application for the Department of Defense.

Say Pony Boy,

Where you been?

What is the latest?

I am in need of the Harris County District Attorney’s Office Special Crime Victims Cheif mailing address.

I still have not heard from Jason. So he is being hit hard now? if you talk to him tell him that I pray for him and that I am so sorry that they are hurting him.

Is my brother ok?

Are you ok?

Can you send me addresses to Malpractice Attorneys in Houston and beaumont, addresees for me to write to them?

Any news stations, etc?

I love you keith, please write back. My court date is still December 1st. Can you come get me in Beaumont on December 1st when i am released?

Jefferson County Correctional Facility 5030 HWY 69 South Beauont, TEXAS 77705

love you

Hello, Yes they are getting Jason, your brother is doing ok, seemed to be a little better driving for Uber.Thought I sent you the one mailing address, will send it again or maybe I missed it. I am trying to find lawyer for you that you can trust, I’ll see what I can do and get that to you ASAP.

Need a court recorder also to document all actions in the court. I asked to be able to go to Jefferson County so should head back shortly, nice to be innocent until proven innocent when set up by Harris County Police and still living as a criminal would with restrictions while the criminal police run free.

Complete corruption that has led to the shit show now playing out 24/7. Love you too, just missed your call, was driving back from weekly meeting with activist. Nice to have people not yet terrorized by the criminals that take part in this FBI, HLS, CIA cointelpro BS understand completely what is going on.

jason has my phone and drivers license and I was wondering if you can get my things from him before you pick me up? Please and thank you. I wont even be able to go to a shelter here or get a room or anything without my ID. trying to figure out what to do…very dangerous to take off walking down the freeway when I get released without a phone or ID but I guess I guess I may not have any options. I am praying you can come get me.

please send addresses asap.

I am trying to get letters mailed out to as many places as possible before I am released. I am actually safe right now.

I am praying for everyone. I am so heart broken about what they did to jason. He will forever blame me.

Hey there I answered all your calls and it said not accepted, they must be cutting them off? Makes no sense. I will talk to Jason and see about getting your stuff, don’t worry about him getting assaulted worse by FBI and their criminal partners, has nothing to do with you. They do this to everyone, just experimentation in torture as the continuing human experimentation programs run hand and hand with their cointelpro operations. They have been at this constant since the fifties, or most likely WWII, just picking up where the NAZIs left off, the human experimentation has a much longer history. CIA and FBZi, etc were exposed carrying out same programs overseas repeatedly after their exposure in the US. Just life in the USA when whole system is corrupted and evil reigns. I will call tomorrow and see if progress has been made on me getting out there. Let me work on addresses now, keep trying to call, I will always answer of course so it is their system not allowing calls to get through, not much we can do except keep daily log of all harassment activities. Days ticking by fast, it want be long. Love ya Keith

So they are fucking with you too hard because of me too?

You do now, that I can access this www.smartjailmail.com and be able to retrieve all of the messages after I am released?

I wish you would write to me, and really tell me what is going on with you and Jason and what these sickos are doing to ya’ll Keith. by you writing to me here, and Jason too, especially in detail, will only prove further.

I understand if you can’t tak to me cause they are hurting you…but if you can, please PLeasE PLEASE, write me here and tell me about your personal experience.

Not what others have written about corrupt FBI, I need to hear about what they are doing to you and jason, because these messages are time and date stamped.

I have already sent out many many many, very detailed letters to a whole load of eople Keith.

I need more addresses ASAP, I can write and send letters now, while i am safe. but i have no way to look up addresses.

Please just look up addreses in google for malpractice attorneys. I dont need you to call them or anthing, just give me addresses so I can write to them from jail. I am telling my FULL story.

If you are Not going to be able to pick me up on Decembr 1st, please let me know so i can try to figure out what to do..where i can go for safety.

I hope and pray that you are ok.

please send address if you can.

love you

1. The Innocence Project – New York, NY, ( Kim Kardashian)

40 Worth St, New York, NY 10013

2. Southeast Texas Alliance Against Trafficking Still looking for above group address, found this one below:

United against Human Trafficking We aspire for all people to experience freedom and live beyond bondage to others. We envision a world that is intolerant of buyers and sellers of human beings. CONTACT US Physical Address 6671 Southwest Freeway Suite 220 Houston TX 77074

Mailing Address P.O. Box 541184 Houston, TX 77254

3. Attorney Ben Crump- Civil Rights attorney

122 S Calhoun St, Tallahassee, FL 32301

That should give you a start, haven’t found anything on Phillips ex wife yet, still looking. Again keep calling, they often blocked mine as well when they set me up. They are just complete criminals running loose. Love you and take care See ya soon

The more you read the more you realize how much this has already been exposed. Though they do everything to silence us, the crimes committed against us are of course highly illegal, though FBI, HLS, corrupt police, institutions criminal informants etc take part in these crimes, assault, stalking, rape, attempted murder are still very serious crimes. We can prove the involvement of these agencies in your assault, and link them directly to this many year assault on me. Worth reading I have came across some good legal info as well. The more people made aware of what is happening to us that are not targeted of these criminals the better, their are many that already realize what is happening to ys, we will get our stories heard. Worth reading this.

n 1975 Senator Frank Church convened a joint senatorial/congressional inquiry into the egregious human rights and civil liberties violations of the Central Intelligence Agency (“CIA”), National Security Agency (“NSA”), as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”) against people both foreign and domestic. Such blatant transgressions included the “neutralization” and “elimination” of political dissidents, “enemies of the state,” real or imagined threats to National Security, and anyone else on the proverbial shit list of the Military Industrial Complex (“MIC”).

The Church Committee was the United States Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities, a U.S. Senate committee chaired by Senator Frank Church (D ID) in 1975. A precursor to the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, the committee investigated intelligence gathering for illegality by the aforementioned agencies after certain activities had been revealed by the Watergate affair.

Some famous examples which have since emerged include: (1) the FBI sending letters to Martin Luther King Jr encouraging him to kill himself or else they would tell the world about his sexual proclivities; (2) the planned or successful assassinations of foreign leaders such as Fidel Castro, Patrice Lumumba, and countless other South American, Middle Eastern or Asian leaders; (3) the wholesale undermining of entire foreign economies if they democratically elected someone at odds with the elite power structure deep state of the United States such as what occurred against Salvatore Allende of Guatemala; (4) the possible assassination of John F Kennedy; (5) revelations of Christopher Pyle in January 1970 of the U.S. Army’s spying on the civilian population; (6) the December 22, 1974 New York Times article by Seymour Hersh detailing operations engaged in by the CIA over the years that had been dubbed the “family jewels,” involving covert action programs involving assassination attempts against foreign leaders and covert attempts to subvert foreign governments were reported for the first time; (7) efforts by intelligence agencies to collect information on the political activities of US citizens; and (8) countless other examples, both overseas and domestically.

The end result of the Church Committee Hearings was the outright banning on CIA assassinations as well as the FBI/DOJ COINTELPRO gang-stalking programs. In 1975 and 1976, the Church Committee published fourteen reports on various U.S. intelligence agencies’ formation, operations, and the alleged abuses of law and of power that they had committed, with recommendations for reform, some of which were later put in place.

Among the other matters investigated were attempts to assassinate other foreign leaders such as Rafael Trujillo of the Dominican Republic, the Diem brothers of Vietnam, Gen. René Schneider of Chile, and Director of CIA Allen Dulles’s plan (approved by President Dwight Eisenhower) to use the Sicilian Mafia to kill Fidel Castro of Cuba.

Under recommendations and pressure by this committee, President Gerald Ford issued Executive Order 11905 (ultimately replaced in 1981 by President Reagan’s Executive Order 12333) to ban U.S. sanctioned assassinations of foreign leaders.

Together, the Church Committee’s reports have been said to constitute the most extensive review of intelligence activities ever made available to the public. Much of the contents were classified, but over 50,000 pages were declassified under the President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992.

The Church Committee learned that beginning in the 1950s, the CIA and FBI intercepted, opened, and photographed more than 215,000 pieces of mail by the time the program was shut down. The Church report found that the CIA was zealous about keeping the US Postal Service from learning that mail was being opened by government agents. CIA agents moved mail to a private room to open the mail or in some cases opened envelopes at night after stuffing them in briefcases or coat pockets to deceive postal officials.

On May 9, 1975, the Church Committee called CIA director William Colby. That same day Ford’s top advisers (Henry Kissinger, Donald Rumsfeld, Philip W. Buchen, and John Marsh) drafted a recommendation that Colby be authorized to brief only rather than testify, and that he would be told to discuss only the general subject, with details of specific covert actions to be avoided except for realistic hypotheticals. But the Church Committee had full authority to call a hearing and require Colby’s testimony. Ford and his top advisers met with Colby to prepare him for the hearing.

The Ford administration, particularly Rumsfeld, was “concerned” about the effort by members of the Church Committee in the Senate and the Pike Committee in the House to curtail the power of U.S. intelligence agencies. It seemed that Rumsfeld et al was comfortable giving the power to arbitrarily destroy anyone as “enemies of the state” by anyone working in the IC and MIC.

COINTELPRO (COunter INTELligence PROgram) was a series of covert and illegal projects conducted by the FBI aimed at surveilling, infiltrating, discrediting, and disrupting domestic “political dissidents.”

FBI records show that COINTELPRO resources targeted groups and individuals that the FBI deemed subversive, including anti Vietnam War organizers, activists of the Civil Rights Movement or Black Power movement (e.g., Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Black Panther Party), feminist organizations, anti colonial movements (such as Puerto Rican independence groups like the Young Lords), and a variety of organizations that were part of the broader New Left.

FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover issued directives on COINTELPRO, ordering FBI agents to “expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, neutralize or otherwise eliminate” the activities of these movements and especially their leaders. Under Hoover, the agent in charge of COINTELPRO was William C. Sullivan.

Tactics included anonymous phone calls, IRS audits, and the creation of documents that would divide their targets internally.

After the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, Hoover singled out King as a major target for COINTELPRO. Under pressure from Hoover to focus on King, Sullivan wrote: “In the light of King’s powerful demagogic speech, we must mark him now, if we have not done so before, as the most dangerous Negro of the future in this nation from the standpoint of communism, the Negro, and national security.”

The Final Report of the Select Frank Church Committee blasted the behavior of the intelligence community in its domestic operations (including COINTELPRO) in no uncertain terms:

“The Committee finds that the domestic activities of the intelligence community at times violated specific statutory prohibitions and infringed the constitutional rights of American citizens. The legal questions involved in intelligence programs were often not considered. On other occasions, they were intentionally disregarded in the belief that because the programs served the “national security” the law did not apply. While intelligence officers on occasion failed to disclose to their superiors programs which were illegal or of questionable legality, the Committee finds that the most serious breaches of duty were those of senior officials, who were responsible for controlling intelligence activities and generally failed to assure compliance with the law. Many of the techniques used would be intolerable in a democratic society even if all of the targets had been involved in violent activity, but COINTELPRO went far beyond that – the Bureau conducted a sophisticated vigilante operation aimed squarely at preventing the exercise of First Amendment rights of speech and association, on the theory that preventing the growth of dangerous groups and the propagation of dangerous ideas would protect the national security and deter violence.”

According to attorney Brian Glick in his book War at Home, the FBI used four main methods during COINTELPRO:

(1) Infiltration: Agents and informers did not merely spy on political activists. Their main purpose was to discredit and disrupt. Their very presence served to undermine trust and scare off potential supporters. The FBI and police exploited this fear to smear genuine activists as agents;

(2) Psychological warfare: The FBI and police used myriad “dirty tricks” to undermine progressive movements. They planted false media stories and published bogus leaflets and other publications in the name of targeted groups. They forged correspondence, sent anonymous letters, and made anonymous telephone calls. They spread misinformation about meetings and events, set up pseudo movement groups run by government agents, and manipulated or strong armed parents, employers, landlords, school officials and others to cause trouble for activists. They used bad jacketing to create suspicion about targeted activists, sometimes with lethal consequences;

(3) Harassment via the legal system: The FBI and police abused the legal system to harass dissidents and make them appear to be criminals. Officers of the law gave perjured testimony and presented fabricated evidence as a pretext for false arrests and wrongful imprisonment. They discriminatorily enforced tax laws and other government regulations and used conspicuous surveillance, “investigative” interviews, and grand jury subpoenas in an effort to intimidate activists and silence their supporters;

(4) Illegal force: The FBI conspired with local police departments to threaten dissidents; to conduct illegal break ins in order to search dissident homes; and to commit vandalism, assaults, beatings and assassinations. The object was to frighten or eliminate dissidents and disrupt their movements.

The FBI specifically developed tactics intended to heighten tension and hostility between various factions in their targeted groups and individuals, and this resulted in numerous deaths, among which were San Diego Black Panther Party members John Huggins, Bunchy Carter and Sylvester Bell.

While COINTELPRO was officially terminated in April 1971, critics allege that continuing FBI actions indicate that post COINTELPRO reforms did not succeed in ending COINTELPRO tactics.


“Community Oriented Policing,” (“COPS”) is a strategy of policing that focuses on police “building ties and working closely with members of the communities,” and originated in 1994 when then Senator Joseph Biden wrote and then President Bill Clinton enacted the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act (“VCCLEA”) establishing the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (“COPS”) within the US Department of Justice.

Community policing is supposedly a policy that requires police to engage in a “proactive approach” to address public safety concerns, and is a cornerstone of the Clinton Administration, gaining its funding from the 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act.

Common implementations of community policing include: (1) relying on community based crime prevention by utilizing “civilian education,” neighborhood watch, and a variety of other techniques, as opposed to relying solely on police patrols; (2) restructuring the patrol from an emergency response based system to emphasizing proactive techniques such as foot patrol; (3) increased officer accountability to civilians they are “supposed to serve;” and (4) decentralizing police authority, allowing more discretion amongst lower ranking officers, and more initiative expected from them.

In other words, federal and state sanctioned and approved GANG-STALKING.

Gang Stalking has been described as fascism, using East Germany style “Stasi Tactics,” a systemic form of control, which seeks to control every aspect of a “Targeted Individual’s” life. Gang Stalking has many similarities to workplace mobbing, but takes place outside in the community, where the target is followed around and placed under surveillance by groups of organized civilian spies/snitches 24/7, 365 days a year. Targeted Individuals are harassed in this way for months or years before they realize that they are being targeted by an organized program of gang-stalking harassment. This is very similar to what happened to many innocent individuals in the former East Germany or activists and dissidents in the former Soviet Union. Many innocent people in the former East Germany would be targeted for these harassment programs, and then their friends, family, and the community at large would be used to monitor, prosecute, and harass them. In the former USSR it was used by the state to target activists, political dissidents, or anyone that the Secret Police thought was an “enemy of the state,” or as “mentally unfit,” and many were institutionalized or murdered using this form of systematic control.

In Bill Clinton’s COPS Gang-Stalking Program, civilian spies are recruited from every segment of society, and everyone in the “targets” life is made a part of this ongoing, continuous, and systematic form of control and harassment, with such actions that are specifically designed to control the target and to “keep them in line,” like a Pavlovian Dog. These actions are also designed to mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially, socially, and psychologically destroy the target over years, to make them appear to be crazy, and leave them with no form of support, whatsoever.

For the targets of this harassment, COPS Gang Stalking is experienced as a covert psychological, emotional and physical attack that is capable of immobilizing and destroying a target over time. For the state, it is a way to keep their targets in line, control them, or ultimately destroy them.

This modern day systematic form of control is funded at the highest levels of government, just like it has in other societies where these similar types of harassment programs have been implemented.

Targets can be chosen for many reasons: (1) political views; (2) whistle blowing; (3) political dissidence; (4) asserting rights at work; (5) making the wrong enemy; (6) too outspoken; (7) investigating something that the state does not want investigated; (8) signing a petition; (9) writing a letter; (10) being “suspicious” by a civilian spy/snitch; or (11) being a religious/ethnic/racial minority.

The goal of the COPS state sanctioned organized gang-stalking program is to isolate the target from all forms of support, so that the target can be set up in the future for arrest, institutionalized, or forced suicide. Other goals of this harassment are to destroy the targets reputation and credibility, and to make the target look “crazy” or unstable.

The process often involves sensitizing the target to every day stimuli’s as a form of control, which is used to control targets when they “get out of line.” Targets of this harassment become vulnerable and destitute, and often become homeless, jobless, have a breakdown, are driven to suicide, similar to targets of the banned COINTELPRO. The government eliminates perceived “enemies of the state” in this manner.

When a target moves or changes jobs, the harassment continues.

Every time the target moves, the same defamation, lies, libel, and slander will be spread, and the systematic harassment will continue. Online defamation, libel, and slander on the internet has made this continuation of COPS gang-stalking a great deal easier.

People from all segments of society can be recruited to be the “eyes and ears” of the state, such as laborers, drug dealers, drug users, street people, prostitutes, punks, church groups, youth groups, your best friend, your lawyer, local policeman, doctor, emergency services, a neighbor, family, social workers, politicians, judges, dentists, vet, supermarket cashier, postman, religious leader, care worker, landlord, anyone.

Most of these recruited civilian spies/snitches do not understand or even care that the end consequence of this harassment protocol is to eventually destroy the targeted person, and function as “useful idiots” of the state sanctioned COPS gang-stalking program.

It has been reported that people participate in this COPS gang stalking because it: (1) gives them a sense of power; (2) is a way to make friends; (3) is something social and fun; (4) breaks down race/gender/age/social barriers; (5) is forced or blackmailed upon them by the State or police to take part; (6) is told to them that they are part of “homeland or national security” to help keep an eye on “dangerous” or “emotionally disturbed” individuals where they are “heroic spies for the state;” (7) is used on local thugs or informants who are already being used for other activities where their energies are diverted into these COPS gangstalking community spy programs; (8) is either a choice of spying for the State or police, or else go to jail; (9) involves outright lies and slander about the target to get them to go along with ruining the targets life; (10) includes average citizens recruited by the state the same way citizens were recruited in the former East Germany and other countries.

Some techniques used against targets in this organized COPS Gang-stalking program include: (1) classic conditioning where a target is sensitized to everyday stimuli over a period of months and years to harass them in public to let them know they are constantly being harassed and monitored; (2) 24/7 Surveillance following the target everywhere they go, learning about the target and where they shop, work, play, who their friends and family are, getting close to the target, moving into the community or apartment where they live, across the street, monitoring the targets phone, house, and computer activity; (3) isolating the target via defamation, libel, and slander campaigns, (eg, people in the target’s community are told that the target is a thief, into drugs, a prostitute, pedophile, crazy, in trouble for something, needs to be watched, false files will even be produced on the target, shown to neighbors, family, store keepers); (4) constant or intermittent noise and mimicking campaigns disrupting the targets life and sleep with loud power tools, construction, stereos, doors slamming, etc; (5) talking in public about private things in the target’s life; (6) mimicking actions of the target and basically letting the target know that they are in the target’s life; (7) daily interferences, not too overt to the untrained eye, but psychologically degrading and damaging to the target over time; (8) everyday life breaks and street theater such as flat tires, sleep deprivation, drugging food, putting dirt on targets property; (9) mass strangers doing things in public to annoy targets such as getting called/text messages to be at a specific time and place to perform a specific action; (10) blocking targets path, getting ahead of them in line, cutting or boxing them in on the road, saying or doing things to elicit a response from the target; (11) “baiting” tactics where a surveillance operation can selectively capture evidence of a targeted person responding to harassment, and then that evidence could then be used to justify the initiation of more formal scrutiny by a government agency.

The COPS Gang-Stalking Program, as all other state sanctioned/approved gang-stalking programs, have always been funded by the Government. They are the only ones with enough money, coordination, and power to keep such a system in place. These coordinated efforts then join hands with others for this systemic form of control and harassment.

Such operations have nothing to do with the target’s criminality – they are led and perpetrated by federal agents and intelligence/security contractors, often with the support of state and local law enforcement personnel. Unofficial operations of this type are often private investigators and vigilantes – including many former agents and police officers, sometimes on behalf of corporate clients and others with connections to the public and private elements of America’s security industry.

The goal of such operations is “disruption” of the life of an individual deemed to be an enemy (or potential enemy) of clients or members of the security state. Arguably, the most accurate term for this form of harassment would be “counterintelligence stalking.”

Agents of communist East Germany’s Stasi (state police) referred to this process as Zersetzung (German for “decomposition” or “corrosion” – a reference to the severe psychological, social, and financial effects upon the victim). Victims have described the process as “no touch torture” – a phrase which also captures the nature of the crime: cowardly, unethical (and often illegal), but difficult to prove legally, because it generates minimal forensic evidence.

Tactics include online and personal slander, libel, defamation, blacklisting, “mobbing” (intense, organized harassment in public), “black bag jobs” (residential break ins), abusive phone calls, computer hacking, framing, threats, blackmail, vandalism, “street theater” (staged physical and verbal interactions with the minions of the people who orchestrate the stalking), harassment by noises, and other forms of bullying.

Such stalking is sanctioned (and in some cases, orchestrated) by federal agencies; however such stalking is also sometimes used unofficially for personal and corporate vendettas by current and former corrupt employees of law enforcement and intelligence agencies, private investigators, and their clients.

Since counterintelligence stalking goes far beyond surveillance – into the realm of psychological terrorism, as it is essentially a form of extrajudicial punishment. As such, the harassment is illegal – even when done by the government. It clearly violates the US Constitution’s Fourth Amendment, which prohibits unwarranted searches, and the Sixth Amendment which guarantees the right to a trial. Such operations also violate similar fundamental rights defined by state constitutions. Stalking is also specifically prohibited by the criminal codes of every state in America.

As was stated above, organized stalking methods were used extensively by communist East Germany’s Stasi (state police) as a means of maintaining political control over its citizens. Although this is supposedly illegal in the US, the same covert tactics are quietly used by America’s local and federal law enforcement, and intelligence agencies, to suppress political and domestic dissent, silence whistle blowers, and get revenge against persons who have angered someone with connections to the public and private agencies involved.

Although Edward Snowden’s revelations about the National Security Agency (“NSA”) in 2013 and 2014 generated a great deal of public discussion about mass surveillance, US domestic counterintelligence activities such as the COPS Program receive relatively little attention.

The FBI’s COINTELPRO operation is still happening, involving even more advanced surveillance technology – and this program is none other than Joseph Biden and Bill Clinton’s COPS Program.

US Department of Justice crime statistics from a 2006 survey indicated that an estimated 445,220 COPS gangstalking victims reported three or more perpetrators (the only ones reported), and this number is growing exponentially on a daily basis.

In addition to being morally reprehensible, the COPS gang stalking program, just like the original version of the FBI’s COINTELPRO operations, is very, very illegal. It violates criminal laws in all fifty states against stalking, as well as grossly violates the US Constitution’s prohibitions against warrantless searches and extra judicial punishment.

While the vast majority of Americans are never personally targeted by the Joseph Biden/Bill Clinton COPS gangstalking program, they should still be concerned about the existence of such operations.

Even if such activities were constitutionally legitimate (which they are not), they still have an enormous potential for abuse as a personal or political weapon by enemies currently employed or friendly with these governmental institutions.

Ending this cowardly and illegal practice by law enforcement agencies, intelligence agencies, and their parasitic corporate and individual recruits will first require exposing what is happening, to the public.

Harris County District Attorney 1201 Franklin Street Houston, Texas, 77002

I texted Jason and will get your belongings on Friday. Jason had mainly been stalked 24/7, noise harassment, the very basics of this cointelpro program until he went to Fort Worth to help document the harassment, stalking etc that I also witnessed and documented when I got there.

After the neighbors caused the disturbance that led to your being extradited to Jefferson County I returned to where your RV was for Jason said there was to much of this harassment, stalking for him to safely remain at this site and protect your RV from further break ins, or watch over your dogs. This continued of course when I arrived, the house to the left as you drove into the RV park was often a cause of these disturbances, I have video and audio recordings of interactions as well as Jason witnessing the events.

They would often run around their yard at night flashing flashlights in an apparent effort to incite your dogs to bark as they did when you were there. About the first night I was there after about a hour of continuous barking I walked to the front of the RV park as I saw flashing brake lights of the neighbors truck backed into this driveway, this was about 12:00 midnight, as I approached the truck immediately sped off, these neighbors soon after also mounted a flashing light in the back yard as a way to continue this disturbance.

The first night I was back at the park I also walked towards the front of the RV park when the dogs again were barking, your dogs of course did not just bark for no reason, I have hours of recorded audio of their silence as well as audio of continuous barking that stopped as I said it would as soon as I rounded the corner and caused the people taking part in this harassment to cease the activities they were carrying out to encore this commotion. As I walked into the park I saw a Sheriff deputy who said she was looking for a girl, I will have to look at documentation or listen to recordings to get her name, she was a resident of the first RV as you drove into this park where I had observed heavy traffic. I did mention this to this lady deputy and also stated that there was a lot of odd activities as well as suspected drug activity and it would be nice if the police looked into this.

On the following night this continued as it had from the time I arrived, on one occasion the barking was very escalated, I headed again towards the street with waddles one a leash, he immediately tracked the scent of three individuals, young men who were walking towards the street, they stood in the road as I approached and as I drew to about 5 ft of them they proceeded to walk towards the main road past the neighbors house where the light was mounted, (the house to the left as you entered the property, the ex Marshall’s house,) I followed them, about six feet behind them and they entered a house two houses down the street, I have pictures and the sheriffs were later called in a recorded incident that occurred from harassment activity at these two residences where the occupants were related to each other. I returned to your RV and the barking ceased.

The RV next to you had two occupants, they of course caused commotion constantly, once again using the same tactics, flashing lights, etc. what was odd is that on the night of the recorded deputy encounter they went to their car and honked their horn close to forty times, I of course recorded this activity as well as their license plate and the plate on their RV.

On this night I had decided to go for a walk when the dogs were once again barking incessantly, as I walked down the street alone and was passing the second house a group of men started to approach me with shovels, rakes or yard tools of some nature, they were not engaged in yard work at the time, about 10:00-11:30 at night, I began walking back to the entrance of your RV park when they began yelling at me, I had never spoken to or had and interaction with these individuals. I asked them what they wanted and they started yelling aggressively at me, the neighbor from the house that had mounted the light also approached, they proceeded to call me names, give me a hard time etc as I calmly pointed out that they were acting rather aggressively and were idiots.

They tried to lure me into their property so I could physically fight the 5-7 men that had gathered, I decided to return to RV have a smoke and search for chocolate milk or Pepsi, lol, just joking, I was actually drinking beer but really not feeling like interacting with this armed mob. Soon after as I was calling the non emergency line the police arrived, I recorded this entire interaction and they offered no help.

I returned to the RV and was going to sleep as these deputies returned to talk with the residents of the ex marshals house with their city vehicles in full view of the RV park, Jason thought they might try to arrest, set us up as the police had stalked and set me up in Harris County, I explained that I was not to worried about it, I had recorded all of this and regularly now upload any video or audio evidence to prevent the destruction of evidence that has taken place so many time in the past. As we have realized through the documented traceroute ran revealing the 16-18 data stops that any call or text makes from my phone to anyone I communicate with, 3-4 of these stops being telia who is directly linked to homeland security who took a leading role in the police department’s across the US after 9/11 as well as the data and links provided at he.net, these are vital steps to try to protect our safety as victims of a FBI linked program that has been found in the past to commit break ins, druggings, assaults and assassination of activist, to name just a few of their crimes. I went to sleep.

Jason’s previous stalking soon after escalated to what he felt were physical attacks, these microwave weapon attacks are spoken of in endless reports across the US. They are linked to sleep deprivation, high blood pressure, headaches, ringing in the ears, heart palpitations as well as people hearing voices transmitted into their heads.

The technology to accomplish such a feat would be found in Allan Freys 1961 microwave auditory effect experiments. DARPA actually took over research on the use of microwave weapons in the 1959s after the Russians were found to be bombarding the US embassy in Moscow with microwave. In the article I sent you pasted sections of, engineering a wireless interface between AI and the human brain that was wrote by DARPA we can see how this technology has progressed in the last 70 years, using EMF, EF as well as RF frequencies that can be produced by microwave weapons they now not only can transmit audio as they did sixty years ago, they are now hopeful, and it would seem successful at also transmitting images as well as streaming content into the human mind.

This is what Jason is also reporting as so many others I am in contact with Also report on a regular basis. Along with this human experimentation that is taking place by military contractors as they have over a one hundred year history of carrying out against innocent civilians, Jason also began experiencing the noise harassment that I have recorded in many cities.

This is 40-100 horn honks which became almost a daily experience for me, I recorded this harassment in Galveston. Harris county, Fort Worth, Arrington Texas, the woodlands Texas, Texas City Texas, etc. The odd thing is Jason was now experiencing this recorded harassment at a residence in Houston where he had returned and I was experiencing this at various hotels in Fort Worth. He recorded this activity as well as I videoed it along with the vehicles taking part in this and the license plates and a few interactions with the occupants as I tried to help them discover the cause for this odd stalking behavior.

Before Jason left to Houston he noted that as he had went to a store a car approached and the occupants asked about his truck, what the legal code 18 U.S. Code § 2261A meant. He explained it but then the driver of this truck took out a bag of cannabis, Jason standing right in front of him noticed that as the same time a deputy drove by, we had at this time left your RV in fear of our safety, I was staying at a hotel and I told him when he spoke of this, I had checked in and was awakened late at night by talking right outside my door, this continued till morning when I went out to smoke a cigarette. So at this hotel, the section I was in had been pretty well vacant the night before, but apparently were filled late at night, I exited my room to find 5-6 men standing around talking, they looked like individuals that might have been using drugs, drinking, etc.

The odd thing is when I did exit to smoke a sheriff deputy immediately after drove past in the adjoining parking lot, studying this program and having many occasions including the recorded incident of the Harris county Fire in what looked to be stalking activities, I told Jason what was probably happening was this was being done to profile individuals in this community policing cointelpro operation, just another tactic used in order to frame, set up, falsely imprison victims of criminal forces at work in this program.

Much more details for you Sarah, I try to keep a daily log, upload all evidence as well as share this and information of these crimes with both friends, family, activist I know as well as others being assaulted daily by these criminals. You take care in there, I know what it is kind to be falsely imprisoned with a corrupt system of justice, but you will be free soon and we will continue to expose this. There are now videos out with over a million views speaking about the crimes being committed against those targeted in this program, I relentlessly write these. Video creators as well as reporters, website creators, activist, police corruption advocates, any source possible to one day see not only the end of this assault, but the prosecution of the criminals, rapist and murderers that take part in this.

Love you Keith


Way to go!

You rock, that is exactly and exactly what we need! You are are awesome. I wish you could persuede Jason into making a written statement like yours, too.

I have written very detailed 12 page letters and mailed them to; (share this info with Jason)

American Civil Liberties Union- Houston

Texas State Bar

Texas against sexual assualt TASSA

The Houston Chronicle

Texas Department of Justice

Dr. Phil McGraw

Chanel 11 News

Jefferson County District Attorney

Southeast Texas Against Trafficking

I went into great detail about the fraud, the rape and grand theft roberry, the jones and taking pictures of them and giving to police, no arrests, electronic torture etc. I said in the letter that I am a trained researcher and I am a certified paralegal, and graduated from university of Houston, and that I have uncovered a murder for profit club, that preys on innocent americans.

I just keep copying and refining, he same letter, over and over again. It is a bad ass letter keith, and it demands respect and attention.

Please keep sending me addresses. Every address you send me, will get a letter.

Thanks again, and tell jason to hang in there and to write about what is happening and tell Jason MOST IMPORTANTLY that he needs to report to the social security OFFice ASAP that his identity has been stolen!

Love you Keith. Thanks for being so great!!!

I should have also mentioned, I have recorded documentation also of EMF, RF as well as EF readings that I have been taking for many months. These show extreme levels in the fluctuating RF field, once of the oddest readings was taken on Cherry Street in Fort Worth, just minutes from the military contractor Lockheed Martin as a side note.

This reading showed extreme levels reached in a fluctuating EF field. Of the hundreds of times I have taken these readings this is the only one that has shown a assault of this type. The levels of these frequencies on a civilian is an assault, just as if you were me hit by a baseball bat, theses readings have been taken seriously in communities. In Colorado the city council brought in their own testing equipment as this is factual documentation that can not be denied. This is a criminal assault if this is done purposefully, if it would be found to be a result of a communication company, power company, etc action would of course need to be taken to protect the health and welfare of civilians.

As well as this we have extensive medical documentation of the injuries suffered from my ex wife whom I was married to for over twenty years. The MRI taken showing her brain injuries imitate the brain injuries suffered by the US diplomats in Cuba, she has been basically bedridden since 2008 and all symptoms can also be found to be symptoms of Radio Frequency Sickness. Her starting transcranial magnetic therapy has given her some relief in the last year, a treatment that is similar to PEMF treatment and a treatment which we find links to research done by DARPA.

Victims of microwave assaults will most likely have heavy metal poisoning, low white blood cell counts, I would think the heavy metal poisoning is a result of the drugging and poisoning reported by so many, this drugging would result in both heavy metal poisoning and elevated dopamine levels in the brain, both a factor in the creation of a wireless interface between computer and brain. As well of course EF, RF and EMF field would be used.

I also reported this to the Santa Ana police when I felt I was drugged as well as to the Harris County Police during the police raid, I asked them to retrieve refrigerated bottles of urine for evidence when I was stalked and set up by the Harris County police. They of course stated this was not plausible and would not retrieve this evidence, this in itself is a odd response when we have documented reports of civilians being drugged daily.

I will get on your messenger and check everything. Here is a little more detail about the events that have taken place, I can go to a much earlier date when this stalking, harassment and assault on my life began and of course I do have witnesses to these repeated events, as this has gone on for so long and so many crimes have been committed this of course is just a short summary of the crimes committed, stalking, assaults, arson, break ins, drugging’s, attempted murder, with no help from the justice system of the US, but documented involvement by this very same system throughout the history of these criminal acts committed against me. I would be somewhat interested. In this. Would you know agents name I could contact directly?

The interesting thing about this is the FBI’s interest in this program, when the FBI can be directly linked to my 24/7 stalking since 2012. Though many years before 2012 I understood that all my phone calls were monitored because I could hear talking, clicks etc when placing calls on my cell. I have many witnesses that also realized this as they heard the same interference when talking to me, I as well informed people I talked to that my calls were monitored. in 2012 my property in Anchorage Alaska was raided by about 35–40 state and local officials, this raid was directed at a tenant of mine, (Steven Landers,) who rented a apt located over the garage on a second house located on this property.

The tenant had brought cannabis to my residence and was arrested. I had known this individual for many years, growing, or selling cannabis was illegal in Alaska at this time if you possessed over four ounces or grew over four plants, (I believe this was the law at the time, the decision reached under “Raven vs Alaska” which was a Alaska Supreme Court case.

Mr landers had previous interactions wiyh the state and local officials over cannabis growing operations. Knowing this I informed him that no illegal activities could be engaged with him at this residence and he was never to bring cannabis to this residence for any reason. He had brought this cannabis to the residence on the night preceding the raid.

After this raid in 2012 I awaited the next morning obviously somewhat traumatized from having 35–40 state and local agents armed with automatic weapons, wearing bullet proof vest raiding my property and spending over nine hours searching the residences on the property. When I went to leave the house, I started my truck and cars parked along the neighborhood street started at the same time, 5–7 cars, when I left the property they immediately followed me in close proximity everywhere I went, if I drove 10 miles a hour in a circle I had a line of cars behind me, everywhere I went, anywhere I went. The 24/7 stalking that continues till this day had begun.

I had a girlfriend at the time. (Jennifer Highfield) who witnessed these events, her along with her daughter, (Sasha Highfield,) were you scared to even come to my residence until a security system was purchased. Jennifer also told me in the preceding months that a man whom she thought was FBI went to her place of employment and questioned her about me, her boyfriend. I was a contractor at the time and was finishing a job that was bid at over $20,000.00. When I went to work either the day after the raid or the next day, I as well as my employ felt that we were being watched as we tried to complete the project.

The owner of the building (Morris Johnson) had stated that there were just a few things to be done and the project would be completed, (Touch up on a large painting job.) we completed this work and I informed the owner of the surveillance at the work site, he then preceded to state that he had found more touch up work that needed to completed. The employee working for me refused to return to this site under the overt surveillance he felt he was subjected to. I agreed with him and requested partial payment for this job. This incident grew to a disagreement and I eventually was shorted over $20,000.00 on this contract, as well as extra work that was added to the original contract. Time went on and the constant stalking continued, as well as stalking which starred the day after this raid, my girlfriend also encountered a neighbor who began making cat calls at her, whistling, etc everytime she came to or left my residence, this also began directly after this raid, this continues until I went across the street and spoke to this man who denied these allegations, he stated he just liked to sit on his porch and drink and yell, etc, but this was not directed at my girlfriend. I informed him that I had heard this as well, he was making my girlfriend uncomfortable, and it would be appreciated if this activity ceased. He said this would not continue.

This behavior continued unimpeded, it went on month after month, words were exchanged, etc as the time passed. He would yell at me whenever I exited property at this time. This continued for well over a year until I had drove to a nearby store, he was at this store in his truck in the taking lot, as I walked by he started his usual harassment, I flipped him off and continued to the store, as I exited the dtore and got in my truck, he backed his truck up blocking mine and exited his vehicle, I went to talk to him. Words were exchanged until he actually pushed me physically, hand touching my chest, I struck him repeated knocking him to the ground and jumped on top of him which at that time his son jumped on my back, the three of us wrestled until I was eventually picked up from the ground on top of him and the two men threw me to the ground resting in broken ribs.

This man soon after moved to a different area. The stalking activity continued until 2015–2016, this was when my ex girlfriend Jennifer had decided to end the relationship.

It had been about a month or two and I had another girlfriend at the time, we were sitting at my home listening to music at about 12:00 midnight when I had a knock on my door, Jennifer who had been drinking was there when I opened the door, she said she wanted to talk, I told her to leave and I would call her later though there was nothing to talk about, she pushed open door and behind my feet was a stack oof floor tiles, as she pushed me back I fell over these tiles, she grabbed pliers from table jumped on top of me and began stabbing at me with pliers. I pushed her off of me and out the door. Having numerous bleeding defensive wounds and a scared witness to this event I called the Anchorage Police. Jennifer was arrested at her residence after the police photographed the wounds and also found her to be intoxicated when they arrived at her house. She was charged with assault and a DWI. I awoke the following morning to a police officer at my house serving me domestic violence paperwork charging me with stalking.

I had to attend two court appearances where Mrs Highfield had a lawyer and defend myself against these charges? As she had came to my property drunk and trespassed as well as assaulted me with a weapon resulting in numerous injuries these charges were dropped. when Mrs Highfield went to court to face the charges of assault as well as driving while intoxicated, the prosecutor failed to show up for court saying he was busy on another case and the charges against Nennifer were dropped. I contacted officials from the prosecutor to the DA, all the way up to the governor of Alaska inquiring why these actions occurred, this is unheard of.

This communication went on for many months when the prosecutor asked me in a email corespondence what actions should be taken by him, I had previously stated that even a anger management course might be effective as a lesson to avoid physical violence would not be undertaken again by this individual, I told him at this time that if he was asking me how he was supposed to do his job this was pointless. What system of justice operates like this.

I had no ill feelings towards Mrs Highfield, she was a nice lady who had consumed to much alcohol and was emotionally distraught when she saw I was in a relationship at the time of her arrival at my property. I did question the justice systrm which operated at this level, as I stated in court at the second appearance defending myself against the stalking charges, I had considered getting a no contact order against Mrs Highfield but did not know if I should in fact get one against the government who she was at this time using to stalk and harass me for these charges which should have never been filed, brought against me and were a complete waste of my time. This is on the court transcript.

In 2016 the FBI contacted me concerning what had been a friend/ acquaintance of 44 years, they said that the Steve Landers had stated that I was involved in a conversation with him and John Vendetti, Steve had stated to the FBI that John had said that he had sex with a minor, (his cousin.) I have a very good memory and this conversation had never occurred and I had no reason to believe these allegations were true. This is after Steve’s alleged release from federal imprisonment, (I did not keep track of his case as I was angered he had brought this into my life and I was now being stalked.) Before the contact in 2016 with FBI, John had stated that he was receiving letters with block writing trying to blackmail him for a large sum of money, we had came to the conclusion that this might have been Steve, the threat was to send more block letter letters to his surrounding neighbors unless the payment was received. Although I had no reason to believe the allegations about John at the time, he later made a statement that made me question his views on such a thing. (Questioning if the legal age of having sexual relations with a child was appropriate. My response was, you have to set a age limit that is law, and 18 seemed reasonable to me.) Within weeks of this contact I was drugged, my house began being broken into, windows broken out of downstairs of house, truck stolen, assaulted, this drugging was not usual in any way, Something at my residence or something I was consuming was the most likely source as I felt the effect of being drugged, out of my mind for close to one year, I went for blood test that I was billed over $7000.00 for at providence hospital in Alaska, no results.

At this same time all internet accounts we’re hacked, closed, phone stolen, all communications cut off. This was an all out assault which lasted from this day till I left Alaska, house now up for sale, possessions I had acquired over a lifetime either stolen, auctioned off or sold for pennies on the dollar.

I first fled to Arizona, then to California, finally to Texas where I bought a flood home to remodel, this stalking, harassment, druggings, break ins continued till so was set up by the Harris Counyy Police after a Officer was stalking, trespassing at my residence for close to ten days before I was falsely imprisoned. Once again gone stolen at the beginning of this incident. when bonded out of jail I returned to property where this same officer again began his stalking behavior, I sold the property for the first cash offer received to escape further stalking or false imprisonments by this corrupt official. all of the crimes committed are the ver same crimes that were exposed in the FBI cointelpto illegal operation that ran from the 1950s to the 1970’s, though it was said to have ended at this time we have endless reports of individuals facing the exact same tactics used in this operation, these crimes directed at activist among other included the assassination of activist, as well as drugging, break ins, corruption of legal system, slander, disinformation, state federal and local officials involved as well as criminal informants, institutions and contractors.

Love you Sarah Will get busy on the other task,

That’s so great,!

Next step, break up each event, or criminal and illegal event into sections. That is how you will proceed with an attorney, determining what you can sue for. We both have a lot of different cases. We won’t sue for gang stalking per say, however for each individual tort.

Here are EXAMPLES of mine. I started out the same as your writings, and then broke up everything. Be sure to TURN OFF YOUR PHONE AND PUT IT IN THE MICROWAVE, LAPTOP TOO!!!

1. MALPRACTICE BY ATTORNEY CHARLES R. JOHNSON details, hard evidence to back up claim of malpractice

2. POLICE NEGLIGENCE- HOUSTON POLICE DEPARTMENT details of not going to DA and asking for arrest warrants with the proof of WIFI and GOOGLE email hacking for 5 months prior to home invasion, grand theft robbery, rape, by the same people I documented hacked into my WIFI for 5 months, and my truck was recovered in front of their house less than 12 hours after rape, never contacting Richard lighthouse for his statement, and I took photos of my rapist standing in front of house owned by same eople hacked into my WIFI. Neighbor Ferris Watson hacked into my Google account, across the street at 117 N. Carolina and her son Jacob Watson was receiving mail at 6209 Garden Acre Fort Worth, (where you and Jason were harrassed) This also proves human tracking

3. CYBERSTALKING- T-MOBILE ACCOUNT more than 3 dozen unknown phone numbers making calls and texts from my wireless account, without my knowledge or consent. T-Mobile Agents told me that this is consistent with stalking and organized crime, and identity theft, and filed a report with the FBI on my behalf.

4. IDENTITY THEFT per Credit Bureau Experian, my social security number has been used for 20 years by 2 men about my age from the Dallas\Fort Worth area named Ryan Anderson and Gaven Herriot. gaven Herriot is associated with “The Lightening Rod Man” business and truck that my brother David and I have both documented follwing us from Fort Worth to Texas City.

You get the idea. List everything in detail by what proof that you have. You must have proof to have a case.

There is a law library on this kiosk I am writing you from, and I can look up cases by putting in “Key words search”

I have been looking up cases pertaining to us for 2 months now. No one ever wins shit because they have no proof….

But the good news is that I HAVE A TON OF PROOF!!!

ha ha ha!!

We both have many, separate cases.

Jason has cases too. Jason has an identity theft case, almost exactly like mine. The similarities are shocking. Jason needs to take actions ASAP. He needs to notify Social security office ASAP that his social security number is being used. copy and paste this part to Jason. A month ago, I wrote out the exact steps for Jason to follow. if he doesn’t do this, these sickos can kill him and make money off his death. remind Jason of the screenshots I sent Jason of his identity being stolen, back before I was arrested in Fort Worth.

I have informed my lawyer of the details of my stalking, the direct links to the FBI, court cases and transcripts that make mention of this as well as witnesses to the events that have taken place. I also mentioned your case and the crimes committed against you.

This is copied and pasted as I am asking Hether, Ella, all the individuals we are in contact with nationwide to provide documentation and affidavits for both you and me as we proceed. I am not sure this will be brought to trial as I feel the case will be dismissed, I feel they will offer to reduce charges to a misdemeanor but feel I should fight this as the police were stalking me, and with police body camera I should easily prove my innocence against these charges.

Though costly I feel this must be done. I am interested in getting statements, affidavits from any individuals that could offer one. I also mentioned the repeated incidents of drugging as well as the microwave assaults. I feel there is enough documentation to stand behind this if they choose to proceed. I will hire a court recorder if this goes to trial and am willing to challenge any result other then to be found innocent. Let me know your thoughts on this?

look up

Born v. Abeerdeen Police Dept. October 2020

There are a lot of other case references that apply to case law, for police stalking.

Look in the notes, many references to other cases.

The motion for continuence was denied on this case because she lacked enough evidence to support her claims, but this is how we learn of exactly what evidence we need.

I believe I have found you a good lawyer, there are two that are working with us at this time as well as mine. We are making progress. I am trying to schedule meeting in December. Hang in there. Won’t be long and you will be out. Take care Love Keith

I am studying caselaw on fastcase for you, and trying to find stuff relevent to your case.

You can get a library card at Texas Law Library, and also access Fastcase for free


you can go to Google Scholar (that’s what Richard uses)

this guy sues two different cops…

Justin Edward Lewis v. Gregory Kluq Case No. C20-5277 BHS-TLF June 8, 2020

It says in the notes of the case that he was being electronically harrassed with RF chip implant and apps called

I-on Ray App, Ibio App, 3dMobile App

house of pain html on world wide web used to harass him

See if you can look up those apps!!!

Bryant v. CIA 2020 (notes say voice 2 skull was used on pilot flying Kobe Bryants helicopter that crashed)

Look up these cases on Google scholar

Banks v. CIA 2020 (this guy Banks has filed a lot of gang stalking related law suits against the govenment

Colon v. CIA 2020

Anton Thompson v. National Security Agency 2020 (this case mentions electronic torture)

Frederick Banks V. Federal Judges ( Civil no. 1:13-CV-2095 October 2018) (this case mentions voice to skull, and this guy Fredrick banks has filed a shit ton of law suits)

Hello Just thinking of you, was working on your story, using our mail to create a account of these events. Just want you to know it is awful what you have been put through, the constant break ins, druggings, etc, hard to believe we live through this in the US and are at present time seeing the complete destruction of our society. You hang in there, will see you soon, Love you Keith

As I finished this story tonight, now at the Inn Town Suites in Pasedena Texas, there was yet another round of the horn honking harassment.


Keith, This needs to be forwarded to Attorneys, the Harris County District attorney’s Office, and Internal Affairs at Houston Police Department. Can you help by emailing this out? Also, copy and paste this to my cell phone, it is back in service, 555-555-5555.


MARCH 24TH, 2020 My name is Sarah R. Degeyter. I am a Certified Paralegal, from Houston, Texas. I am a survivor of violent crime, organized stalking, and I am a recipient of the Texas Attorney General’s Victims Fund.

On March 24th, 2020 at around 9:30PM at 115 N. Carolina St., I suffered a home invasion by 3 masked intruders. I recognized one as a man I had met, just two hours prior, while taking out my trash to the road. This man told me that he was 27 years old and lived at the last house on my street, 432 N. Carolina St. Houston, Texas 77028.

This man broke my window with a crow bar while I screamed at the top of my lungs. The other two men, cut off the electricity. The thing I knew, the man who broke out my window, crawled inside, tackled me, put me in a choke hold, strangled me, and then right before I was passed out, he let me breath. He then told me that he was going to rape me, and then “Blow my brains out”.

I pushed my dog Bruno out of harms way and into the bathroom, and I held the bathroom door closed with my foot, while the man raped me, with my dog Bruno crying loudly in the background.

In quick thinking, I remembered a story from Reader’s Digest that my Mom read to me as a child, about a woman who survived the Box Cutter Rapist by pretending to like the rapist and enjoy the rape. So, that is exactly what I did, and my rapist became confused and decided not to kill me.

It is a miracle that I am alive.

The rapist wanted to know where my “black briefcase” was and my Iphone and other electronics, as he seemed to know in detail of the things that he wanted to rob me of.

I asked the rapist if he was a gang stalker and he said “yes”.

The rapist gathered up my electronics and crawled out of my window and I heard him and the 2 other men get into my Red Ford F150 and then one man said “Did you finish her off?”.

Then the rapist crawled through my window a 2nd time, and held the gun to my head and I cried out loud “Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee, blessed are thou among women”.

And then the rapist said “If you call the cops, I will be back to kill you”. then he crawled out of my window again, and left with the other 2 men in my truck.

I waited until I heard them leave, then I ran outside with my dog Bruno, and then I ran 2 houses down, and crawled underneath a neighbors truck and hid there with Bruno, and cried and hugged Bruno, and then tried to figure out what to do next.

Then I heard and saw faces appear in the bushes, next to where I was hiding, so I got up and ran back down the street, with blood pouring from my leg, as I had a large piece of glass from my broken window, cut my knee, during the rape.

I put Bruno in the house, the I ran back out to the street and flagged down a neighbor, who then called 911.

Houston Police and EMS arrived, and I was treated at Ben Taub Hospital with a rape exam kit, by a forensic nurse.

Two detectives were assigned to my case, Detective Gary Goodnight and Detective Ricardo Johns.

Only a few hours after the crime, the following morning, after being released from Ben Taub Hospital, I saw my rapist standing in front of the house at 409 N. Carolina St. This house is owned by Orlando Jones, who is the father of Tracey Rene Jones, who I had previously, for 5 months prior to the rape, documented hacked into my home WIFI and hacked into my personal Google accounts.

My friend Richard, from www.TargetedJustice.com was with me at the time I saw my rapist, and we both took pictures of my rapist.

A man came out of the house at 432 N. Carolina St. and gave a statement to my friend Richard Lighthouse. The man said that he personally knew my rapist, saw my rapist smash my Red Ford F150 into the house at 409 N. Carolina St just hours before, and that Houston Police Department just recovered my stolen truck, from this exact same location.

I immediately contacted Detective Gary Goodnight with the Houston police Department. I emailed him the pictures of my rapist that we took, and I emailed him the documentation and evidence of my home Wifi and email hacked for 5 months prior, by the same people who owned the property of where I saw my rapist, took pictures of tire tracks matching my truck, and I gave Detective Goodnight my friend Richard Lighthouse’s cell phone and the details of the man at 432 N. Carolina St. giving us a statement.

It has now been 8 months since that violent night that almost claimed my beautiful life. I have lost so much as a result.

In spite of all the circumstantial evidence, no arrests have been made and my friend Richard Lighthouse was never contacted by the Houston Police Department for a statement.

I am in need of a victims advocate and legal presentation. I live in constant fear, as I am still being stalked by a organized crime ring.

I have documented this crime ring stalking me for 6 years, and I have my files backed up, and ready to hand over to prosecutors.

Please contact me, by writing to me at 55555555@protonmail.com

this year, I am very grateful to have such a GREAT friend like you. Damn man, you are my ONLY friend in 6 years!!!


My Mom is going to Fedex my wallet to a Fedex store, closest to where you are. I need my wallet. yes sir.

Just text my Mommy and say howdy ho mam, and tell her your location and maybe a Fedex store that she can ship my wallet to, for you to simply go sign for it and pick it up??? Connie Degeyter 555-555-5555.

Please and thank you.

If you do get my phone from Jason, can you please make sure that you DON”T LEAVE IT IN HOTEL ROOM EVER

I went through hell preserving that phone, hiding it from rapist, etc…

It has all the evidence on it, can’t let gangstalkers get to that phone!!!

Hope you are having a nice Thanksgiving!

Hey there, wrote you on Thanksgiving but didn’t want to bring it up, but hope you had a good one in there. I know where I was it would have been the saom slop served everyday if you were there to fight for your tray of food. I always was, lol. I will text your mom and give her location to send your wallet. Hope everything goes good Monday, my bond supervisor has not got back, will you be free to travel to Chambers County if I cant get her? will try again on Monday. Not much going on out here,

Let me kmow what you think? Think this is explaining the whole program better, still a lot to explain, but it is a start,

FBI Cointelpro Operations that were exposed in the 1970’s. This program at that time had ran illegally for over three decades. The renewed operations not only utilizes the tactics and strategies learned in the FBI/ CIA’s previous program, it has as well been combined with the Human Experimentation programs that have ran in the US for over 100 year. The gains in research in all fields is utilized to improve upon the program that targeted many innocent civilians in the past. The use of drugs and poisons is now combined with the use of high grade military technology.

Civilians that have survived these assaults have for decades called themselves Targeted Individuals. This terminology, though descriptive, isnow used to discredit the individuals that use it, just as the term gang stalking is used to discredit the large number of civilians now targeted in what was and still is the FBI’s Gang Stalking program.

Many of the individuals I have met, including myself have undergone very traumatizing events, this is psychological warfare carried out by the same agencies that were utilized in the original program. Much of the Domestic policy that has been created post 9/11 has given the government agencies involved this program the powers and secrecy which allows them to carry this out. Cooperation with corporations which also were involved in the Cointelpro operations, has allowed this program to operate in near secrecy for many decades. Tech companies and social media platforms moniter, block, censor manipulate and control information at every step.

All Data and cellular communications is monitors, all modern surveillance technologies are utilized to monitor civilians 24/7 allowing the participants in the criminal activities to carry out there crimes unimpeded. Microwave surveillance was used against the US in the 1950’s when Russia was found to be bombarding the US embassy in Moscow with microwave radiation for this same purpose.

DARPA took over research into microwave at this time, this agency was named ARPA at the time and plays a major role in this illegal operation, we can find in their research the scientific backing to support the claims of the civilians that are found to be outlandish. This technology and the experimentation that is taking place poses a great risk, not only for those currently targeted in this operation, but for the population as a whole.

Many victims of this program report hearing voices, when this is done it is immediately used to discredit these individuals, institutionalize them, to further drug and experiment on them ignoring the fact that microwaves were first used in Allan Freys 1961 microwave auditory experiment to transmit audio across a room into the receiving neurons of a test subjects brain, the test subject in 1961 could repeat nine out of ten words transmitted.

This technology has progressed as billions of dollars in research has been conducted in experiments that have now spanned over sixty years. In the below linked articles we will find that DARPA using EF, RF and EMF frequencies, and the fields produced hope to now complete the transmission of pictures as well as videos into a test subjects brain.

The use of nanotechnology is found in DARPA wanting to introduce nano transducers into the test subjects body by way of injection, much like nanotechnology found in Covid-19 vaccines will be injected into humans.

The testing of drugs is also found in this DARPA research to raise the Dopamine levels in the human brain. Many illegal and prescription drugs also result in elevated dopamine levels.

We find many reports of heavy metal poisoning among those targeted which results in neural toxicity, there Are many vitamins and minerals one can take to counteract this.



As we see in the above research articles, John Hopkins University is involved in the research currently taking place, they also are the institution that the Covid-19 stats are formulated and reported to the public. John Hopkins is located about 50-60 miles from Fort Detrick where we find the CIA medical division headquarters. This is where the CIA MK Ultra project was based as well as the testing ground for the some of the Covid-19 research and also where the 9/11 anthrax was produced.

Darpa has awarded funding to six organisations to support the Next-Generation Nonsurgical Neurotechnology (N3) program.

Battelle Memorial Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), Rice University and Teledyne Scientific are among the multidisciplinary teams who are developing the interfaces.

In April 2019, researchers from UC Berkeley and the US Institute for Molecular Manufacturing (iMM) predicted that exponential progress in nanotechnology, nanomedicine, artificial intelligence and computation will lead to the development of a “human brain/cloud interface” (B/CI), which connects neurons and synapses in the brain to vast cloud-computing networks in real time.

The technologies needed to meet the goals of the N3 program would have to move past current voltage recording capabilities and would have to include a variety of atypical signals like magnetic fields, electric fields, radiofrequencies and ion concentrations per neuron. These signals and neural activity would likely have to be translated or decoded by yet unwritten algorithms. And the bidirectional neural interface must work in the context of a relevant application for the Department of Defense.

Cointelpro intended effects:

The intended effect of the FBI’s COINTELPRO was to “expose, disrupt, misdirect, or otherwise neutralize” groups that the FBI officials believed were “subversive”[55] by instructing FBI field operatives to:[56]

Create a negative public image for target groups (for example through surveilling activists and then releasing negative personal information to the public) Break down internal organization by creating conflicts (for example, by having agents exacerbate racial tensions, or send anonymous letters to try to create conflicts) Create dissension between groups (for example, by spreading rumors that other groups were stealing money) Restrict access to public resources (for example, by pressuring non-profit organizations to cut off funding or material support) Restrict the ability to organize protest (for example, through agents promoting violence against police during planning and at protests) Restrict the ability of individuals to participate in group activities (for example, by character assassinations, false arrests, surveillance)

Cointelpro methods used:

FBI used five main methods during COINTELPRO:

Infiltration: Agents and informers did not merely spy on political activists. Their main purpose was to discredit, disrupt and negatively redirect action. Their very presence served to undermine trust and scare off potential supporters. The FBI and police exploited this fear to smear genuine activists as agents. Psychological warfare: The FBI and police used myriad “dirty tricks” to undermine progressive movements. They planted false media stories and published bogus leaflets and other publications in the name of targeted groups. They forged correspondence, sent anonymous letters, and made anonymous telephone calls. They spread misinformation about meetings and events, set up pseudo movement groups run by government agents, and manipulated or strong-armed parents, employers, landlords, school officials, and others to cause trouble for activists. They used bad-jacketing to create suspicion about targeted activists, sometimes with lethal consequences.[70] Harassment via the legal system: The FBI and police abused the legal system to harass dissidents and make them appear to be criminals. Officers of the law gave perjured testimony and presented fabricated evidence as a pretext for false arrests and wrongful imprisonment. They discriminatorily enforced tax laws and other government regulations and used conspicuous surveillance, “investigative” interviews, and grand jury subpoenas in an effort to intimidate activists and silence their supporters.[69][71] Illegal force: The FBI conspired with local police departments to threaten dissidents; to conduct illegal break-ins in order to search dissident homes; and to commit vandalism, assaults, beatings and assassinations.[69] The objective was to frighten or eliminate dissidents and disrupt their movements. Undermine public opinion: One of the primary ways the FBI targeted organizations was by challenging their reputations in the community and denying them a platform to gain legitimacy. Hoover specifically designed programs to block leaders from “spreading their philosophy publicly or through the communications media”. Furthermore, the organization created and controlled negative media meant to undermine black power organizations. For instance, they oversaw the creation of “documentaries” skillfully edited to paint the Black Panther Party as aggressive, and false newspapers that spread misinformation about party members. The ability of the FBI to create distrust within and between revolutionary organizations tainted their public image and weakened chances at unity and public support.[46]

Get back at me. Love ya Keith

Howdy Kiddo,

Here are some more cases I dug up today, please share with fellow TI’s…

Let me know any key words that you would like me to look up. Maybe we can try to find these TI’s ????

_____________________________________________ 1. Fredrick Bolder V. CUYAHOGA Sheriff Department CASE NO. 1:17 CV 317 (this case mentions electronic torture and acoustic torture, October 2018)

2. Marc Burnel V. Federal Bureau of Investigations & Montgomery Police Dept. CIVIL ACTION NO. PX-18-249 (this case mentions organized staking)

3. Stanley J. Catberbone V. National Security Agency CIVIL ACTION NO. 18-CV-4222 (this case mention toxic chemicals & organized stalking & electronic torture. Oct. 18, 2018)

4. Peggy Colton V. NYPD-HQ Counter Terrorrisim Division CASE NO. 19-CV-9984 (this case mentions electronic torture. January 2020)

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