Is the Harris County Police Involved in the Nationwide Government Stalking of Whistle-blowers/ Activist?

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We find endless stories online of Whisle-blowers, activist being activity stalked by our nations law enforcement officers as well as Fire, EMS, of course FBI, Homeland Security, etc. This all seems to be connected to the corrupt FISA courts and community watch groups which are ties to citizen corps, infraguard, the NSA, DOJ, etc.

One of the most well publicized cases was aired on ABC news years ago, this couples stalking began when they refused to sell their property to the towns Fire Chief. Their life soon became a living nighttmarem terrorized nioght and day, year after year. The accounts of these terrorist like attacks are endless, yet we find virtually none of the Law Enforcement Agencies Nationwide that are able to address or take action against the criminals involved, with many links attributed to the law enforcement agencies themselves being involved, it seems reasonable to assume that they not only cover up these crimes, but they also actively participate in them.

Below is a video of Harris County Fire, I was recording 24/7 after I encountered stalking, harassment, trespassing, etc from a Harris County Police officer before having a falsified complaint filed against me. After I was arrested and released on bond, this stalking immediately continued, as I was in fear of further criminal activiety from this officer who now drove by my house repeatedly flashing his lights, using his siren as an intimidation tactic, I was forced to sell my home for the first cash offer I received at a substantial loss to avoid further persecution by a public servant acting in a criminal capacity.

This stalking like behaviour from Harris County Fire Department #26 was accompanied by a noise campaign, (horn honking campaign) which I also recorded as I fled city to city trying to escape this constant harassment.

Below, just a few of the many incidents of constant noise harassment that I endure to this day. This has been a assault that began in 2012 in Anchorage Alaska, there are many witnesses to the stalking in Alaska at this time. These incidents now are taking place many different cities in Texas, the stalking began immediately upon my arrival.

Although the constant noise harassment is unnerving, what is worse, is the vandalism, theft of property, the constant break-ins, and many other crimes that accompany this. It is hard to believe that our police departments take part in these crimes, yet for such a highly organized assault of a individual to occur in cities thousands of miles apart, it is hard to deny.

John Lang: The man who predicted his own death after reporting police stalking.

The assault, rape, and the stalking of a Harris County lady that follows her from city to city.

Here are a few of the videos and links to online accounts of these very same criminal activities taking place nationwide.—training-manual.html